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Cleveland Monster(s)

May 13th, 2013 ernie Posted in Notorious Crimes No Comments »

One brother has been charged with rape, forcible confinement, captivity and numerous other charges. There is no doubt that this man is the Cleveland monster. He should be put away for life, or even put to death if he’s given the death penalty. This is based on terminating at least five children with one of the women.

This is a terrible thing that is happened and should be dealt with appropriately. However this post is not about this particular crime for this particular brother. Instead we wanted to talk about the other two brothers who were initially arrested. They were let go and now not being charged with anything. Apparently they were not involved in any of the rapes or confinement activities.

Cleveland Monster

This man’s two brothers have apparently not been involved in any of these crimes. They deny all knowledge of anything to do with the crimes. They  had no idea that if he was going on. These brothers claim that they have been at the house. They had to follow specific rules when they were at the house. They had no idea that were three women plus a little girl at this home.

The writers on this blog happened to think that these two men, these two brothers, who have been at the house, may have been involved in someway. More information is going to come out over the next few days and certainly the women involved would be able to identify them if they were involved. At the very least they had to have had some idea that something strange was going on and should have challenged their brother quite strongly to confirm what was going on and then deal with it accordingly. They will carry guilt for the rest of their life regardless of whether they were involved or not or had suspicions or not. More information will become available over time as we listen to this ongoing sad story

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Jodi Arias Guilty Interview

May 11th, 2013 ernie Posted in Notorious Crimes No Comments »

What ever happened to the days when the jury announced you were guilty? The sheriff put handcuffs on you and led you away to be transported to jail! Not with Jodi Arias apparently! She was told she was guilty and them she gives a Jodi Arias Guilty interview against her lawyers guidance!

Arizona is one of the toughest states and yet she gets away with conducting an on-screen interview. Again she trashes Travis Alexander which she has done throughout the trial. This writer really did not think it was possible to be allowed to give interviews after being convicted of 1st degree manslaughter!

Jodi Arias Guilty

The twist of course is that she asked the jury to give her the death penalty. Which automatically put her on a suicide watch! There is a lot more to come yet . We have not seen the last of Jodi Arias! With all of the extreme news and actually much more important news, why do we spend so much time on this case.

The reason is that is a pretty young white woman who apparently has completed a very bad crime by killing her boyfriend in the shower no less. She also took pictures which she forgot to erase and then took the cops on a several wild goose chases before finally admitting she might have had something to do with it.

It is really a shame that the court system must deal with such a ridiculous case, spend millions on it. There is a much better use for out tax dollars. She is guilty and let’s get on with it.

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Are we Tired of the Arias Trial

April 25th, 2013 ernie Posted in Notorious Crimes No Comments »

Jodi Arias TrialAnother month and the Jodi Arias trial continues on! Can you believe that this obviously guilty women has not been already convicted of premeditated man slaughter? It is so ridiculous that she is even trying to mount a defense and making the person she killed out to be a bad person.

The expert has lied on the stand, Samuels gave her a book to study so he could diagnose her accordingly! And of course Laviolet has lied repeatedly and hates men. She does not even have the skill level to do the job. For that they both get $250 an hour! This is atrocious and shows just how bad the justice system and the defense lawyers can be.

More and more witnesses are being called to refute the experts and also Jodie’s testimony. This is looking bad for Jodi Arias.

Jodi Arias Trial

We wrote this particular piece during the trial and it was really to express our frustration at how this trial was being handled. It is unfortunate that so much time and money was actually spent on Jodi Arias, but that is how our court system works. Hire a good lawyer and you can be assured of a long drawn out process as long as you have the money to pay for it.

Which brings us to the next questions. Were does she get the money to pay for a lawyer for this length of trial along with the expert witnesses. At best she was a cocktail waitress making minimal amounts of money. She was essentially broke until she hooked up with her victim.

Jodi is attractive and she knows how to manipulate people. She also has the sympathy vote. After all how could a cute petite thing like her commit such a crime? Fortunately the jury did see through it all and convicted her. But it cost the state and tax payers a great deal of money to do so.

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Arias Trial Continues

April 11th, 2013 ernie Posted in Notorious Crimes No Comments »

Arias TrialThe Arias trial has been going on for many weeks and if there was ever an x-rated trial this has to be the one. It is a shame that she is probably going to get away with pre- meditated murder. Because the jury is confused. She is young and an attractive white women. Not many people can give someone like this the death penalty! Although this picture does not do her justice, with a little makeup she is quite attractive and has a nice figure. Who could convict this innocent looking, slightly built women of murder?

Well she eventually got convicted of murder. But the jury could not agree on whether she should be given the death penalty.  Apparently there were four people who could not vote for the death penalty. This is a sad day in our opinion when such a sophisticated liar who admitted to killing her boyfriend should get off because someone does not agree with the death penalty.

