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Alfred Snack Bar- Hot Dogs, Poutine and more

Alfred Snack BarWe have been stopping at this land mark snack bar, the Alfred Snack Bar – Hot Dogs, Poutine and more, for the past 15 years. Any time we travel through Alfred, Ontario, we tend to stop there and have a meal. We happen to like the hot dog platter which includes two hot dogs, french fries and a soft drink for approximately $9.00 including tax. The hot dog buns can be either steamed or toasted. We always order the hot dogs all dressed. Which includes coleslaw in addition to relish and mustard. The french fries are excellent especially with lots of vinegar and salt. We know this is bad for us, but it tastes so good. We only have this meal every couple of months.

Alfred Snack Bar – Hot Dogs, Poutine and more

The fries can be either plain or you can have them with gravy or the french standard of poutine, which is gravy and cheese curds. They have a full menu of hot dogs, hamburgs and a few other things on the menu. They also serve breakfast as well with the standard eggs, bacon and hash browns.

We have been going there for years, as we mentioned and have noticed a few changes over the last couple of years. The place looks the same, but the staff has changed and the menu is slightly different. We cannot quite put our finger on what has changed but something has.

A year or two ago the restaurants was taken over by new management and although the menu has not changed the service has dropped a bit. For example today, we ordered and our food was brought to us without a drink which we had ordered. A small thing, but then you would think that a restaurant like this one, a fast food restaurant would get this simple thing right.

The server was abrupt and direct, rather than friendly, which unfortunately is becoming typically Canadian. We routinely get better service and friendlier service in the US. It might just be him, but it sure is not the way to treat a customer especially if you want them to come back.

We will likely go back and give it one more try before moving to another place in Alfred, Ontario. For more information about Ottawa, Ontario, the Nations Capital, click here.


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  1. we also stop at this restaurant for a break in driving and to have one of their great hotdogs with lots of fries and gravy. great food

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