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Costa Rafting Rica whitewater

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Costa Rafting Rica whitewaterWhite water rafting adventure tours through the rain forest will make your Costa Rica rafting whitewater vacation truly one of a kind ! Costa rafting Rica whitewater can be a great vacation adventure.

In the Atlantic region of Costa Rica there is a protected zone of incomparable beauty. It begins near the town of Siquirres and covers approximately 25,000 acres. It descends down the Talamanca Mountain Range. This area constitutes one of the most important protected areas in the region. High annual rainfall, along with its proximity to the lowlands combine to nuture complex life systems. The abundance make for extraordinary scenic beauty. The Cabecar Indians inhabit the area. In addition you can hike the same paths that this indigenous tribe still uses.

The Pacuare River is located within this zone. It offers some of the finest white water rafting in Costa Rica and in Latin America. In addition this officially designated Wild and Scenic River winds deep inside impressive primordial rain forest. Remote and scenic waters course through a wilderness of dense vegetation . Which the sides of steep gorges that rise above the riverbanks. Of course the thick undergrowth provides shelter to jaguars, ocelots, monkeys, and sloths. As well as numerous other species of animals and birds.

Costa Rafting Rica whitewater

The trip down this wild and scenic river offers some of the finest white water rafting in Latin America. It takes you past luxuriant rain forest, crystalline waterfalls. As well as dense vegetation covering the sides of steep gorges. It is also an environmentally sustainable adventure. As well it is carbon neutral and supports efforts to conserve the river’s ecosystems and help nearby communities.

Costa Rica rafting whitewater trips float past pristine tropical forest. The forests are populated by toucans, parrots and other birds. These birds are protected in the 637-acre (258-ha.) nature reserve. The fast-growing trees absorb more atmospheric carbon than local vehicles emit, making tours carbon-neutral.

This unforgettable river adventure combines class-II and -IV rapids with floats past breathtaking scenery that includes massive tropical trees and waterfalls that plummet into the river. Paddle through more adrenaline-pumping rapids and marvel at amazing scenery, such as the narrow canyon of Dos Montañas.

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White Water Rafting in Costa Rica

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Going white water rafting in Costa Rica offers an experience that many other locations in White Water Rafting in Costa RicaNorth America cannot offer. Rafting in a tropical environment when it is cold with winter back home is just plain special! The Sarapiqi river offers challenging whitewater conditions as well as abundant flora and fauna. When you are not battling the river, you are floating past a rainforest preserve and jungles filled with a variety of animals and plant life. check out the wildlife such as howler monkeys, iguanas, three toed sloths, a huge variety of frogs as well as a huge variety of plant life. don’t forget the colorful bird life which abounds everywhere. The toucans are almost too plentiful to count!

There are also butterfly sanctuary’s which can be visited as well with guided tours.  Costa Rica offers many other activities in addition to white water rafting including the beach of course, horseback riding, canopy tours and repelling in some areas. there are many activities, but since this web site is more about white water rafting we will provide some more specific information about this sport! For information on Costa Rica’s other activities, we suggest you check out other web sites for specific information on those activities.

White Water Rafting in Costa Rica on the Sarapiqi River

The Sarapiquí River winds through an area known as the land of “Eternal Spring,” which offers some of Costa Rica’s most exotic and lush tropical scenery. The free-flowing river originates from clear mountain streams that wash down through dense rain forests to join the crystal waters of the Sarapiquí river. Dense forests encroach on the river’s sunny banks.

This class III river is a narrow, low-volume river ideal for white-water beginners as well as families. It will be easy to enjoy its moderately flowing rapids interspersed with tranquil stretches. Bird-watchers and nature lovers can enjoy this river as well as you float down tranquil stretches. The river winds its way through lush vegetation providing a habitat for hummingbirds, toucans, woodpeckers and many other native bird species.

Typically guests will be picked up from their San José hotel in a minibus. They are driven approximately two and a half hours to the start of your rafting experience. Some will include a traditional breakfast served at a restaurant along the way. Some companies will include a lunch of sandwiches, fruits and desert on the banks of the river.

Sarapiquí River White-Water Rafting

  • Typical Price per person: US$80
  • price usually Includes: Transportation, equipment, breakfast and picnic lunch.
  • Rafting Trip length: 9 Miles.
  • Difficulty: Class III, easy-moderate.
  • Minimum age: 8 years old.

This is a great activity to consider if you want to get away from the beaches. Also the crowds of tourists. Maybe you just want to do something different from the traditional beach – dinner – clubbing environment of San Jose.  Before you sign up with any of the white water companies, always confirm what you will receive and ensure that they follow typical safety precautions.  If this is your first time white water rafting, you probably should avoid anything higher than class III category rapids.

Our next post will be White Water Rafting in Mexico, so watch for that post in 2 weeks time!

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