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Ottawa Rideau Canal Skateway

February 17th, 2017 ernie Posted in Ottawa No Comments »

ottawa rideau canal skatingThe picture on the left is at the beginning of the Ottawa Rideau Canal Skateway. Click on this link to a Youtube video I made. Click here This is s short 37 second video I made of the canal showing the rest areas, the fast food shacks with hot chocolate and beaver tales etc. There are heated change rooms as well as toilet facilities at this spot and 3 others along the skateway. They also sell hot chocolate, beaver tales etc. Many people come downtown by bus and get off the bus at the Rideau center stop. They then make their way to the canal, which is a 5 minute walk. This is really the best way to get to the canal and you do not need to deal with traffic and parking issues.

ottawa rideau canal skatingWe have included a map of the Ottawa Rideau Canal Skateway for your information. We find the best location for us to enter the skateway is off of Clegg Ave. You can park your car for free on a side street. You are about halfway or in the middle of the skateway. Anyone can have a nice afternoon or evening skating in either direction. The entire skateway is 7.8 km’s long if you skate the entire distance. Avid skaters will do a round trip giving them over 15 km’s of skating in a couple of hours.

We also included a street map showing the route one of our skaters and a guest blogger took while skating. This map shows a map of Ottawa and positions the canal with respect to several other landmarks in the area.  The Rideau Center end of the skateway is right downtown across the street from the Rideau Center, the Westin hotel and the Chateau Laurier hotel. For more pictures and information, click here to visit another post about the Ottawa Rideau Canal Skateway.

This is one of Ottawa’s premiere tourist attractions. Combined with winter lude, ice sculptures and lots to do in the capital of Canada, this can be a great winter vacation. There are also numerous ski hills within half an hour to an hours drive from down town.

Click here to link to another video post about the Rideau Canal Skateway. For many more posts about things to do in Canada’s capital city, click here.

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Ottawa Rideau Canal Skating

February 16th, 2017 ernie Posted in Ottawa 1 Comment »

ottawa rideau canal skatingThe Ottawa Rideau Canal skating rink is the longest skating rink in the world at 7.8 km in length. Every year once the weather is cold enough to adequately freeze the water and create ice, workers begin creating the longest rink in the world. The ice thickness needs to be approximately 15 to 17 inches thick to support the crowds of people who come to skate on the canal each weekend. If it is not thick enough, several things can occur. The ice can crack and it can also begin sinking causing water to flow onto the ice. With 6 to 15 feet of water underneath it would not be pleasant for the ice to sink under the weight of 1000’s of people skating.

Click on this link to a Youtube video I made. Click here This is s short 37 second video I made of the canal showing the rest areas, the fast food shacks with hot chocolate and beaver tales etc.

Dows Lake

The other end of the canal branches to two different end points. One end is at the Dows lake ottawa rideau canal skatingpavilion just off Carling ave at the experimental farm. There is a restaurant there, a small area to park and the outside fast food shacks that provide coffee, hot chocolate, beaver tails and more. The picture on the left also shows the map of the entire canal skate way. This location is at the bottom right of the picture with the small area that juts towards the bottom of the picture. You can also skate all the way to Carleton University, which is the far right on the picture. There is no changing area or services at this point. There are benches to sit on while you change your skates and stairs to reach the university property.

Carleton University

Our next picture shows the end point that we just discussed. It is 7.8 km’s from the ottawa rideau canal skatingdowntown Ottawa beginning of the canal.  The ice on this particular day was excellent. This area of the canal is not used as much as some of the other areas and usually is in better shape. Ottawa contractors flood the ice each night after clearing any snow that may have accumulated. They have giant rotating brushes mounted on tractors that go all night to clear the ice before it is flooded. As long as the temperatures stay cold the ice can be flooded and kept in excellent condition.

I spoke to one of the canal maintenance persons about the ice conditions. He told me that the contractor they use has experience building ice roads in the far north to support tractor trailers. This guy obviously knows what he is doing and does a great job. Towards the end of the season there is not much you can do when temperatures start to warm up. The ice becomes soft and the skates leave ridges and soft spots. Regardless of when you skate always watch for cracks in the ice and areas that could trip you. No one needs a fall that could cause an bruises or worse.

Ice Surface Quality

Ottawa has people patrolling in trucks as well as on skates to help anyone who needs it. With ottawa rideau canal skatingsuch a long canal, the use of small trucks to get to someone can reduce the time  a great deal. Although the picture does not really show a good ice surface, it is actually quite good on the day I went skating. This location is across from the University of Ottawa near the down town areas. Many people actually skate to work or skate to their university classes.

There are also student trips to Ottawa every day as well. The students get to skate on the canal, have a hot chocolate and a beaver tail. These are especially good with your favorite topping. Chocolate, jam, syrup, cinnamon sugar are some of the favorites. You can purchase these items on the canal at four different locations. They have picnic tables set up on the ice as well while you enjoy your treat! A trip to the canal to skate on the worlds longest skating rink is well worth the effort and the time.

Click on this link to a Youtube video I made. Click here This is s short 37 second video I made of the canal showing the rest areas, the fast food shacks with hot chocolate and beaver tales etc.

For many more posts about things to do in Canada’s capital city, click here.

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Ottawa Rockclif Yacht Club

August 28th, 2013 ernie Posted in Ottawa No Comments »

Ottawa Rockclif Yacht Club The Ottawa Rockclif Yacht Club is on the Ottawa river not far from the governor generals home. In fact you can find it by traveling along the parkway until you come to the lookout point where many people stop to look out over the Ottawa river. this location also allows you to see the Gatineau river where it empties into the Ottawa River. There are lots of boats also moored at this location as well. the picture above shows the boat house and the deck where patrons can enjoy a meal or a cold drink or both.

Ottawa Rockclif Yacht Club The deck that you sit on also floats on the water and you can feel the waves from the boats that travel up and down the river. You may occasionally have to wait for a seat, but it is definitely worth the wait. There is nothing better than sitting on the deck on a beautiful sunny day. Enjoy the sun, the view and the water. The only difficult part is the road that comes down from the cliff. It is narrow, very steep and has a 180 degree turn part way down the cliff. It also really only supports one vehicle going in one direction, so you need to be careful on this particular road.

Ottawa Rockcliff Yacht Club – Bike Trail

20130815-223435.jpgThe view from the deck of the Ottawa Rockclif Yacht Club is shown in this last picture. this is the Ottawa River as seen from the Rockclif boat house on the Ottawa river. A fantastic view for anyone who enjoys the water. It is sometimes hard to believe that you are actually in the center of the city of Ottawa.