Arias Trial and Future Boyfriends

I really pity the poor guy that meets up with Jodi Arias when and if she eventually gets out of jail. She obviously has anger issues and she has control issues. If she is rejected or does not get her way, then someone is going to pay big time. The poor guy that gets tired of her or does not spend enough money on her, is probably going to pay with his life.

Even in jail she will be manipulating the guards and other inmates. She may even cause problems of a serious nature while in jail. Maybe she will not get out for a very long time. We can only hope so. If she does actually have good behavior, she may be paroled and look out guys.

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Jody Arias Trial

February 19th, 2013 ernie Posted in Notorious Crimes No Comments »

Jody Arias TrialWe are now into the 7th day of her testimony which has been spread over 3 weeks and we have not even got to the actual murder yet. We are almost there in terms of the time frame that gets us to the actual murder.  Maybe this week we will get to the murder and then it will be the prosecutions turn. They are going to tear her apart on the stand and there are so many opportunities to do that. I am listening to Nancy Grace on HLN now and they are just tearing her apart.

Jody complained about a lack of money. There was a lack of receipts for hotels and gas while she traveled. Also  she filled up with gas so she would not have to buy expensive gas while traveling. Yet she rented a car when she was so broke and she had money to go for a manicure.

Jody Arias Trial

I am at the point were I cannot stand the show any more  and yet my wife is glued to the TV set and that means i have to listen to all of this drivel. I predict that she is going to get off and not be convicted of anything. The jury is so tired of listening to all of her detailed lies and then suddenly when we get close to the actual murder which she has admitted to, she suddenly cannot remember details.

This is really going to get interesting when the prosecution gets going and it will be sad actually to watch while they tear her story apart. Stay tuned.

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Jody Arias

February 10th, 2013 ernie Posted in Notorious Crimes 1 Comment »

Jody Arias TrialJody Arias trial has been on for the last two weeks and HLN has covered it in detail while all of the other networks have been just giving the headlines. What is it that fascinates people so much that a channel like HLN can focus almost all of its coverage to this trial? Sure it is outrageous. There is a beautiful women on trial, but still what is it about America and makes this show popular?

This woman, Jody Arias,  is completely sick and probably guilty because of the way that she has lied. Many men have been pulled in by her. If she ever gets out of prison, more will suffer at her hands. They will either be broke or dead depending on how she feels about them.

Jody Arias – Guilty

In fact she is already admitted that she killed this guy but that she didn’t self-defense. Based on the prosecution witnesses there is just no way that this woman is innocent and should be put to death get using the electric chair whatever the used in that particular state or technique is Arizona.

The trial goes on with all kinds is admissions on the stand. Now they are playing a phone call recording which is not being shown on TV, which apparently pretty raw. This is an unbelievable testimony and probably all lies.

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Casey Anthony is Back !

January 21st, 2012 ernie Posted in Notorious Crimes No Comments »

Casey Anthony is backSurprise, Casey Anthony is back and has resurfaced via video’s on Youtube! found not guilty a few months ago, she immediately went into hiding after being released from jail. She got credit for time served. She did not need to serve any more time for the charges of lying to police which she was found guilty for.

I think we all knew it would only be a matter of time before she emerged again on the news scene. She wants attention from the media and the population who followed her case.

Why Casey Anthony is Back

Why would Casey be in the Media Spotlight Again? There are various theories as to why she would make these videos and release them. According to her lawyers these are video diaries that she is making to record her thoughts and feelings. They are considered private. Her lawyers say that her account was hacked and the videos were distributed over the internet! This might be true however there are a few questions about this particular theory?

Why for example are the names of some people blanked out from the audio? If this was a hack job, why would the hacker care to protect some people? More than likely they would just release the raw video and leave it at that.
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Conrad Murray Convicted

November 9th, 2011 ernie Posted in Notorious Crimes No Comments »

Conrad Murray ConvictedWell, Conrad Murray has been convicted and is currently waiting to be sentenced as we write this post. Many people are rejoicing that the guy who allegedly killed Michael Jackson was convicted and will be punished. Conrad Murray was convicted. He paid the price for someone who refused to get help to deal with his many other issues.

But there really is another issued here that we would like to bring up. The concept for this idea was taken from an impromptu interview that we saw on TV of a fan of Michael Jackson.

Para phrasing, he said that he was happy that Murray was convicted. But he also recognized that Michael Jackson had issues and needed help. As a population we are satisfied that some one has been blamed for his death. For example he will bear the ultimate responsibility.
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Dominique Strauss-Kahn – A Travesty in Justice

September 6th, 2011 ernie Posted in Notorious Crimes No Comments »

Well it seems that Dominique Strauss-Kahn has gotten away with some underhanded behavior in New York City .  He is now back in France and yes he has lost a lot. If his wife trusted him before, she probably does not now. The french voters do not trust him and he has virtually no chance of winning in the election in France. The election in France is occurring in the next few months. He did have to spend some time in jail and endure the press and the humiliation of being in hand cuffs! But is that sufficient punishment? Now that the charges have been dropped will he sue the New York Police force? Can He get away with this. Turns out he is guilty and will not be able to sue.

