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Lieutenants Pump Restaurant – Ottawa

We visited the Lieutenants Pump Restaurant in Ottawa this past summer for breakfast one beautiful summer morning. The temperature was perfect for sitting outside to have your breakfast. We sat on the patio shown in the picture. This is a great place under the trees just off the sidewalk. It really a pleasant place to have your breakfast.

The food was well served, the waitress did a great job of taking our order and bringing us our food. It was still hot and really everything was done properly and correctly. We have nothing to complain about in this area what so ever. We would suggest to anyone wanting to go out for breakfast, that this would be a great place to spend an hour having breakfast on a beautiful summer morning.  There was just one problem which we will talk about and invite others to comment on.

Don’t Order the Coffee at Lieutenants Pump Restaurant – Ottawa

We ordered coffee with our meal which was not included in the meal price. Lots of places include coffee in the meal price for breakfast and lot’s do not. This is pretty typical and we were not surprised by this nor were we annoyed by this. We were annoyed to find out that a cup of coffee was going to cost us $3 per cup, which is very high to begin with even if they refill it multiple times.

The issue that one has to take into account is that in Ontario Canada, they charge 13% HST tax and then you have a 15% tip to add on as well to this cup of coffee. The final cost is going to be almost $4 for a cup of coffee in addition to whatever meal that you have.

We found this to be ridiculous. Even Starbucks, who has much better coffee, does not charge anywhere close to this price for a cup of coffee. With a registered Starbucks card, you can have as many refills as you want.

While we thoroughly enjoyed the meal and the service was great, we will not be going back to this location for breakfast anytime. And since we are turned off this place, we will not be going back for lunch or supper as well. We would rather go to the competition down the street than ever pay $4 for a coffee at an outside café.

Your comments and thoughts are welcome. Is this too much for a cup of coffee? We think so, but then our readers might disagree, so let us know. For more information about what to do in Ottawa, click here.


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