There is a bike trail that runs along the river from one end of the city to the other. Many people who are out on a bike trip also stop here for a drink or a meal. It makes for a really fantastic day when you go for a bike ride along the river.

For many more posts about things to do in Canada’s capital city, click here.


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Mucho Burrito – Orleans

July 25th, 2013 ernie Posted in Ottawa No Comments »

Mucho BurritoThe Mucho Burrito restaurant is a relatively new place that opened in Orleans, Ontario , Canada.  The restaurant we went to is on Innes road in the southern part of Orleans. Modeled after Chipotle in the US, it is even better since it has a much nicer decor. The food is about the same which is to say great. The prices are about standard for Canada. Which also means they are much more expensive than in the US. Of courses our taxes also add to the overall cost. We enjoyed this location. However it just does not have the same vibe as Chipotle in the US.

20130720-135031.jpgBut the place is nicely decorated, the sound does not ricochet the way it normally does in some places and the staff was very friendly and quick. We will definitely be back for lunch at this location.

One small complaint that we had is that we ordered a burritos bowl and asked for several tacos to be added to that. The manager did not want us to sell us tacos and did not know how to charge for them or how much to charge for them even after I offered to pay for them. At chipotle we routinely get six tacos with her burritos bowl and this is a big difference from the Chipotle burritos offering.


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Ottawa 10k marathon

June 23rd, 2013 ernie Posted in Ottawa No Comments »

Ottawa 10K MarathonThis is a picture of the Ottawa 10K marathon taken in June 2013. There were over 10,000 people who raced in this particular marathon. My daughter finished at 62 minutes and 48 seconds. The fastest runners ran this race in under 30 minutes and it was quite astounding to see them. They ran a fast-paced race for the entire 30 minutes and covering the 10 km of the race in downtown Ottawa. They can run faster than I can at the end of the race than I can run anytime.

It was really something exciting to watch as they rounded the corner and headed towards the finish line. The location where this picture was taken was roughly 500 m from the finish line in downtown Ottawa near the NAC.

Ottawa 10k Marathon – Elite

These runners are considered in the elite class. Hence they can run faster at the finish than most people can run at the beginning. They are generally tall and very slim, taking long paces that really move them at fast pace. Consequently these runners do not seem to slow down even after running for 10,000 m’s at a very fast pace.

They were finishing a good 30 minutes before the main pack of runners came across the finish line. As a result hey are very strong competitors and very fit athletes.

For many more posts about things to do in Canada’s capital city, click here.

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Rideau River Falls

June 23rd, 2013 ernie Posted in Ottawa No Comments »

Rideau River Falls on the Ottawa RiverThis picture was taken on the Ottawa River during a boat cruise in June of 2013. The picture shows the Rideau River Falls were it enters into the Ottawa River were the two major rivers congregate. There are two actual falls at this point in the river and there’s an island in the middle of the Rideau river that separates the two falls. This cruise can be taken any time in the summer from the Quebec side of the river. Large groups can also book the cruise and patrons can enjoy food on beverages while they view the river, the parliament buildings and both the city of Ottawa and Gatineau.

Rideau River Falls

We enjoyed the boat cruise and spent two hours on the boat with drinks and a buffet meal. There were about 45 to 60 people on the boat and it departed from St. Jacques Park on the Hull side of the Ottawa River. This cruise lasts about two hours, traveling up the river to see the falls and the parliament buildings. It then turns around and heads down river for several kilometers. Finally it returns back to the dock just as the sun is setting.

If it cools off and you do not want to be on the open deck on top, patrons can always  go below the main deck to one of the lower decks, still above water, and get away from the cooler weather.  Sometimes in June the nights can still be quite cool and if there is a bit of wind, you may need to get a bit of shelter. Many people brought jackets for that purpose.


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Perkins Restaurant Ottawa

April 21st, 2013 ernie Posted in Ottawa No Comments »

We went to Perkins Restaurant in  Ottawa for breakfast this morning. Perkins restaurants are very good and although among the more pricey in terms of breakfast, Perkins Restaurant Ottawayou do get excellent value for your dollar. You can go to less expensive places. But Perkins Restaurant Ottawa provides you with a bottomless cup of coffee. They place a coffee urn right on your table, so you do not need to wait for the waitress to refill your cup. We were there for a while. The waitress even brought us a second urn of coffee to us at no extra charge.

The other thing I like about Perkins Restaurant Ottawa is the  home fries that come with the eggs. You can have the frozen type or the home fries that are shredded. I prefer the shredded type. Since they are more natural and taste better as well compared to the frozen type.  All it was an excellent breakfast and we have never been disappointed with any meals that we have had at this restaurant. The location of this Perkins Restaurant is at the corner of Ogilvy and St Laurent roads. There is lots of parking, in front and also at the back of the restaurant.

Perkins Restaurant Ottawa – Menu

Perkins Restaurant has a full menu for lunch and dinner and they also offer meals to large groups as well, so if you have an office group or a small party, they can also accommodate these groups as well. There are lots of deserts on the menu as well.

They are very busy on the weekends and if you go in the morning for breakfast, make sure that you are there early, since you will probably need to wait in line for a table.  Just provide your name to the clerk at the front and they will call you when a table is available.

There are tables that can be configured for 2, 4 or 6 people as well as booths that will seat 4 people. You can seat 6 people in a booth, but it would be very cozy for 6 people in a booth. They have lots of room and lots of combinations to accommodate just about any needs.

This is a great family restaurant to take your family to or to just grab a quick meal. Either way you will not be disappointed unless you are looking for a gourmet restaurant which this is not.

If you have been to Perkins Restaurant Ottawa and would like to leave a comment, please do. Constructive and helpful comments are always welcome and we will even include a link to your site for a well written comment. Click here for more details about Ottawa.


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Louie’s Restaurant – Ottawa

April 7th, 2013 ernie Posted in Ottawa No Comments »

Louie's Restaurant

We have been fortunate to eat at Louie’s Restaurant in Ottawa several times with friends and each time we were pleased with both the service, the food and the prices. Louie’s is a local Ottawa restaurant in a location that is semi industrial and retail with several big box stores nearby. We actually had a difficult time to find the restaurant the first time. We were meeting several couples at the restaurant and were 30 minutes late. Fortunately, they waited for us before ordering.

They have ice cold beer and they keep their white wine cold as well. We ordered several different kinds of pizza which we all enjoy very much. The restaurants has never been busy when I have been there, however, our friends have told us that it is often very busy when they are eating there.

Louie’s Restaurant – Great Pizza

We have only had pizza at this restaurant; however, they carry a full menu and can seat many people as the picture shows. There is another separate room which is more suitable for groups of people who want to celebrate a special occasion.

