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Ottawa Rideau Canal Locks

These pictures were taken at the bottom of the Rideau Canal locks were the canal meets the Ottawa River. In the distance on the left of the top picture you can see the Chateau Laurier hotel. In the foreground the doors to the next lock is shown. At the top of the locks is Rideau street, which is right in the middle of downtown Ottawa.  Within a couple of blocks you have lots of hotels, shopping and of course the parliament buildings.

Ottawa Rideau Canal Locks

These locks continue to operate for pleasure boats that wish to traverse from the Rideau River system into the Ottawa river system and vice versa.

Bicycle Paths

There is a bike path that runs from Sussex drive on the west side, down the hill and along the river out to the west end of Ottawa. Once you cross Sussex and follow it east, you will eventually pick up another bike path that will also follow the Ottawa River all the way to Orleans. In total about 40 KM’s of paths on this one stretch alone.

There are also bike and walking paths along side the canal and also along side the Rideau River that run up to hogs back and Moneys bay. There is another set of locks at Hogs back rapids as well.

Mooney’s Bay Ottawa

Mooney’s bay is sometimes open for swimming, although there are many days when the bacterial counts in the water test negative and swimming is closed

This picture shown on the right is from the same spot as above. Only looking north to the Ottawa river and also across the river to Hull Quebec. There are another network of bike trails that wander into Gatineau park. Many people ride these trails every summer and ski in the winter time.

It is very pleasant to walk or bike along the river at these locations. There are places were you can sit and enjoy the scenery from the waters edge on park benches.

You will often see office workers taking a lunchtime walk along these paths to get some fresh air and some exercise. A truly beautiful spot in the heart of the city of Ottawa.

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