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Presidents Motorcade Palm Springs

February 19th, 2014 ernie Posted in US Politics No Comments »

Presidents MotorcadeWhether you support the president or not, there is something about a presidential motorcade that really impresses a person. It makes you proud of your country. This was the first time we had the opportunity to observe a presidential motorcade. It was really quite awe inspiring.

The precision and the organization of the motorcade makes one proud of the people involved. The professionalism of the teams of people who are devoted to making sure that the president gets from one location to another safely and quickly is fantastic. In this case he was traveling from the Sunnylands Estate in Palm Springs to the Palm Springs airport. This was for departure back to Washington. He had spent the weekend in Palm Springs coming here for a meeting and a little R&R time at the golf course.

Presidents Motorcade

With a lead group of about 30 motorcycles, some occasionally pealing off to block streets or to keep onlookers from crowding the road, they roared past us at about 30 miles an hour, followed by several police cars, two black limo’s and a number of support vehicles including ambulances, an emergency fire truck, and a number of cars filled with secret service men, followed up with more motorcycles. This was a team that was ready for just about anything and they also meant business.

It was a site that impressed us, made us proud of the country and made us sad that the president must travel in this manner due to the threats against him. All of the presidents have been forced to travel in this manner due to many incidents over the years and the country certainly does not want to go through what they did with the Kennedy’s. The security surrounding the president is much more intense than it was at that time and for good reason.

The motorcade passed us and in less than 10 minutes the president was on his plane and it was on the taxi way ready to take off. There were no delays and the plane was at full throttle heading down the runway.

Still it makes us proud to be part of America even if we need to have this level of security!

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Hillary Clinton surging at Cristies Expense

February 5th, 2014 ernie Posted in US Politics No Comments »

We predicted that Hillary Clinton surging at Cristies Expense and all of the attention to governor Cristi would basically kick him out of the running for the US presidency. It appears to be holding true. His popularity poles have sunk to the point where he is running dead last. This is due to perceived wrong doing with the bridge scandal and a number of other suggested negative issues.

Hillary Clinton surging at Cristies Expense

Clinton on the other hand has surged in the poles. Although she has not yet declared her intention to run for election to the highest job in the nation,  she is the person for the job as far as the democrats are concerned. Unless someone comes along to outpace her.

There is a lot more to come in terms of how Governor Cristi will respond to the allegations concerning the bridge scandal. We also wonder whether they will stick or not. This could all disappear if the investigations clear his name. If this happens, the people who fired these political bullets did so too soon. There could be a strong back lash against the democrats as well if they are seen to be behind this entire fiasco.

We will have to wait and see if there is more to come. Cruise forward to the 2016 presidential race and this time Governor Cristi is being out run by Donald Trump. Trump is behind Hillary in the poles. At the time of this update there is still 5 months to the election and anything could happen.

Hillary Clinton surging at Cristies Expense

But Hillary is now focused on Trump and beating him to the presidential seat in Nov. This is an amazing race to watch because of all of the trash talk and the issues that are being brought forward by both parties.

It is anyone’s guess regarding who will win in Nov. For more posts about US Politics, click here.

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Did Chris Christie really make this mistake

January 18th, 2014 ernie Posted in US Politics No Comments »

Chris ChristieIt is hard to believe that Chris Christie would make such a stupid mistake and go along with obstructing bridge traffic! It is just as hard to believe that his staff would initiate such a thing without his knowledge! However it did happen and this situation needs to be investigated. Either way it probably spells the end of any potential run he might have been thinking about in terms of running for president. He is running for president, however he is not doing as well as might be expected for another reason. Donald Trump appears to be running away with the nomination, although there is a lot of time yet to go before his position is finalized as the republican nominee.

Chris Christie – Looks Bad

However it looks bad for him either way. He either knew about it which is pretty negative for him or he did not know which also means he cannot control his staff. Bad management skills no matter how you look at it. Bad political skills as well, which clearly takes him out of the running for president.

Who is behind this and who brought it to the attention of media? His enemies of course! The Clinton’s will be involved, but you will never prove it. His republican enemies who also want to run etc.

We think he is finished as far as running for a national ticket! He will weather the charges since we are sure nothing can be provided, however in the minds of Americans, there will also be some doubt. These people will not vote for him and his enemies will continue to use this issue against him to make sure he never even decides to runs for president. Comments?


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Lip Sync’ing Beyonce

January 24th, 2013 ernie Posted in US Politics No Comments »

Lip Syncing Beyonce

Lip Syncing Beyonce – WASHINGTON, DC – JANUARY 21: Beyonc? performs the national anthem as U.S. President Barack Obama looks on during the presidential inauguration on the West Front of the U.S. Capitol January 21, 2013 in Washington, DC. Barack Obama was re-elected for a second term as President of the United States. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Did Beyonce lip-sync the “Star-Spangled Banner? Who really cares? Lip Syncing Beyonce is just one more fake movie star that earns too much for what the do. The important thing is that the she did not flub the song which would have been the talk of all the networks the next day. Instead they focused on the inauguration and the important stuff. It only came out later that she may have lip sync’d and really who cares if she did or not.

Her career would have suffered if she had flubbed the anthem or if her voice gave out in the cold. Her career right now is red hot, so why risk damaging that. She can always come back later in better conditions and sing the anthem for real, which she apparently did just to prove that it can be done and she can do it.! I am sure the president did not care if  she lip sync’d or not. He would prefer everything to go smoothly we assume, which it did

Lip Syncing Beyonce

They are still talking about how he flubbed his lines the previous time when he was sworn into office. Besides it was really cold and although we do not sing in our family, we understand that singing in cold weather is difficult. The throat can be dry and the sound does not carry the same among other issues.

Lip Syncing Beyonce – Dance and Sing at the Same Time

So who really cares. We want the best performance and we got it. So that brings me to the videos were they dance and sing at the same time.

There is no way these performers can be that active and sing perfectly. They would have to be in outstanding shape and even then they would have to be a little bit out of breath to be able to dance and sing! Just try it yourself to see how far you get without your breath beginning to rasp a bit. So get used to it, lip syncing has been going on for a long time and will continue to do so.


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Political Dogma

September 1st, 2011 ernie Posted in US Politics 1 Comment »

Political DogmaI saw Mark Cuban being interviewed on Pierce Morgan the other night. What a smart guy, up beat, positive and seems to know what he is all about. He is obviously very successful as a business man having succeeded in turning the Mavericks around as well as being successful in a number of other ventures.

What caught my attention was the discussion they had concerning politics and whether he would run for president some day or not. He emphatically indicated that he would not run for president. However he is young and there is lots of time to change his mind and make a contribution to the history books as a business president rather than a political one.

Political Dogma

The conversation centered around making things happen in US politics and by extension in Canadian politics as well. His emphasis if I caught it properly is that there are lots of political dogma being spewed by the politicians and not sufficient action. Once you state a plan or direction, it must be followed up with action in defined steps so that you actually achieve what you set out to achieve.
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