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Carnival Cruise Lines – Would you Go on a Cruise

February 14th, 2013 ernie Posted in Cruise Ships No Comments »

Carnival Cruise Lines Would you Go on a CruiseWould you go on a cruise after the most recent reports of a fire on one of Carnival Cruise lines ships? There are all kinds of reports of no food and really bad hygienic situations on board. They have no power at all. It is has taken around 4 days to tow the boat back to Alabama. Now there is a danger that the ship could go aground if the tug boats do not have sufficient power to keep the ship in the channel.

As writers we really do not care whether it is Carnival Cruise lines or any other cruise lines as we are writing this story and millions of people have enjoyed their cruises.

Carnival Cruise Lines Would you Go on a Cruise

The writer just has an aversion at taking one of these cruises and being kept on board essentially in a large hotel where you spend all of your time in the hotel or in this case the ship. As long as the power is maintained and as long as the weather cooperates you can have a really great trip.

When it goes bad and in this case it has really gone bad your trip can be really terrible. These people are cold, they are hungry, they are sick and cannot go to the bathroom in a normal way and there are reports of feces etc in all of the wrong places. This is not for me!

To make matters worse beyond having to deal with this difficulty there are rumors that the cruise line is not going to reimburse them for the cost of their trips, travel home or stays at local hotels. It is early days yet and these are just rumors. Cruise lines do have a reputation for not helping their passengers very much in situations such as this.

Personally I would rather just take a plane or a driving trip and if the weather is bad, you stop somewhere in comfort. If the hotel is not so good, you just move on and find another place that is much better. That’s my take on it and I know a lot of people feel the same way. Comments?

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