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Petrie Island Marshes

This is a second post about Petrie Island Marshes. For more information about the beaches, volley ball and the park, visit the Petrie Island Marshesfollowing page, Click Here. In addition to the beach and extensive sandy areas, there many nature trails in and around the island were you can go for a walk to enjoy nature and watch the many animals.  All of the trails are groomed and suitable for walking.

Please do not go off the trails or the areas were the grass has been cut. You will destroy the habitat not only for the animals, but also for the many people who enjoy this area .  We have included a couple of pictures of the marsh areas and the day I was there, there were at least eight turtles sunning themselves on a fallen log that extended out into the water. This particular picture shows two or three on this log.

Petrie Island Marshes – Water Ways

The following picture shows a water way that divides the island from the main land. Petrie island is connected by a small gravel causeway with water on both sides suitable for canoe’s and small boats. There is a marina on the island and an area were you can store your boat for the winter. In the winter time there are many ice fishing huts that are placed on this water way for the use of various fishermen.

This is really an unspoiled habitat for many birds and animals and we should all try to keep it that way. Stay on the trails and out of the marshes. There are some areas you can easily ride your mountain bike through, while in others all bikes are restricted from being on the trails. There are lots of signs so it is quite easy to see where you should and should not be.

Petrie Island Marshes – Animal Life

We saw many squirrels, chipmunks, turtles, rabbits and birds on the day that we walked through this area. It is important to be careful to stay on the groomed pathway that is made available by the park wardens. You will need to pay for parking by the hour. However it is not too expensive. It is also regularly patrolled so don’t bother trying to park for free. It will just cost you a lot. The police are also regular visitors just to make sure that people on the beach are behaving themselves.

By the way you can get to Petrie Island by bike by following Trim road to its most northern point. There is also a bike path that runs all the way from down town Ottawa to Trim road in the east, which then takes you to Petrie Island. Hope you enjoy.


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  1. this is a beautiful area just east of ottawa in the village of Orleans. For those familiar with the area, petrie island can be found by going to Trim road and heading north towards the ottawa river.

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