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Aquarius Casino Hotel in Laughlin Nevada

January 31st, 2014 ernie Posted in Laughlin Nevada No Comments »

Aquarius Casino Hotel in Laughlin NevadaThe above picture was taken from the Aquarius Casino Hotel coffee shop, called the Duet. This casino is located along the Colorado River in Laughlin Nevada.

There are approximately 10 casinos in the area, all of them except one is on the Colorado River. The other one is located across the
street on Casino Boulevard. Laughlin Nevada is a really great place to come visit and to play the slot and table games at the casinos.

It is not as crowded as Vegas, the prices for rooms are less expensive as well as the restaurants. These are older hotels, a little more tired than going to Vegas is of course, but you get
good value for your money.

Aquarius Casino Hotel in Laughlin Nevada

There is a boardwalk on the Colorado river that runs past on the casinos. You can usually walk the half-mile between the casinos and visit each one. Harrahs Casino is a bit further and you have to go to the street to get to that particular casino.

Make sure you get a slot card. Use it in the slot machine to make sure you get whatever comps are available to you. This is the primary way that the casinos reward their best customers.

If you’re driving to get to Laughlin Nevada from Vegas, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, Kingman and any other location make sure you fill up with gas on the Arizona side of the Colorado River. The prices are quite a bit cheaper for gas and you get the deals in terms of car washes and oil changes.

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Laughlin Nevada

March 8th, 2013 ernie Posted in Laughlin Nevada No Comments »

Pioneer Casino Laughlin NevadaA friend of mine recently came to Laughlin Nevada and stayed at the Pioneer casino hotel. He did not like it at all and referred to the Pioneer as a dump. I have to agree with him and told him it is at the bottom of the list as far as hotels go in Laughlin Nevada. He should have asked us for a recommendation on where to stay before going. One of the reasons they stayed at this hotel is that they allow pets in the rooms. They have a large dog that goes everywhere with them and most of the other hotels do not allow pets.

Laughlin Nevada – Stay at the Aquarius

It is just down the road from the Pioneer Hotel within easy walking distance and also facing the Colorado River.

Aquarius Casino laughlin Nevada 2We always stay at the Aquarius Hotel and casino hotel. It is by far the best hotel in Laughlin Nevada although not up to Vegas standards. They do not allow pets in the rooms so this would not have worked for my friend. Nice rooms with a view of the Colorado River and the mountains and now some areas in the casino are nonsmoking. You can have rooms that are nonsmoking as well on floors that are entirely nonsmoking. For more information about the Aquarius Casino in Laughlin, Nevada, click here.

Laughlin is not Las Vegas, but they do have nice hotels in a nice environment with the Colorado River flowing by their back door. It is scenic and a nice place to visit once in a while. It also does not have the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas. If you are looking for a relatively quiet place to spend a few days gambling, having a nice meal, and getting away from everything, this is a great place to go.

There are about 10 hotels and casinos in the area to choose from. Some are better than others and we happen to think that the Aquarius is the best of the bunch. We enjoy Laughlin and will likely keep coming back for two-day visits.

For more details about Laughlin hotels, click here.


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Laughlin, Nevada

December 7th, 2012 ernie Posted in Laughlin Nevada No Comments »

Laughlin, Nevada Night time view of the Colorado River looking at the Casinos from the Bullhead City sideThese pictures included with this post of Laughlin, Nevada were actually taken from across the Colorado River in Bullhead Arizona.  We were staying in a condominium and took the pictures from our balcony overlooking the river and the casinos on the Nevada side. There is also a one hour time difference between the two states with Pacific time on the Laughlin , Nevada side and Mountain Time on the Arizona side of the river.

We also like to visit the Aquarius casino in Laughlin, Nevada to play the slots and stay there as well.  This is one of the better casinos and hotel in the area with a non smoking section and also a large casino floor with a very good buffet overlooking the Colorado River.  If you would like more information about the Aquarius Hotel, click here.

We love playing the slots at any of the hotels and if you would like more information about slot cards, click here. We have also taken advantage of a free rooms offer from the hotel while we stay in Laughlin, Nevada. Their slot card is quite good with free rooms, free slot play and many comp’s towards meals as well. We have had breakfast as well on the comps which was also actually a brunch. We had one of the best omelets we have had on our trip. For more information about slot cards and why you should always carry and use them when you are.

Again the picture on the left is of the Laughlin , Nevada side at night and it does present quite a site with all of the lights.

Laughlin, Nevada

Laughlin is really set up in two sections. There is the area along the river were all of the casinos are along Casino Drive. There are no residential homes in this area, with everything geared to the casino business. Residential areas are at a slightly higher elevation to the west. There are shopping centers, schools etc for local residents to live in and also rent out to snow birds.