From the outside, it does not look like much. There is an outside patio that faces onto the parking lot for use in the summer time. We have never used the patio. The staff is friendly and provide great service. This is the kind of restaurant that provides good food at reasonable prices and one to visit for this purpose.

Many people prefer downtown and more upscale locations. This restaurant is a great little place to spend an evening. Enjoy a nice meal away from the hustle and bustle of downtown. Now that I know how to get to Louie’s restaurant just 3 minutes off the 417 exit at Innes Rd. It is on the South side of Cyrville, before the Home Depot Cyrville Rd.

For more information about Canada’s capital city, click here.


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Starbucks – Train Yards – Ottawa

March 21st, 2013 ernie Posted in Ottawa No Comments »

We frequently go to the outdoor mall at what used to be the Ottawa train yards. This entire area has been converted to an outlet mall with lots of parking and many outlet style shops with sale prices on just about everything.Starbucks at the Train Yards in Ottawa There is also a Wal-Mart at this location along with several restaurants and of course a Starbucks at the Train Yards in Ottawa.

We included a picture on the right of this Starbucks location and as you can see it occupies a corner of the building giving much more space to sit outside at tables to enjoy your morning coffee and pastry. There is also lots of room inside. They have the usual free WiFI connection as well. There is probably around 20 places for seating at tables inside and comfortable leather chairs at this location. There are another 20 or so seats outside as well which is great during good weather.

Starbucks at the Train Yards in Ottawa

We really enjoy this spot. Although you look out onto the parking lot, there is not a lot of traffic going by. It is relatively peaceful compared to some others that we have visited. On a sunny summers day, it is a really nice spot to do some work on your computer or just relax in the sun.

I find it a great place, because I can sit and enjoy a coffee. While my wife goes shopping and enjoys herself. If you are looking for an out of the way place for a coffee and do some shopping this is the place. There is lots of free parking as well. This is perfect for a husband and wife team when the husband does not want to shop. He can relax and enjoy a coffee at Starbucks at the train yards.

Comments appreciated. For more Ottawa related posts, click here

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Lieutenants Pump Restaurant – Ottawa

February 21st, 2013 ernie Posted in Ottawa No Comments »

We visited the Lieutenants Pump Restaurant in Ottawa this past summer for breakfast one beautiful summer morning. The temperature was perfect for sitting outside to have your breakfast. We sat on the patio shown in the picture. This is a great place under the trees just off the sidewalk. It really a pleasant place to have your breakfast.

The food was well served, the waitress did a great job of taking our order and bringing us our food. It was still hot and really everything was done properly and correctly. We have nothing to complain about in this area what so ever. We would suggest to anyone wanting to go out for breakfast, that this would be a great place to spend an hour having breakfast on a beautiful summer morning.  There was just one problem which we will talk about and invite others to comment on.

Don’t Order the Coffee at Lieutenants Pump Restaurant – Ottawa

We ordered coffee with our meal which was not included in the meal price. Lots of places include coffee in the meal price for breakfast and lot’s do not. This is pretty typical and we were not surprised by this nor were we annoyed by this. We were annoyed to find out that a cup of coffee was going to cost us $3 per cup, which is very high to begin with even if they refill it multiple times.

The issue that one has to take into account is that in Ontario Canada, they charge 13% HST tax and then you have a 15% tip to add on as well to this cup of coffee. The final cost is going to be almost $4 for a cup of coffee in addition to whatever meal that you have.

We found this to be ridiculous. Even Starbucks, who has much better coffee, does not charge anywhere close to this price for a cup of coffee. With a registered Starbucks card, you can have as many refills as you want.

While we thoroughly enjoyed the meal and the service was great, we will not be going back to this location for breakfast anytime. And since we are turned off this place, we will not be going back for lunch or supper as well. We would rather go to the competition down the street than ever pay $4 for a coffee at an outside café.

Your comments and thoughts are welcome. Is this too much for a cup of coffee? We think so, but then our readers might disagree, so let us know. For more information about what to do in Ottawa, click here.


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Mamma Theresa’s Restaurant – Ottawa

January 28th, 2013 ernie Posted in Ottawa No Comments »

Mamma theresa ristoranteIt has been many years since we have dined at this restaurant called Mamma Theresa’s at the corner of Somerset and O’Connor streets in the city of Ottawa. It is located in a nice old building with lots of history and character. The building is old and if you enjoy this sort of thing is a great place to spend an afternoon. Or an evening  having a drink or going for dinner. When you walk in the main entrance you will find the dining room on the right. The bar area is on the left. We were there at lunch time in January. The place was almost empty so we expected really good service and food.

Mamma Theresa’s Restaurant – Review

Unfortunately it did not live up to its reputation. The service was fine and the servers were very attentive. After all they did not have to work too hard since there was only about 5 other tables that were occupied. This is a rather large restaurant which seats roughly twenty tables or so.

The food just did not live up to our original memories of the place or what you might expect of this kind of restaurant. We each had a lunch time meal of pasta, a salad, one beer and two glasses of wine. The bill with tip for lunch came to $70, an outrageous price for what we were served.  The pasta did not seem fresh and my wife ordered  pasta with cream sauce and she was served one with tomato sauce.

There is parking around the corner off of O’Connor street and also on the street if you can find a parking spot. You must feed the meter or risk a parking ticket. There is also parking in nearby parking lots were you need to surrender your keys to the attendant since the lots are usually so full.

Need less to say we will not be going back to this restaurant for many years. For more things to do in Ottawa, click here.


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Alfred Snack Bar- Hot Dogs, Poutine and more

January 12th, 2013 ernie Posted in Ottawa 1 Comment »

Alfred Snack BarWe have been stopping at this land mark snack bar, the Alfred Snack Bar – Hot Dogs, Poutine and more, for the past 15 years. Any time we travel through Alfred, Ontario, we tend to stop there and have a meal. We happen to like the hot dog platter which includes two hot dogs, french fries and a soft drink for approximately $9.00 including tax. The hot dog buns can be either steamed or toasted. We always order the hot dogs all dressed. Which includes coleslaw in addition to relish and mustard. The french fries are excellent especially with lots of vinegar and salt. We know this is bad for us, but it tastes so good. We only have this meal every couple of months.

Alfred Snack Bar – Hot Dogs, Poutine and more

The fries can be either plain or you can have them with gravy or the french standard of poutine, which is gravy and cheese curds. They have a full menu of hot dogs, hamburgs and a few other things on the menu. They also serve breakfast as well with the standard eggs, bacon and hash browns.

We have been going there for years, as we mentioned and have noticed a few changes over the last couple of years. The place looks the same, but the staff has changed and the menu is slightly different. We cannot quite put our finger on what has changed but something has.

