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Ottawa River Canadian Parliament Buildings

Ottawa RiverThere is a bike path that runs along the Ottawa River below the Canadian parliament buildings. It runs along the river from the arts center heading west for roughly 15 kilometers. This is a very scenic spot that is also peaceful away from traffic and the tourists.

The first picture on the right is looking east along the river towards one of the bridges that cross the river. You can just see the top of the library of parliament on the upper right hand side of the picture.

Ottawa River – Rideau Canal

This picture shows the same area with a zoom in on the art center. Although you cannot really tell, from this picture, there is an inlet on the right had side which is were the Rideau Canal locks are. Boats wishing to go from the Ottawa river system into the Rideau river system and late into the St Lawrence and Lake Erie can traverse these locks. An earlier post shows the Rideau canal locks. This is a beautiful spot and we really enjoyed biking along this particular path. There were a number of people walking and a few sitting along benches along the river.

City of Gatineau

Across the Ottawa river is the city of Hull, now renamed Gatineau. The buildings shown here are most likely a set of government buildings that are occupied by thousands of government workers.

Apparently there is also a walking / bike trail on that side of the river as well. Access to these trails from the Ottawa side by traveling across one of three bridges that span the river of Ottawa.

These pictures were taken on a week day at the beginning of September. There are not many boats out on the water. During the summer on the weekends there are literally hundreds of boats out on the river.

Access to the Hull casino, Lac Leamy can also be reached from the Ottawa river by boat. Head up the Gatineau river a short distance and then into the Lac Leamy area. If you are a day tripper boater this is an excellent area to own a boat and spend time on the river.

These pictures of the Ottawa area and the river were taken with my phone and uploaded to this web site. Quality is not too bad considering they are from a mobile phone!


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  1. Ottawa is a great place in the summer time, but the winters are pretty cold. It is ok if you like skiing and skating on the canal. Visit the parliament buildings when you are there

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