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Ottawa – Canada’s Most Liked City

OttawaNow this is really not hot news or any kind of news, however since I live in Ottawa, I thought I would share this with readers. A recent survey was just completed which showed a very positive report about the city of Ottawa.  I am providing a snap shot of some of the stats that are being reported. Here they are:

  • 82 per cent of respondents have a “positive image” of Ottawa. Followed by 81 per cent for Victoria and 80 per cent for Vancouver.
  • Toronto was Canada’s least liked city, with 73 per cent giving it a positive rating.
  • Canadians also rated Ottawa more positively than other international leading capitals, including Washington, DC, Paris and London, England.
  • 56 per cent of Canadians want to see more national celebrations and festivals in Ottawa. While 50 per cent want more museums/art galleries and heritage buildings.

Ottawa – Lot’s to do – Well Sort of

Ottawa is a nice city and I have always said that it is the only city in Canada, were you can see your tax dollars at work. You can maximize the use of your tax dollars. We have hundreds of miles of bike paths. Miles of parkway along the Ottawa River and we have several nice museums. Skiing in the winter is close by and there is lots of fishing and boating in the summer time. You can also skate on one of the world’s longest outdoor skating rinks, in the winter time.

The Rideau canal is converted to ice skating in the winter time and boating in the summer. And don’t forget the tulips in the spring that dominate the cities many gardens. These were sent to us from the Queen of the Netherlands after the 2nd world war in recognition of our help during the war.We are close to Montreal were we can get a little culture and visit better restaurants and stores.

Not Friendly to Tourists

For all of that Ottawa is a relatively cold city when it comes to people being friendly. We have been to other cities were the people are much nicer and recognize that tourism brings a lot of money to their city and treat you in a friendly manner. In fact I would say that Ottawa is the most unfriendly city we know.

From the surly waiters and waitresses to the parking meter maids, we really do not welcome tourists to the city very well. It is as if we have a chip on our shoulder for some reason which means we cannot be nice to people who are visiting the city. Even when you go for a walk, people you meet are not likely to say hello, good morning, etc. It is not a friendly place.

Great Place to Raise a Family

It is a great city to raise a family with relatively little crime compared to other cities as well. They need to fix the transportation issues which they are trying to do, however as a capital city with four levels of bureaucratic government , it can be a challenge to get anything done. Living in Ottawa, this is just accepted and you deal with it, however it is a shame since it does hold the city back.

Well that is our take on the city of Ottawa. Not a place I would visit and spend my money if I had a choice. But of course I don’t since I already live here in Ottawa.

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  1. we should be proud of our canadian capital, but it is just not possible with all that goes on here. the people are unfriendly and not helpful. waitresses and waiters are not helpful and sometimes rude. I cannot believe ottawa got this rating.

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