A year or two ago the restaurants was taken over by new management and although the menu has not changed the service has dropped a bit. For example today, we ordered and our food was brought to us without a drink which we had ordered. A small thing, but then you would think that a restaurant like this one, a fast food restaurant would get this simple thing right.

The server was abrupt and direct, rather than friendly, which unfortunately is becoming typically Canadian. We routinely get better service and friendlier service in the US. It might just be him, but it sure is not the way to treat a customer especially if you want them to come back.

We will likely go back and give it one more try before moving to another place in Alfred, Ontario. For more information about Ottawa, Ontario, the Nations Capital, click here.


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Five Guys Burgers – Ottawa

January 3rd, 2013 ernie Posted in Ottawa 1 Comment »

Five Guys Restaurant - Ottawa

Five Guys Restaurant – Ottawa

Just had lunch at Five Guys burger restaurant this week. This was the first time we have been to this restaurant. Two burgers with the works plus fries and a drink cost $18.00!  The works include all of the standard stuff plus fresh tomatoes and lettuce. Plus a bunch of other things that are optional and all included in the price.  These are real burgers, like you would see on your barbecue at home. Also more fries than you eat! You have a choice between a small burger and a larger one.  The only difference is the price. The fact that now you have two patties of meat and a larger bun. Of course this is much more than you can eat, at least for most people.

Five Guys Burgers

The decor is basic with a cement floor and tables. Decoration is framed write ups from papers from various cities they operate in around the US and Canada. They have a lot of them and all of them are glowing reports of how great the food is for a burger joint. We have to agree that of all of the places one can go for a burger and fries, this is by far the best. It was packed at lunch time and people were also taking a lot of take outs.

We enjoyed our meal very much and will go back sometime when we are ready for a really home made burger and great fries.

One other point which we forgot to mention is that they have peanuts in the shell which you can help yourself to. They are salted and something to munch on while you wait for your burger. All I needed at this point was a beer, but unfortunately it is not licensed as far as we could tell. As a result you should stay away if you have peanut allergies.

The two Five Guys restaurants that we are familiar with in the Ottawa area are in the Train Yards and also on Innes road in Orleans. There are probably others in the city, however we have not discovered them yet.

If you are looking for a really great burger, this is the place to go. We are not in any way associated with this restaurant. just wanted to pass along that it is a great place to eat and enjoy a fast lunch or dinner. Check them out. For more things to do in Ottawa, click here.


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Ottawa Rideau Canal Locks

July 7th, 2012 ernie Posted in Ottawa No Comments »

These pictures were taken at the bottom of the Rideau Canal locks were the canal meets the Ottawa River. In the distance on the left of the top picture you can see the Chateau Laurier hotel. In the foreground the doors to the next lock is shown. At the top of the locks is Rideau street, which is right in the middle of downtown Ottawa.  Within a couple of blocks you have lots of hotels, shopping and of course the parliament buildings.

Ottawa Rideau Canal Locks

These locks continue to operate for pleasure boats that wish to traverse from the Rideau River system into the Ottawa river system and vice versa.

Bicycle Paths

There is a bike path that runs from Sussex drive on the west side, down the hill and along the river out to the west end of Ottawa. Once you cross Sussex and follow it east, you will eventually pick up another bike path that will also follow the Ottawa River all the way to Orleans. In total about 40 KM’s of paths on this one stretch alone.

There are also bike and walking paths along side the canal and also along side the Rideau River that run up to hogs back and Moneys bay. There is another set of locks at Hogs back rapids as well.

Mooney’s Bay Ottawa

Mooney’s bay is sometimes open for swimming, although there are many days when the bacterial counts in the water test negative and swimming is closed

This picture shown on the right is from the same spot as above. Only looking north to the Ottawa river and also across the river to Hull Quebec. There are another network of bike trails that wander into Gatineau park. Many people ride these trails every summer and ski in the winter time.

It is very pleasant to walk or bike along the river at these locations. There are places were you can sit and enjoy the scenery from the waters edge on park benches.

You will often see office workers taking a lunchtime walk along these paths to get some fresh air and some exercise. A truly beautiful spot in the heart of the city of Ottawa.

For more things to do in Ottawa, click here.


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Ottawa River Canadian Parliament Buildings

June 21st, 2012 ernie Posted in Ottawa 1 Comment »

Ottawa RiverThere is a bike path that runs along the Ottawa River below the Canadian parliament buildings. It runs along the river from the arts center heading west for roughly 15 kilometers. This is a very scenic spot that is also peaceful away from traffic and the tourists.

The first picture on the right is looking east along the river towards one of the bridges that cross the river. You can just see the top of the library of parliament on the upper right hand side of the picture.

Ottawa River – Rideau Canal

This picture shows the same area with a zoom in on the art center. Although you cannot really tell, from this picture, there is an inlet on the right had side which is were the Rideau Canal locks are. Boats wishing to go from the Ottawa river system into the Rideau river system and late into the St Lawrence and Lake Erie can traverse these locks. An earlier post shows the Rideau canal locks. This is a beautiful spot and we really enjoyed biking along this particular path. There were a number of people walking and a few sitting along benches along the river.

City of Gatineau

Across the Ottawa river is the city of Hull, now renamed Gatineau. The buildings shown here are most likely a set of government buildings that are occupied by thousands of government workers.

Apparently there is also a walking / bike trail on that side of the river as well. Access to these trails from the Ottawa side by traveling across one of three bridges that span the river of Ottawa.

These pictures were taken on a week day at the beginning of September. There are not many boats out on the water. During the summer on the weekends there are literally hundreds of boats out on the river.

Access to the Hull casino, Lac Leamy can also be reached from the Ottawa river by boat. Head up the Gatineau river a short distance and then into the Lac Leamy area. If you are a day tripper boater this is an excellent area to own a boat and spend time on the river.

These pictures of the Ottawa area and the river were taken with my phone and uploaded to this web site. Quality is not too bad considering they are from a mobile phone!


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Kettlemen’s – Orleans

May 21st, 2012 ernie Posted in Ottawa No Comments »

Kettleman’s – Orleans – This location is now closed

One of the places we enjoy having breakfast at is Kettleman’s bagel restaurant in Orleans. It is located just west of the Orleans mall in the same parking lot as the No Frills store, the emergency clinic, and the blockbuster video store.  It is easy to get to from the 174 highway. Just take the same exit you would take to get to the mall and at the first light veer to your right and immediately right again at the next light. Kettleman’s in on the right, you cannot miss it.

