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Is a potato only diet a good thing to do

April 21st, 2016 ernie Posted in Food No Comments »

Is a potato only diet a good thing to doWe recently read an article about a man who was going on a potatoes-only diet for 60 days. We wondered, Is a potato-only diet a good thing to do? It turns out that it is not all bad, but there are some things that anyone considering this approach should consider. The person going on this diet is a marketing agent for a potato organization and he wanted to show that potatoes are good for you and will not harm you if that is all you had to live on.

He has had them cooked many different ways, but there is no butter, cream cheese, or any of the other things that we often like on our potatoes. The Dietitians weighed in on this topic and these are some of the major comments they made.

Is a potato-only diet a good thing to do

  • The potato is actually a good source of many vitamins but not all that the body needs.
  • It does have a small source of vitamin C which will help humans avoid getting scurvy.
  • Eating the potato skin gives added fiber which we all need
  • Anyone on this diet should take a multivitamin


  • The body needs 40 different vitamins and nutrients to remain healthy
  • When it comes time to go off this diet, he should do it gradually
  • He may experience some discomfort since the stomach etc is not used to the other foods.
  • This is not a diet that should be considered for a long time due to health concerns
  • Sugar levels, cholesterol levels, and weight should be monitored closely

The potato is a good source of carbs, vitamins, and fiber. Like most foods, it cannot provide a complete source of all of the vitamins that we all need.

For more general information about food issues, click here.


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Lose Weight – Avoiding Addictive Foods

May 21st, 2015 ernie Posted in Food No Comments »

Avoiding Addictive FoodsLosing weight when food tastes so great is hard enough. But when these same foods are addictive as well, it makes it even harder to lose weight. Avoiding Addictive Foods is difficult. A survey has shown that there are many foods that are addictive. These include chocolate, ice cream as well as pizza, cake, cereals as well as many processed foods are actually addictive. They taste great, they make you feel good and your body and mind crave more even after you are full. Processed foods are high in fat as well as salt which is not good for us, especially people with high blood pressure. If you really want to lose weight, you have to eat less and exercise at the same time. We will focus more on eating less in this post. But don’t forget to also exercise to burn calories, improve your cardiovascular systems and muscle tone.

Avoiding Addictive Foods – Keep them out of the House

We have found from personal experience that the best way to lose weight just does not have these foods in the house. If you have then your fridge or cupboard, of course, you are going to eat them. That’s just human nature and most of us do not have the will power to resist consuming these types of foods especially if we have become addicted to them.

Instead keep nonaddictive foods in the house. Anything that is not processed. Anything that is fresh and lots of vegetables and fruit. Eating these kinds of foods is less in calories, better for you, and the most important part nonaddictive. Once you have removed all of these foods from your home, the next steps are to resist these same foods at the restaurant or the fast food places. All of these foods are processed, for the most part, contain lots of salt and preservatives as well as fat which we all crave. Select salads and low-calorie salad dressing instead.

The process of decreasing your addiction may take some time, but it does work and you will lose weight if you avoid these highly addictive food groups! For more help about losing weight and avoiding addictive foods, click here.




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Avoid Addictive Food to Lose Weight

May 7th, 2015 ernie Posted in Food No Comments »

Avoid Addictive Food to Lose WeightIt is so difficult to lose weight as we struggle to exercise. We try to limit the amount of food we eat at meals and snacks we love while watching TV. We do not need to find out that some foods are in fact addictive. This is another area that consumers need to focus on if they are to lose weight or at least keep from gaining more weight. Now we need to avoid addictive food to lose weight. Some foods produce the same kind of addictive response in your brain as addicts get when they have alcohol or drug addiction. Have you ever wondered why you crave chocolate, ice cream, pizza, cake breakfast cereals,  and especially fried foods and chicken? They all produce the necessary response in the brain that makes you crave for more. My personal craving is for potato chips, the saltier, and crunchier the better!

Avoid Addictive Food to Lose Weight – Purchases

One way to avoid these addictive foods is to not have them in the house in the first place. Once in your home, most people feel that they should consume these foods rather than waste them and they also have this craving in the first place. Leave these addictive foods in the store to lose weight.

It is also really difficult to avoid addictive foods to lose weight when you are eating out, whether it is at a restaurant or at a friend’s place. They all provide the kind of foods that we crave and that we consume too much off. This is where your maximum will power is needed and a supreme effort is required to either limit the amount of food you eat or avoid it altogether. Some restaurants will have calorie reduce menu items but most don’t and beside the other items are much more attractive.

