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Rideau River Falls

Rideau River Falls on the Ottawa RiverThis picture was taken on the Ottawa River during a boat cruise in June of 2013. The picture shows the Rideau River Falls were it enters into the Ottawa River were the two major rivers congregate. There are two actual falls at this point in the river and there’s an island in the middle of the Rideau river that separates the two falls. This cruise can be taken any time in the summer from the Quebec side of the river. Large groups can also book the cruise and patrons can enjoy food on beverages while they view the river, the parliament buildings and both the city of Ottawa and Gatineau.

Rideau River Falls

We enjoyed the boat cruise and spent two hours on the boat with drinks and a buffet meal. There were about 45 to 60 people on the boat and it departed from St. Jacques Park on the Hull side of the Ottawa River. This cruise lasts about two hours, traveling up the river to see the falls and the parliament buildings. It then turns around and heads down river for several kilometers. Finally it returns back to the dock just as the sun is setting.

If it cools off and you do not want to be on the open deck on top, patrons can always  go below the main deck to one of the lower decks, still above water, and get away from the cooler weather.  Sometimes in June the nights can still be quite cool and if there is a bit of wind, you may need to get a bit of shelter. Many people brought jackets for that purpose.


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