Kettleman’s – Orleans – Why We Like Kettlemen’s

One of the reasons we like this restaurant so much is that they make the bagels the old-style way right on the premises. As soon as you walk in you smell the heat from the fire and the fresh bagels that are constantly being baked. they make all kinds of bagels but the whole wheat sesame bagels are by far the best, as far as we are concerned.

You can watch the baker kneading the flour and the bagels into their characteristic shape. They place them on boards and slide them into the open oven for baking. It is quite an art to slide these bagels into the oven and also turn them over so that both sides are cooked to the same degree.

We always have the breakfast bagel with scrambled egg, bacon done to a crisp, and Swiss cheese on it. They are fantastic and have a perfect breakfast along with a coffee in the morning.

The Decor at Kettlemen’s

The decor at Kettlemens is basic. It is not fine dining, but very functional and they do provide free WiFi for those customers who want to stay connected while they enjoy their breakfast. I like to read the news while having a coffee so it is perfect with iPod. I can even check my email, the markets, etc while I relax in the comfort of the restaurant area. One of the other great advantages is that it is always warm in the winter. The open oven keeps the entire area warm and it is so pleasant to visit on a cold winter day!  summer days can be a bit warm so sitting outside is also an option!


As you can see we like Kettlemens. They have a store in Orleans and another one downtown on Bank st in Ottawa. There may be others but these are the stores we have gone to. If you have a comment or like Kettlemens as well, leave us your comment. We will be happy to add it to our post provided it is constructive and well-written. We will even give you a link back if you do.

For more Ottawa Restaurant information, click here.

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White Water Rafting in Ottawa

April 21st, 2012 ernie Posted in Ottawa 1 Comment »

White Water Rafting in Ottawa on the Ottawa River is only 90 minutes from the nation’s capital.  White Water Rafting in OttawaThere are 12 km.s of rapids along the legendary Rocher Fendu rapids on the Ottawa river. With over 175 islands there are lots to see and do while on your single day trip or multi day trip. Some outfitters even have bungee jumping right into the river. Take away your own video of your jump into the Ottawa river.

Wilderness tours on the Ottawa River are offered by several outfitters as well as other activities that you can build into your mini vacation. They also offer over night accommodations for groups, families and couples. Rafting on the Ottawa river is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city in less than 90 minutes.

White Water Rafting in Ottawa

Rafting Trip – Rocher Fendu rapids on the Ottawa River

Description – There are one and two day white water rafting tours. The single day trip is usually a 6 hour trip with a BBQ meal on board a pontoon boat that meets you along the way. There are  also family trips that can be arranged with most outfitters. Some also offer additional activities such as beach front kayaking, canoes, pedal boats, volleyball and a nice sandy beach to relax on.

River Rating – The Ottawa river flows are pretty stable throughout the year due to controlled water releases at several dams. It does increase in the spring due to snow load, however there are predominantly 6 level one rapids , 4 level two  rapids,  2 level three  rapids and 3 level four rapids.

Number of Rapids – There are 15 rapids in total as listed above. In addition there are body surfing locations, beaches and several spots to go swimming. The water can be quite warm especially later in the summer.

Minimum Age – On family rafting trips the minimum weight is 90 pounds for adventure trips and 50 pounds on family trips.

Departure Dates – Most outfitters will run river trips from Mid May until the end of September . You can usually find a rafting trip starting every day, however it is a good idea to reserve a spot with one of the outfitters so that you are sure of a spot.

More Information

Boat Type – Rafts are typically sport rafts , up to 14 feet long and suited for up to 7 rafters. Some outfitters also offer kayaking as well either as an upgrade to a day trip or part of a two day trip along the Ottawa River.

What to Bring – Always bring an additional set of clothes that you can change into after your rafting trip. For a complete list of things to bring, check with your outfitter prior to going on your white water rafting tour in the Ottawa area.

Outfitters -OWL rafting is one of the companies that provides whitewater rafting tours along the Ottawa River.  Wilderness tours is another outfitter providing rafting services along the river.

For more things to do in the Ottawa area, click here.

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Rideau Canal Skating in Ottawa

February 21st, 2012 ernie Posted in Ottawa No Comments »

One of the great things to do in Ottawa during the winter time is to go skating on the Rideau Canal Skating in OttawaRideau Canal. It begins downtown by the Arts Center , which is just beyond the bridge shown in the picture and if conditions are good you can skate for over two miles all the way to Dows lake!  Rideau Canal Skating in Ottawa. The Canal is part of the Ottawa scene and also occupies a part of history for Canada. It was originally constructed as a transportation channel as a means of defending Canada from the Americans. Later it became a shipping channel and today pleasure boats can travel all of the way from the Ottawa river to  the St Lawrence River near Kingston Ontario in the summer time.

Skating on the Rideau Canal Skating in Ottawa

In the winter time, when temperatures are cold enough the canal will freeze sufficiently to support large crowds of skaters. The National capital commission and the City of Ottawa participate in maintaining the canal. It is flooded nightly, when conditions permit to maintain a smooth skating surface. The canal has become one of the many tourist draws for people coming to Ottawa as well as residents enjoying the canal during winter and summer months. The canal is usually ready around the end of December and skating is to the end of Feb most years. It all depends on the winter temperatures.

The picture above and the picture below were taken around 4:30 in the evening during Feb. The sky is beginning to get dark. Skaters can enjoy skating on the canal all day long and also into the evening up to around 11pm at night. After that skaters are asked to remain off the canal so that it can be flooded and the water allowed to freeze properly before it is skated on. Locals know that pristine ice surfaces are available for skating in the early morning hours on a cold day. Just make sure you are bundled up and have a hot chocolate prior to heading out on the canal.

Changing Rooms

There are change rooms or ice huts as they are called for people to go into and change. These huts are quite large and they are heated as well so if you do get cold, they are a good place to get warm. We recommend that you carry a bag with you to carry your shoes and boots. It is not recommended to leave your boots etc in the huts. There are also benches along the canal were you can stop to rest or to adjust your skates. The city is trying to think of all of the things you might need to ensure that you enjoy Rideau Canal Skating in Ottawa.

In addition to the huts on the canal for changing, there are also venders selling hot chocolate and beaver tails along various locations of the canal. They are open during busier hours. You might want to check for their hours of operation before you go skating on the Rideau Canal. By the way a beaver tail is a flour pastry in the shape of a beaver tail. Usually coated with brown sugar and jam. They are excellent especially when served hot! This is Rideau Canal Skating in Ottawa.

Skate to Work

Some local residents will even use the canal to get to work. They may put on their skates somewhere along the canal. Then  skate to the arts center or to Bank st were they change from their skates into their boots. Then they head to work a block or two away. There are many people who do this on a regular basis when the canal is open for skating. Were else can you live and skate to work ?

