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Bed Blockers

September 27th, 2011 ernie Posted in Baby Boomers 2 Comments »

Can you imagine being called a bed blocker in a hospital!  That is what hospital staff call people who should be in an long term care facility and not in the hospital! They are not patients, they are not someone that the staff really cares about, they are called “bed Blockers”!

We do not know if this is a liberal thing or just a part of the culture in our hospitals. But one thing is sure, it is only going to get worse unless they add more funding to support the availability of long term care facilities and also home care facilities. Apparently it costs $70 per day for home care and $235 for a hospital stay per day. Long term care is somewhere in between.  The number of baby boomers in the 65+ bracket is growing by leaps and bounds so it is only going to get worse.
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More about Baby Boomers and Stock Warnings

August 25th, 2011 ernie Posted in Baby Boomers 1 Comment »

Baby Boomers - Stock WarningYesterday we wrote a post about the potential impact that baby boomers may have on the stock market long term as they gradually withdraw their savings to pay for retirement.  We concluded that due to investments and emerging markets  such as China and India, there would be little impact on the value of equities in the stock market. There may be some areas that are hit more than others. For example health stocks and perhaps home renovation stocks,  but even that is yet to be determined. Most baby boomers are retiring and worried about their investments.

Baby Boomers and Stock Warnings

Get a Variety of Opinions

It is always an great idea to get another opinion. So we asked several experts the same question and got almost the same answer. Stay invested, diversify, invest across bonds, dividend paying stocks and mutual funds. This approach will ensure that your income is protected and diverse enough that you are not hurt by any one market. The income should continue regardless of the market ups and downs. That is really what is important in old age. Do you have enough income to live in the manner you prefer.
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Baby Boomers – Stock Warning

August 24th, 2011 ernie Posted in Baby Boomers 1 Comment »

Baby Boomers - Stock WarningI recently saw the following headline and thought it would be a good idea to put  our own opinion out on this. We have also asked our financial advisers about this subject and expect to get two different answers  from them. So what impact do you think the impact will be that the baby boomers will have on the Stock Market and our retirement.

The graph above shows this wave of boomers getting older. This will have a huge impact on the value of stocks and the transfer of money to a younger generation.

This quote was taken from a news service that I subscribe to on the CFRA Ottawa radio station, “The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco warns a sell-off by baby boomers may keep stock prices low for years. It says those born between 1946 and 1964 are beginning to retire, just as the stock market is starting to recover from the financial crisis. The Federal Reserve Bank says the timing is disconcerting since stock prices are closely tied to demographic trends for the past half-century.”
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