If you want to avoid these addictive foods, avoid highly processed foods, avoid foods that contain high levels of fat. Also, avoid those that contain high levels of refined carbohydrates. If you avoid these foods, you will also be able to reduce your salt intake and reduce your blood pressure at the same time.

Avoid addictive foods, for more information and ways to do this, click here.




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Fast food health directions

April 21st, 2015 ernie Posted in Food No Comments »

Fast food health directionsFast food health directions are changing. Many restaurants are beginning to figure out that they need to get on this trend or risk losing business. While not everyone wants to give up their favorite fast food in favor of fruit and vegetables. More and more fast food locations are adding menu items that are considered healthy or at least  have reduced amounts of salt and fat in their menu items. But there are steps that consumers can take to reduce their intake of the high calorie, the high salt and the high fat items. The trick is to eat less and there is one great way to do that with the benefits we just mentioned and also reduce your overall cost of eating out.

Fast food health directions – Split Meals

Whether it is Panda, McDonalds or Chipotle, they all have meals that are high in salt and fat. They add many more calories than most people can imagine. Even Chipotle, with its reputation for healthy food has a high calorie content and salt content. It depends on the foods you chose. Sour cream, the tacos, the sauces all have lots of salt and fat content. If you can control the amounts of these sauces etc, you can control the total caloric intake and salt intake.

The meals are also very large and can easily be split or can be taken home to eat the other half for a snack or another meal later in the day or the next day. My wife and I actually split a bowl when we go to Chipotle to limit the total caloric intake. In addition we find that we are actually full even after eating only half of a bowl. Wait for 20 minutes after eating and we guarantee that you will feel full.  Eat slowly as well and before you know it you will feel full and find it more easy to leave the other half for later or share it with someone.

For more ideas about how to reduce the amount of food and calories, click here.



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How to Control Eating at Buffets

July 7th, 2013 ernie Posted in Food No Comments »

Control Eating at BuffetsWe go to a lot of buffets at casinos and are trying to control our weight. In fact we want to lose a little bit of weight. Is it a good idea to even go to a buffet.  The price is right, usually comp’d by the casino. Everyone gets to pick what they want to eat. It is so difficult not to over eat when you go to a buffet.

We really are thinking about just not going to one at all.  We needed to think about how much we eat. How to Control Eating at Buffets is a question many people worry about. We have come up with these rules for ourselves when we go to buffets or family get to gethers.

How to Control Eating at Buffets

You know when everyone brings something and wanted to pass them along to our readers in case you are going through the same issues:

  • Scout your food and only pick foods you really want.
  • Ask yourself which dishes you most want out of all the choices offered.
  • Pick smaller plates if they were available than those who are larger.
  • Make fewer trips to the buffet. Just go up once if you can so make it count on your small plate
  • Sit farther away from the buffet to reduce the temptation
  • Chew your food a little longer — about 15 chews per mouthful for those who were normal weight compared with 12 chews for those who were overweight.
  • You will get that full feeling when you eat slowly and drink lots of fluids
  • Order a glass of water instead of a soda drink
  • Drink lot’s of water with your meal to fill your stomach to avoid eating more than you can deal with
  • Make these rules become essentially habits over time.
  • Avoid a buffet’s temptations in the first place.
  • Eat fruit instead of other deserts

Use Small Plates

One of our favorite strategies is to use small plates. You can only get so much on a plate and by the time it comes to go for a second plate, you are feeling full and will not be able to eat as much as you might have other wise. We have found that for us this is one of the best strategies for controlling how much you eat at a buffet while still enjoying the food that is offered at a buffet. Often we will have soup first which is very filling and if you have soup based on a vegetable broth and not creamy soups you can further limit the calories that you intake as well. Our favorite is chicken or turkey noodle soup. There is a lot of salt in these soups, but at least they are filling and the calories are reduced for these types of soup.

Another approach that we have not mentioned is to drink a large glass of water to fill up your stomach before you are eating. Chances are you will eat less as a result which is the best strategy in the long run.

Some people may feel that since you paid for a meal one way or the other. Even if you are being provided the meal free, you should eat your money’s worth. They tend to eat as much as they can until they feel uncomfortable and cannot even eat another mouthful. Not only are they consuming thousands of calories which they will have to work off at some point, they will feel uncomfortable for many hours after the meal.

We happened to feel that it is better to enjoy your meal, not overeat and feel comfortable at the end of the meal. This is one of the best ways to control how much you eat and control your weight loss as well. for more information on how to control eating at buffets, click here.

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