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Kids Not Getting Enough Sleep

May 21st, 2014 ernie Posted in Children 1 Comment »

Kids Not Getting Enough SleepAre your kids not getting enough sleep? If they fall asleep in class like this poor guy, chances are they are not getting the sleep they need. But even if they do not fall asleep in class, they may be grouchy with their parents, their siblings or their friends. They may also lack energy as well if they are tired all of the time and will turn to food as a source of energy which can also lead to weight gain. If you feel that your kids fall into the category of kids not getting enough sleep, it is time to do something to change their habits and make sure they get the rest they need.

Kids Not Getting Enough Sleep: What To Do

Sometimes it can be over-stimulation from video games, late-night sports activities and these tend to make it more difficult to fall asleep. By eliminating these stimulating activities or controlling them so that they end earlier will give your kids a chance to get to sleep earlier.

Many kids have TV’s in their rooms as well as game controllers and cell phones. Whether they are watching TV, playing games or talking on the phone with their friends, they are not sleeping. Social activities will take precedence for kids anytime over getting to sleep. You may have to exercise some control or limits if it is felt that this is the source of your kids not getting enough sleep.

Establish Better Habits

Enrolling your kids in early evening sports can make a big difference. They burn off energy and they need to have a shower or bath at night as well. All of these things take energy and make them more ready for bed at night. Sports activities contribute to building better bodies as well as to more positive social activities. They also burn calories and help the kids maintain the proper weight for their age rather than gain extra weight. They can avoid teenage obesity, sugar diabetes, and other childhood illnesses.

For more information about getting more sleep, click here.


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Children Not Getting Enough Sleep

May 7th, 2014 ernie Posted in Children 1 Comment »

Kids Not Getting Enough SleepChildren Not Getting Enough Sleep demonstrate their tiredness in a multitude of ways. They can fall asleep in the classroom as this child has done, they are often cranky, they are not happy, they tend to get into fights with family and friends more often, they tend not to do well in school and they can even gain weight. Small children will have more temper tantrums and will sometimes be more hyperactive as well which leads to many other issues in terms of behavior.

They eat to gain energy just like adults do and this leads to weight gain since they are also not nearly as active. As parents we need to be aware of when our child is not getting enough sleep and take the steps necessary to help them get that sleep they need.

Children Not Getting Enough Sleep: How Much do they Need?

Everyone is different with some needing more sleep than others. Also depending on the stage, they are at in their growth cycle they may need more sleep than at other times. As parents, we have all seen examples when our kids are tired and they exhibit characteristics that are not normal for their everyday life. If lack of sleep happens once and a while, they can easily recover from one or two days of sleep loss. Eight to ten hours or even more of sleep each night is not unusual.

Children Not Getting Enough Sleep: Chronic Sleep Loss

Chronic sleep loss i.e. Children Not Getting Enough Sleep for days and weeks on end is something much different and parents need to take steps to change their habits. For example, no TV or phone in the bedroom might be the answer until they catch up on their sleep. Making sure that they are not over-stimulated before going to bed is another. You know your child and you probably know what is keeping him or her up at night. This will provide some idea of what needs to change to enable more sleep.

Teens are taking their cell phones and smartphones to bed with them. They stay up into the late hours communicating with their friends or playing games. This behavior can leave them overtired in the morning and leads to negative behavior. If you are a parent and think that this may be an issue you may want to have a conversation with your teen about getting enough sleep. For more information about dealing with the lack of sleep, click here.



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