We have talked to many of the people working in the casinos and many of them seem to prefer living on the Arizona side of the Colorado River. Not sure exactly why, other than we think that taxes are lower in Arizona.

Gasoline prices are definitely lower on the Arizona side of the state line. In some cases the price per gallon can be as much as twenty or thirty cents cheaper per gallon than they are in Nevada. We have not check prices on housing or rent, but it is something you should look at if you are planning to spend any time in the Laughlin area.

We always go over to Bullhead to fill up on gas, get oil changes for the car, do laundry or to purchase groceries.  There are also more restaurants on the Bullhead side as well. There are many very good restaurants in the various casinos, however sometimes you just want a break from all of the casino noise and the glitz.

Close to Vegas

Laughlin Nevada is only 90 miles from Las Vegas and approximately 50 miles from Searchlight, Nevada. Searchlight is a small village with two small casinos and a couple of gas stations. Nothing much more than that. Vegas on the other hand is a great place to visit with many hotels and casinos that are literally over the top. Check out our web site on Vegas with reviews of many of the casinos and the hotels in the area. they are based on personal visits to many of these places.

If you are looking for a relative inexpensive vacation for a few days or longer, Laughlin, Nevada is a great place to visit in the winter or also in the summer when many people spend their time on the river boating, fishing, and roaring up and down on Seadoo’s.

For more posts about Laughlin Nevada, click here.


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Aquarius Hotel Casino – Laughlin Nevada

August 21st, 2012 ernie Posted in Laughlin Nevada No Comments »

We stayed at the Aquarius Casino in Laughlin, Nevada again this spring for four days. The picture on the left shows the Aquarius in the far distance. There is another hotel shown here on the right, both are on the Colorado River. This particular picture was taken along Casino Drive. We really enjoy staying in Laughlin for a couple of days every year.

We always stay here for free, the meals are very good at the buffet and we enjoy the free drinks as well. There is a Starbucks in the casino, however, you do not get to enjoy the benefits of having a Starbucks membership at this location i.e free refills. Instead, you need to pay 50 cents for a refill which is not too bad, but still, this is one of the few areas the casino does not offer a good deal.

Aquarius Hotel Casino

We enjoy getting a coffee in the morning and then heading out to the river. There is a nice area to sit, watch the boats on the river, enjoy the sun, and just relax. There is also a sidewalk that runs along all of the casinos except for Harrahs at the far south end. It is a nice walk any time of the day with lots to look at.

We particularly like the contrast of the mountains in the distance, the desert, and the rolling Colorado River. The river in this area is fast and cold and swimming anywhere along this stretch is definitely not recommended. We have seen some people swimming on the Arizona side along a shallow stretch, however, the current is very strong and you need to be very careful.

Location of Laughlin, Nevada

Laughlin is in Nevada and on the border with Arizona, Cross the river and you are in Arizona and also in a different time zone as well.  Laughlin is 90 miles from Las Vegas and roughly 60 miles from Searchlight, Nevada. We headed on to Las Vegas for two nights at the Wynn hotel and then on to Palm Springs after that. We spent 2 months in Palm Springs this spring which was delightful and we will write more posts about our time there as well. For more posts about Laughlin Nevada, click here.

The picture on the right is also of the Aquarius showing one of the towers. There are two towers and they often place families with children or large groups in the north tower, leaving the other tower for couples without kids. This is a great way to make sure that one group does not bother the other since they are there in Laughlin Nevada for different reasons altogether. Some are there for gambling, others for the pool and boating and many just to get a weekend away.

Restaurants at the Aquarius

There are a number of restaurants that you can enjoy while at the Aquarius. We have already mentioned Starbucks. Besides, it is a Subway which is really great for an inexpensive nutritious meal. We often buy a sub and eat in Starbucks. There is also a Panda, which is another fast food location with seating where you can look over the casino.

There is a full restaurant run by the casino and then of course there is the buffet with huge floor-to-ceiling windows looking out onto the Colorado river. This is a good deal, yu receive discounts with your slot card and it includes unlimited beer and wine. Finally, there is the Outback Restaurant. We have yet to eat there, but it seems to be very popular.

RV Parking

There is a large parking lot just north of the north tower that is usually full of RVs. There are no services and we are not sure if it is owned by the Aquarius or owned by the casino next door.  These folks pull in and set up, using their generators for power and their satellite dishes to pull in TV signals. We have actually spoken to a number of people in Starbucks who stay in RVs. They love the lifestyle and they use the hotel washroom as needed and eat at the restaurants.

Parking at the Aquarius

There is ample parking in front of the casino which you can also see in this picture. There is also a parking garage with at least 6 floors for parking. It is patrolled on a regular basis as well. We have always found everything to be very safe at the Aquarius hotel.

For more information about the Aquarius Casino and Laughlin in general, click here.



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