We welcome comments on the this post as well as others on this blog. Good well written comments will be accepted even with a link back to your site if the comment benefits our readers. All other comments will be deleted. Advertising on the site can also be arranged.

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Ottawa – Canada’s Most Liked City

November 21st, 2011 ernie Posted in Ottawa 1 Comment »

OttawaNow this is really not hot news or any kind of news, however since I live in Ottawa, I thought I would share this with readers. A recent survey was just completed which showed a very positive report about the city of Ottawa.  I am providing a snap shot of some of the stats that are being reported. Here they are:

  • 82 per cent of respondents have a “positive image” of Ottawa. Followed by 81 per cent for Victoria and 80 per cent for Vancouver.
  • Toronto was Canada’s least liked city, with 73 per cent giving it a positive rating.
  • Canadians also rated Ottawa more positively than other international leading capitals, including Washington, DC, Paris and London, England.
  • 56 per cent of Canadians want to see more national celebrations and festivals in Ottawa. While 50 per cent want more museums/art galleries and heritage buildings.

Ottawa – Lot’s to do – Well Sort of

Ottawa is a nice city and I have always said that it is the only city in Canada, were you can see your tax dollars at work. You can maximize the use of your tax dollars. We have hundreds of miles of bike paths. Miles of parkway along the Ottawa River and we have several nice museums. Skiing in the winter is close by and there is lots of fishing and boating in the summer time. You can also skate on one of the world’s longest outdoor skating rinks, in the winter time.

The Rideau canal is converted to ice skating in the winter time and boating in the summer. And don’t forget the tulips in the spring that dominate the cities many gardens. These were sent to us from the Queen of the Netherlands after the 2nd world war in recognition of our help during the war.We are close to Montreal were we can get a little culture and visit better restaurants and stores.
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Petrie Island Marshes

September 14th, 2011 ernie Posted in Ottawa 1 Comment »

This is a second post about Petrie Island Marshes. For more information about the beaches, volley ball and the park, visit the Petrie Island Marshesfollowing page, Click Here. In addition to the beach and extensive sandy areas, there many nature trails in and around the island were you can go for a walk to enjoy nature and watch the many animals.  All of the trails are groomed and suitable for walking.

Please do not go off the trails or the areas were the grass has been cut. You will destroy the habitat not only for the animals, but also for the many people who enjoy this area .  We have included a couple of pictures of the marsh areas and the day I was there, there were at least eight turtles sunning themselves on a fallen log that extended out into the water. This particular picture shows two or three on this log.

Petrie Island Marshes – Water Ways

The following picture shows a water way that divides the island from the main land. Petrie island is connected by a small gravel causeway with water on both sides suitable for canoe’s and small boats. There is a marina on the island and an area were you can store your boat for the winter. In the winter time there are many ice fishing huts that are placed on this water way for the use of various fishermen.

This is really an unspoiled habitat for many birds and animals and we should all try to keep it that way. Stay on the trails and out of the marshes. There are some areas you can easily ride your mountain bike through, while in others all bikes are restricted from being on the trails. There are lots of signs so it is quite easy to see where you should and should not be.

Petrie Island Marshes – Animal Life

We saw many squirrels, chipmunks, turtles, rabbits and birds on the day that we walked through this area. It is important to be careful to stay on the groomed pathway that is made available by the park wardens. You will need to pay for parking by the hour. However it is not too expensive. It is also regularly patrolled so don’t bother trying to park for free. It will just cost you a lot. The police are also regular visitors just to make sure that people on the beach are behaving themselves.

By the way you can get to Petrie Island by bike by following Trim road to its most northern point. There is also a bike path that runs all the way from down town Ottawa to Trim road in the east, which then takes you to Petrie Island. Hope you enjoy.


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Petrie Island – Ottawa Orleans

September 9th, 2011 ernie Posted in Ottawa 1 Comment »

Petrie Island is a man made island and beach on the  west side of Ottawa in the village of Orleans. Petrie IslandThis beach and island is actually quite a beautiful place to spend some time. There is lots of sandy beach to grab some rays and in the summer time many families come for picnics and the kids play volleyball.

There are two beach areas, one facing onto the main Ottawa river towards the north. The other beach on Petrie Island faces east into a little lagoon that  is created by the island. This tends to be a more secluded and quiet beach for many people to enjoy.

Although this is a great area to come during the summer time, enjoy the suns rays and go for a swim there is a large problem that the city is trying to deal with. Whenever it rains there is a lot of pollution that is washed into the Ottawa river and then the city also has been known to dump raw sewage into the river as well. Consequently there are many days during the summer when it is recommended to not go on the water due to the bacterial problems with the water.

Bird Problem on the Petrie Island Beach

There are also a lot of birds as the above picture shows which contribute to the problem. If you go to the beach be careful were you sit and watch what your kids put in their mouths. I took these pictures on a beautiful sunny day in early September. I found that the beach was popular with seagulls and the ever present Canada Geese. They can be seen on the picture on the right.

This particular day there were only about 20 or so geese. However I have been here when there are a lot more geese on the grass or in the water. They tend to leave a lot of droppings so you have to be careful were you walk.

They do not seem to mind humans. Although watchful, generally will continue eating the grass or relaxing as you walk or bike by them.  This is a problem that many areas in Canada have to deal with every year. It seems to be a growing problem for many areas.

This last picture looks west towards Ottawa along the river. There are also shaded areas with a number of picnic tables among the trees. These are for people who want to be near the water and have a picnic with their families.

Walking Trails

There are also numerous walking trails through this area for hiking were you can observe the wild life. On the day I was there I saw many chipmunks, squirrels and rabbits along the trail.

There are also turtles by the hundreds in the marsh area ( see next post on Petrie Island). They spend a lot of time sunning themselves on logs on the river bank. I counted 8 turtles on one log at one point.

Petrie island is a great place to spend some time. Just be mindful of the pollution in the water and along the beach when you go. Maybe the city of Ottawa will be able to control the sewage that finds its way into the Ottawa river.


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St Huberts Restaurant – Orleans

September 7th, 2011 ernie Posted in Ottawa 1 Comment »

The new St Huberts restaurant has re-opened in Orleans. This is one of our favorite places to go for chicken. The old restaurant at the same location was getting a bit tired looking. They have totally revamped the place, made it much more contemporary looking, and even rearranged the parking lot.

St Huberts Restaurant – Orleans – Review

St Huberts Restaurant - OrleansParking – probably fewer spaces, but much easier to get around in now with parking around the perimeter of the lot and no parking in the middle.

