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Perkins Restaurant Ottawa

We went to Perkins Restaurant in  Ottawa for breakfast this morning. Perkins restaurants are very good and although among the more pricey in terms of breakfast, Perkins Restaurant Ottawayou do get excellent value for your dollar. You can go to less expensive places. But Perkins Restaurant Ottawa provides you with a bottomless cup of coffee. They place a coffee urn right on your table, so you do not need to wait for the waitress to refill your cup. We were there for a while. The waitress even brought us a second urn of coffee to us at no extra charge.

The other thing I like about Perkins Restaurant Ottawa is the  home fries that come with the eggs. You can have the frozen type or the home fries that are shredded. I prefer the shredded type. Since they are more natural and taste better as well compared to the frozen type.  All it was an excellent breakfast and we have never been disappointed with any meals that we have had at this restaurant. The location of this Perkins Restaurant is at the corner of Ogilvy and St Laurent roads. There is lots of parking, in front and also at the back of the restaurant.

Perkins Restaurant Ottawa – Menu

Perkins Restaurant has a full menu for lunch and dinner and they also offer meals to large groups as well, so if you have an office group or a small party, they can also accommodate these groups as well. There are lots of deserts on the menu as well.

They are very busy on the weekends and if you go in the morning for breakfast, make sure that you are there early, since you will probably need to wait in line for a table.  Just provide your name to the clerk at the front and they will call you when a table is available.

There are tables that can be configured for 2, 4 or 6 people as well as booths that will seat 4 people. You can seat 6 people in a booth, but it would be very cozy for 6 people in a booth. They have lots of room and lots of combinations to accommodate just about any needs.

This is a great family restaurant to take your family to or to just grab a quick meal. Either way you will not be disappointed unless you are looking for a gourmet restaurant which this is not.

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