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People in Power Take Advantage

December 21st, 2011 ernie Posted in Penn State 1 Comment »

People in Power Take AdvantageOur last post discussed Penn State and Jerry Sandusky. This one is about a broader subject.  We wanted to discuss why there are so many people in power take advantage compared to other people who take advantage of the situation in a disgusting manner. Competition is one thing and that is just the way humans are. In fact probably all animals. However why do we as humans descend to the lowest kinds of treatment as we have seen in the past few months?

People in Power Take Advantage

To name just a few, there is :

  • Penn State and Jerry Sandusky
  • The Syracuse university basketball coach and his wife
  • The Catholic priests
  • Boy scout leaders
  • and many, many more.

Many of these people are smart people, they often are well educated and many are well off. Many even have families with a wife and children and they appear to lead this double life that they must know will eventually catch up to them.
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Penn State University & Jerry Sandusky

December 7th, 2011 ernie Posted in Penn State No Comments »

Penn State UniversityThe folks at Penn State University probably wish they never had anything to do with Jerry Sandusky and that the management team they had running the sports side of the business had better judgement. There has been thousands of words written on this subject and there will be thousands more.This will go on for many years between the legal case against Sandusky and also the civil suits against him. There will be a lot of pain for everyone for some time.

His Own Worst Enemy

Sandusky himself adds fuel to the fire every time he does an interview.  He has to be a lawyers worst nightmare as a client. He continues to speak to the media and get himself into more trouble. But that is not really the point of this post.

Instead, the subject is about the poor state of the moral ethics of this university. Possibly others although we will focus on Penn State for this post. What is really happening here is that the university puts sports and football in particular ahead of the personal rights of individuals. Apparently they thought that if they could hide this thing long enough it would just go away.

Unfortunately for them, in today’s media and the age of the internet and instant communications, these things rarely stay submerged for  very long. It is literally a firestorm of emails, posts, and tweets about the Penn State cover up.
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