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East Side Marios – Orleans Review

We visited the East Side Marios – Orleans restaurant on Friday, July 22 for dinner and did not like the experience at all. Service at the bar was fine, we were served almost immediately and with a smile so no problem there.

East Sides Table Service

Once we got to our table, it went downhill. We decided to sit outside which was quieter, but on cheap chairs and tables. We order a Cesar salad, two garden salads and a hearty vegetable soup. The salads had very little dressing on them, my wife’s salad had yellow spots ( the way lettuce gets when it is starting to go bad, she could not finish it).

The soup had very little vegetables in it and this was supposed to be a hearty vegetable soup which suggests lots of vegetables! . It consisted of pasta noodles and tomato sauce and not much else.

Our main courses took a long time coming. This was not a big issue since we were with another couple and we enjoyed their company. It almost seemed as if they wanted us to order another round of drinks which we were not interested.

Main Course

I had seafood linguine, which was very dry as if it had been sitting for a while under a heat lamp. The seafood was ok. My wife had another pasta dish which was tasteless and dry. We did not mention this to the waitress, since we were so annoyed and it was already getting late. I am not sure that we will be going back. Our friends had a breaded chicken dish, which was overcooked and very dry as well.

They also had a plate of nacho’s which were burned and not a lot of cheese or sauce on them. I almost forgot to mention the mushroom cheese appetizer that our friends also had. This comes with cheese melted over them. The cheese was over done and had that look as if it was also kept under a heat lamp for too long.

Not sure if the cook or the waitress is to blame in this situation. It either was not cooked right or sat too long while the waitress was doing other things. Either way it was not good and we were not satisfied.

Let them Know

I paid by Visa, the waitress gave me the visa slip, but did not give me the final bill slip and I forgot to ask for it. The waitress service was as good as she could do, but if the food is not ready and not good, then that is out of her control.

I sent in a complaint to the restaurant via their website and they did reply indicating that they are still getting the kinks out of their service. They just opened a few weeks ago and I guess there are still problems. The manager offered us a gift certificate, however I have yet to see anything from them.

My advice is to not waste your money and avoid East Side Marios – Orleans.

ps. the decor inside is very nice and much better than the old restaurant in Orleans, Ontario

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