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St Louis Bar and Grill

We recently visited St Louis Bar and Grill for a beer and something to eat on a beautiful sunny afternoon in the summer. This restaurant is located in Ottawa on Elgin st. The address is 399 Elgin st just north of Gladstone, beside the Second Cup coffee shop. They have a really nice patio, with umbrellas and even small shade trees. You can sit close to the sidewalk or back a little way for a little privacy from the traffic on the street.  This is a really great place to hang out on a beautiful day!

St Louis Bar and Grill – Our Meal

We had a beer each. It was really cold and served just the way we like it in a nice cold glass. We had wanted to share a pitcher. However that particular special ended at the end of June.

We also ordered a plate of ribs, which is apparently their specialty. We were really disappointed in the order and mentioned this to the waitress. The ribs were tough. You really had to fight to remove the meat from the bones. It was almost as if the ribs had been over cooked or warmed up from the day before. Either way the ribs at St Louis Bar and Grill were not good.

To her credit, the waitress mentioned our concern to the restaurant manager who came out to talk with us. She expressed a lot of surprise at our concern and even wanted to test cutting the ribs herself, rather than take our word for it.

As soon as she tried cutting the meat herself she saw exactly what we were talking about and immediately offered to get us a new rack of ribs. She asked us if we wanted to keep the sides, which we declined since they were not going cold. No problem, we received a whole new plate with ribs and sides as well.

Service Level

We were pleasantly surprised with the service and although initially disappointed with the ribs were quite pleased with the quality once our original place was replaced. In addition, the manager offered us another round of drinks on the house or desert. We chose the desert which was a caramel ice cream brownie combination. Excellent!

Although we were not totally happy with the meal, the restaurant recovered very nicely and we were very pleased with the ribs on the second plate. This is a great place to try out and don’t hesitate to let the manager know if your meal is not up to standard.

Comments on this post and restaurant are welcome. for more posts about Ottawa and things to do here, click here.

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