Design – contemporary design. We especially like the lounge or bar area. At least 4 big screen TVs playing music videos when we were there, nice, well-lit place to have a drink and your meal.  The dining area is better as well, but not dressed up as well as the main bar area.

The Food – still the same great food, with chicken done just the way you like it and that special gravy they have which is so great! They must have kept the same cooks while they were closed.
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Ottawa River Boating

August 8th, 2011 ernie Posted in Ottawa 2 Comments »

Ottawa , Ontario , Canada is having a really fantastic summer. Lots of warm weather ideal for swimming and boating and other outdoor sports. We spent one day this summer on the Ottawa river with friends of ours on their boat, traveling along the river and taking in the wonderful scenery.

Their boat is docked at the Rock cliff boat house just down the hill from the Governor Generals estate. We parked our car in the parking lot after driving down the precarious gravel road with one 180 degree switch back. Nothing to worry about there are lots of barriers to prevent you from coasting into the river! But you definitely need to be careful since it is pretty much a one lane road.

Ottawa River Boating

Our friends had the boat gassed and ready for us. We departed for a leisurely ride up the river. We passed the prime minister’s home, the french embassy, the mint and of course the parliament buildings. If you have never had the chance to view all of these sites from the river, it is well worth it. You see all of these historic places from a different angle.

Ottawa River BoatingNext we headed back down the river to the mouth of the Gatineau river. It empties into the Ottawa river just across from the Governor Generals residence. There is a water way that takes you into the Lac Lemay casino off of the Gatineau River, which we followed.

Lac lemay Casino

This is a beautiful canal that leads you into the lake that almost surrounds the casino. We docked at the boat area of the casino and headed in side for a drink and a little gambling. We were a bit concerned about our attire, since we were dressed for being on a boat, however there was no problem. I think they were glad to take our money.

We had to leave before it got dark. Our host was a bit nervous about traveling on the water at night. We ended up at their place for a barbecue, cards and a swim in our pool later that night. A really great day and evening!

If you have been on the Ottawa river or have comments about your travels to the casino, feel free to leave comments. Enjoy the pictures of the Ottawa river.

For more posts about the Ottawa area, click here.

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East Side Marios – Orleans Review

August 2nd, 2011 ernie Posted in Ottawa No Comments »

We visited the East Side Marios – Orleans restaurant on Friday, July 22 for dinner and did not like the experience at all. Service at the bar was fine, we were served almost immediately and with a smile so no problem there.

East Sides Table Service

Once we got to our table, it went downhill. We decided to sit outside which was quieter, but on cheap chairs and tables. We order a Cesar salad, two garden salads and a hearty vegetable soup. The salads had very little dressing on them, my wife’s salad had yellow spots ( the way lettuce gets when it is starting to go bad, she could not finish it).

The soup had very little vegetables in it and this was supposed to be a hearty vegetable soup which suggests lots of vegetables! . It consisted of pasta noodles and tomato sauce and not much else.

Our main courses took a long time coming. This was not a big issue since we were with another couple and we enjoyed their company. It almost seemed as if they wanted us to order another round of drinks which we were not interested.

Main Course

I had seafood linguine, which was very dry as if it had been sitting for a while under a heat lamp. The seafood was ok. My wife had another pasta dish which was tasteless and dry. We did not mention this to the waitress, since we were so annoyed and it was already getting late. I am not sure that we will be going back. Our friends had a breaded chicken dish, which was overcooked and very dry as well.

They also had a plate of nacho’s which were burned and not a lot of cheese or sauce on them. I almost forgot to mention the mushroom cheese appetizer that our friends also had. This comes with cheese melted over them. The cheese was over done and had that look as if it was also kept under a heat lamp for too long.

Not sure if the cook or the waitress is to blame in this situation. It either was not cooked right or sat too long while the waitress was doing other things. Either way it was not good and we were not satisfied.

Let them Know

I paid by Visa, the waitress gave me the visa slip, but did not give me the final bill slip and I forgot to ask for it. The waitress service was as good as she could do, but if the food is not ready and not good, then that is out of her control.

I sent in a complaint to the restaurant via their website and they did reply indicating that they are still getting the kinks out of their service. They just opened a few weeks ago and I guess there are still problems. The manager offered us a gift certificate, however I have yet to see anything from them.

My advice is to not waste your money and avoid East Side Marios – Orleans.

ps. the decor inside is very nice and much better than the old restaurant in Orleans, Ontario

For more information about Ottawa, Ontario, the Nations Capital, click here.

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St Louis Bar and Grill

July 21st, 2011 ernie Posted in Ottawa No Comments »

We recently visited St Louis Bar and Grill for a beer and something to eat on a beautiful sunny afternoon in the summer. This restaurant is located in Ottawa on Elgin st. The address is 399 Elgin st just north of Gladstone, beside the Second Cup coffee shop. They have a really nice patio, with umbrellas and even small shade trees. You can sit close to the sidewalk or back a little way for a little privacy from the traffic on the street.  This is a really great place to hang out on a beautiful day!

St Louis Bar and Grill – Our Meal

We had a beer each. It was really cold and served just the way we like it in a nice cold glass. We had wanted to share a pitcher. However that particular special ended at the end of June.

We also ordered a plate of ribs, which is apparently their specialty. We were really disappointed in the order and mentioned this to the waitress. The ribs were tough. You really had to fight to remove the meat from the bones. It was almost as if the ribs had been over cooked or warmed up from the day before. Either way the ribs at St Louis Bar and Grill were not good.

To her credit, the waitress mentioned our concern to the restaurant manager who came out to talk with us. She expressed a lot of surprise at our concern and even wanted to test cutting the ribs herself, rather than take our word for it.

As soon as she tried cutting the meat herself she saw exactly what we were talking about and immediately offered to get us a new rack of ribs. She asked us if we wanted to keep the sides, which we declined since they were not going cold. No problem, we received a whole new plate with ribs and sides as well.

Service Level

We were pleasantly surprised with the service and although initially disappointed with the ribs were quite pleased with the quality once our original place was replaced. In addition, the manager offered us another round of drinks on the house or desert. We chose the desert which was a caramel ice cream brownie combination. Excellent!

Although we were not totally happy with the meal, the restaurant recovered very nicely and we were very pleased with the ribs on the second plate. This is a great place to try out and don’t hesitate to let the manager know if your meal is not up to standard.

Comments on this post and restaurant are welcome. for more posts about Ottawa and things to do here, click here.

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Sala Thai Restaurant in Ottawa

January 14th, 2011 ernie Posted in Ottawa No Comments »

We have had an opportunity to dine at the Sala Thai Restaurant at 2666 Alta Vista Drive (at Bank), Ottawa, Ontario, (613) 521-1102, several times over the past couple of years. Every time we go the service is excellent and so is the food. If you like Thai food, this is the place to go to experience really good Thai Cuisine!