We do not know the legal issues around this case, just what we read in the papers like everyone else. But after a while you get to reading between the lines and you get a feel for some things.
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Casey Anthony’s Car Crushed

August 22nd, 2011 ernie Posted in Notorious Crimes No Comments »

Casey Anthony's Car CrushedCan you imagine buying this car and driving it around Florida? If people did not throw rocks at it once they found out that  Casey Anthonys was car crushed they certainly would have vandalized the car. This is not a car that most people would want to own. We are pretty happy that it was crushed and not made available for sale.

Some person would have bought it who was a little bit off. They would have enjoyed it in a perverse way. As well as the notoriety of the car and the case, there was the ongoing smell that apparently was emanating from the car.

Sure the smell would have dissipated over time. But who wants to endure the smell of what was supposed to be a dead body in the trunk? The smell would have lingered for a long time regardless of what you did to try and remove it. No one would want to drive this car anywhere.

Casey Anthonys Car Crushed

It is probably a great idea to have this Casey Anthonys car crushed for other reasons as well. There are enough nut cases out there who would want to have the car to be a little closer to Casey. Or to somehow get involved in the notoriety that the case  has brought to the entire situation. These people will not have this opportunity now that the car has been crushed. We think this is a good idea.

She also or will soon be able to afford just about any car she wants to purchase with the deals that she is supposed to be signing. Still she probably does not want to be seen in public. There are still many people who believe she is guilty of murdering her daughter and disposing of the body in a most undignified way. No one deserves that ever!

If Casey Anthony were to be seen driving around in a new car, there are certainly people who would throw stuff at it. They would vandalize the car just to punish her in some way or to vent their anger at her. She should stay out of the limelight for many years to avoid any negative repercussions. Crushing the car is just one more step in that direction and we applaud this decision by the family or by Casey and her lawyers.

Casey Anthony – Bankruptcy

We learned recently that Casey Anthony had to declare bankruptcy. She has no income and no way of earning any money. Apparently all of the book deals and the movie deals are falling through since no one really wants to touch this subject. Eventually someone will. But in the mean time she has no money and has declared bankruptcy.

This means that those lawyers who defended her will also not get paid. Which is a good thing. Although we think they probably made money with all of the interviews and deals they tried to deal once the case ended. This is too bad. But at least they will not get paid by Casey from making money from her court case.

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Good Samaritan Gunned Down – Jeremy Henwood

August 17th, 2011 ernie Posted in Notorious Crimes 1 Comment »

Good Samaritan Gunned Down - Jeremy HenwoodYesterday we wrote a post about the decline of our societies morals and how concerned we are about were our society is headed. Today we hear about a sad situation. This hi-lights both the decline of our society and also that there are still some really good people in our society.

This story is about Jeremy Henwood, a San Diego policeman. Who moments before he is killed siting in his cruiser after buying some cookies for a 13 year old kid at a local San Diego McDonald’s store. This is both illustrative of how there are some good people in this world. Unfortunately some bad people as well. It appears that the gunman was looking to commit suicide by getting shot by the police. He apparently left a suicide note. It appears his intention was to be killed by the police because he did not have the guts to do it himself.  More on this story will come out as to the details.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to the family of Mr. Henwood, who also completed tours of duty in the middle east as well. He survived unscathed only to be gunned down in his home town. It is just not fair. But at least he had the opportunity to bring a message to the world prior to his death.
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Casey Anthony & Probation

August 13th, 2011 ernie Posted in Notorious Crimes 1 Comment »

Casey Anthony & ProbationFinally someone has caused some small amount of justice to be implemented in this case. For those of you who have not followed this case, Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her daughter, Caley! Most people think she is guilty, however all of the evidence appeared to be circumstantial.

She was found guilty in a previous trial of fraud involving stealing money from a friends bank account. For that she is to serve a 1 year probation in Orlando. Judge Perry ruled that this is to begin this month and that she did not serve probation while in Jail!. All of this is a good thing since she certainly was guilty of lying and causing a great deal of anguish for many people, including her parents.

Casey Anthony & Probation

But I am not writing about Casey in this post. Instead I want to write about how ridiculous the entire case is and how ridiculous it is for CNN and other major news channels to spend so much time following this case when there are many other children who are missing and need help. Sure it was a really different case, sure she is an excellent lier and she did lead everyone on a wild goose chase. But why do we need to spend so much time on this one case on air when there are thousands of other children and parents who really need help? She should receive the death penalty and not be out on probation for passing bad checks or found not guilty for murdering her child.
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