Fully Licensed

It is fully licensed and they accept all of the standard credit cards. During the week you probably do not need reservations, however on the weekends , reservations are a good idea to make sure you are able to dine at your convenience. 

They are open from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm every day for lunch and from 5:00 pm until 10:00 pm Monday to Saturday and from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm on Sundays.

Sala Thai Restaurant – Location

They are located in a small strip mall, but don’t let the location fool you. The trip is well worth it, because the traditional Thai food is excellent. They cater to the complexities of central Thai cooking, but in addition to this,  you can  also experiment with the distinctive food of the Esan region, Thailand’s northeast, where the Thai and Laotian cultures meet.

Esan food, the staple of 17 million people in the northeast, is eaten with sticky rice. If you are not already familiar with the food of north-eastern Thailand, their Esan staff can show you how much casual enjoyment you can take with their food.

The writer is not from Thailand and really does not have a lot of experience with traditional Thai food or Esan food from the Esan region. However, we do enjoy excellent cooking and new flavors from a variety of food types prepared in regions that are not familiar to us. This is one of the best and we can recommend many of the dishes that are available at this particular restaurant.

Ordering Your Food

The staff will also help you make your selection as well, so that you can experiment with new meals prepared in ways you may not be familiar with. Check out their menu on their website. Customers can also order take out to take home and enjoy with the family. If you cannot finish your meal feel free to request a take home box as well so that you can enjoy the remainder of your meal later.

This is a great little restaurant that will not disappoint!


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The Mix Steakhouse & Bar in Orleans

January 12th, 2011 ernie Posted in Ottawa No Comments »

The mix steakhouseThis morning we had breakfast at the Mix Steakhouse & Bar in Orleans, beside the Dairy Queen on Tenth line. The address is 1675 Tenth Line Road, Orleans. We had a window view, however, there is not much to look at. There is a tarp covering the chairs for the outdoor patio in the summer and there are thousands of cigarette butts that are strewn everywhere to look at.

The Mix Steakhouse & Bar in Orleans – Description

This is a bar first and foremost although they obviously serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Unfortunately for us this morning the coffee was lukewarm at best and although the waitress tried her best to get us a hot cup of coffee, there was just something wrong with the coffee machine this morning.

We also found that the Mix Steakhouse was still rather untidy from the night before. The floor had not been cleaned, my first coffee cup had catsup on it and the second had something unrecognizable on it as well.

Our Order

We ordered a combo and split it since my wife is a light eater at breakfast. The combo sounded like a lot of food. In fact, it was, consisting of two pancakes, two sausages, two pieces of bacon, scrambled eggs, deep-fried potatoes, and toast.

After my wife took her share, I could still not finish the meal. Although the quantity was more than we needed, it left a bad aftertaste most of the morning.

I think it was the bacon, but not really sure since there was a lot of grease and fat with pretty much everything.

The Service

The service at the Mix Steakhouse was fine and the waitress really tried. But when you are dealing with a bad situation, it is pretty tough to recover from it. We have only tried one meal, however, based on this meal we will not go back.

If you have comments on this location, please feel free to leave a comment, positive or negative. Everyone deserves a second chance. For more information about Ottawa, Ontario, and the nation’s Capital, click here.

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Ha Noi Pho Restaurant in Ottawa

January 10th, 2011 ernie Posted in Ottawa No Comments »

Ha Noi Pho RestaurantMy wife and I recently had lunch at the Ha Noi Pho Restaurant in Ottawa located at :4312 Innes Road, Unit 1,Orleans, Ontario. It is at the corner of Innes Road and Lanthier Road.

Ha Noi Pho Restaurant in Ottawa

We found that this restaurant not only serves excellent food, but the service also is great and there is a nice atmosphere as well. It is a relatively small restaurant and we were there late in the lunch hour period, so it was not too crowded.

We had a beer first which was ice cold, just the way we like it, and ordered vegetable rolls initially. We mentioned to the waitress that we wanted to enjoy our beer and then order our lunch a bit later.

She was really excellent not bothering us every 5 minutes to see if we were ready to order. Instead, she was very respectful and observed us from a distance. As soon as we were ready we were able to get her attention easily and place our orders.

I had General Tao’s chicken which is slightly spicy and comes with white rice. It was excellent and both the quantity and the taste of the food more than met our expectations. Although the lunch came to about $40,  we did have a beer each, an appetizer, and two great meals.

My wife has dined at this restaurant several times with a friend. She plans to return many more times for the food, the atmosphere, and of course that ice-cold beer. She has gone to this restaurant several times since our visit together. Each time she has enjoyed the meal.

They seem to be able to maintain consistency in terms of both services as well as food quality. This is difficult to do when staff changes etc. at many restaurants.

If you have not been to this restaurant in Orleans, it is definitely worth a try, especially if you enjoy Vietnamese food.

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Second Cup – Orleans, Ontario

January 2nd, 2011 ernie Posted in Ottawa 1 Comment »

They have just opened a new Second Cup coffee shop in Orleans, Ontario Canada along Innes road. This Second Cup – Orleans, Ontario is located near Lowes.  I do not normally go to this particular chain for coffee, however my wife wanted to try it out. What a pleasant surprise! this location has become one of our favorite places to have coffee with friends and as a couple.

Canadians are actually friendly in some coffee shops. I recently posted about Tim Hortons and how unfriendly they are. Well at Second cup they actually said “good Morning” with a smile and asked ” how can I help you”! The store is new and I know they are trying to gain customers, and for me this is absolutely the best way to go about it. Nice friendly service. When we were leaving someone said to us from behind the counter, “Have a nice day”. You never see this at any of the competing coffee chains except for maybe Starbucks if they notice and have time.

Second Cup – Orleans, Ontario

It does not hurt that the place is brand new and decorated very nicely. They have the usual chairs and tables, but they also have a nice fireplace with soft leather chairs to sit in, read a book or chat with friends. There was also a spot over by the windows in a little alcove were you could also meet with 2 or 4 friends and have a great conversation on nice leather chairs. This is a very comfortable spot to go and we usually visit this coffee shop a couple of times a week.

This is absolutely the best way to go about it in terms of attracting customers and keeping them. Finally a coffee chain that recognizes that their customers want more than just a cup of coffee. They are looking for comfort and a cozy place to relax in, enjoy coffee and chat with friends and family.  We will definitely go back to this Second Cup for coffee in the near future!

For a list of more things to do in Palm Springs, click here.

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