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En Language Rafting whitewater

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Language Rafting whitewaterThere are whitewater rafting trips offered all over the world. Trips are available in the United States,, Africa, Canada, Central America, South America, Europe, and Australia and New Zealand. Whitewater rafting is an adventure sport and thankfully there is a system to classify all rapids. En Language Rafting whitewater. Everyone who is considering taking a whitewater rafting trip can select the best trip for them based on their abilities as well as personal desires. It is important from a safety perspective that you not overstep  your capabilities in dealing with whitewater rapids. Your rafting company should verify and allocate your trip based on the rating as well as your capabilities.

Whitewater rafting river rapids are classed from 1 to 5, with 5 being the most dangerous and requiring excellent swimming skills as well as training in swimming in whitewater and self recovery approaches. Class 1 is suitable for groups, for children, for seniors and of course beginners who want to experience whitewater rafting for the first time….

En Language Rafting whitewater

Most whitewater rafting companies will provide all of the equipment you will need. Including wet suits for the more adventuresome of the whitewater rapids. Always pay careful attention to all instructions. Be ready to do what ever is required by your guide. They are experts and depend on you to follow instructions while participating in any whitewater rafting trip.

Most enthusiasts feel that the best whitewater rafting trips are in the spring. This is when the ice and snow are melting off of the mountains. The water is raging down the rivers providing some of the best rafting experiences. Later in the year, many rapids are calmer and more suitable for beginners, seniors and children. If this is your first whitewater rafting trip, select a class 1 or 2 rapids to have your first experience with whitewater rafting.

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Rafting Vacation Whitewater

November 7th, 2016 ernie Posted in Raft Trips No Comments »

New Rafting River whitewaterA rafting vacation along a whitewater river can be one of the best vacations. For you and your family or just for those people who are looking for extreme adventure. There are whitewater rivers in almost all of the US states and Canadian provinces. Many are within a short drive of many large cities in North America. There are all types of whitewater rapids from extremely dangerous to those that are sublime relaxation. You and your children or even grandma and grandpa will enjoy rafting vacation whitewater.

If you are planning a rafting vacation on whitewater, the first thing to do is to match up the people coming with you with the skill level requirements of the trip. Whitewater rafting trips are in classes from one to five. Class one whitewater rapids are fine for children, beginners and seniors. While  class five have an expert requirement and you must be able to swim out of whitewater rapids. Many rafts are tipped over or participants end up in the water after a particularly bad set of rapids.

Rafting Vacation Whitewater

If you are bringing along the grandparents and the children, you probably want a class one set of rapids. You will be able to leisurely drift down the river going over a few small whitewater waves. On the other hand if you have participated many times on whitewater adventure tours and are a strong swimmer you have more options. You may want to take on the class four or class five whitewater rapids trips on your vacation.

Once you have settled on the vacation plan and which whitewater rapids you are going to go down, it is time to prepare. Set up everyone with the right clothing, a change of clothes, suntan lotion and hats. Depending on the time of year you may also want to dress in layers. It may be colder in the mornings and evenings, especially on the river. Most whitewater sites can provide you with a checklist of what to bring on your whitewater rafting vacation.

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Rafting Tours

April 7th, 2013 ernie Posted in Raft Trips No Comments »

Rafting ToursRafting tours are starting up in the spring. With the snow melt in the mountains there will be some really wild white water rafting tours available. For those people who love the thrill of the white water trips down the rivers there is lots to choose from. There are basically two types of trips that many people will go on to satisfy their thirst for thrills and fun. Before you decide, check for safety concerns and match your experience and physical capabilities to the type of tour you are planning to take.

High Intensity Rafting Tours

The first is the high intensity white water rafting tours that provide thrilling rides down fast flowing rivers . There are lots of rapids that twist and turn around embedded rocks in the river. These types of tours are usually in the spring. Especially when the river flows are at their maximum and rafting guides are geared up for these thrilling and challenging rides.

Mild Rafting Tours

The second type of rafting tour is when the water flows have calmed down, the weather is mild or even hot in the summer time and river tours can take the time to enjoy the scenery and maybe even go swimming in warmer waters between the rapids. There still are rapids to go through, but these are much more calm compared to the spring run off or even the fall tours which have more water due to the additional rain we receive in the fall. You can actually enjoy the scenery while you are floating down the river in these calm stretches.

Beware of Unusual Flows

Occasionally there are large storms in the area that feed these rivers were rafting tours take place. This extra run off may only last for a day or so. However if you are fortunate enough to time your trip with one of these summer storms, operators can provide a truly thrilling ride. Always go with an expert guide. One who is familiar with the river to ensure a safe and fun ride when white water rafting.

At times water management control groups will release water from behind dams to lower the water level. This can be spontaneous and provide for really great white water. If you are not prepared for this situation, it can also be quite dangerous. If there is a warning about water lowering at the dam, take them seriously and avoid the area. It could mean the difference between your life and not living.

Match Your Rafting Tour to Your Family

Select the best time to go on your rafting tour based on your experience level. Also swimming abilities and comfort level with the challenges of the various classes of river rapids. Talk to your tour guide to find out what the best fit would be for you own experience and skill level. If you are looking for thrills then you may want a high intensity rafting tour. While on the other hand if the whole family is coming along, you may want something that is would be more enjoyable for those not looking for a thrill.

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River Water Rafting

January 21st, 2013 ernie Posted in Raft Trips 1 Comment »

River Water RaftingGoing river water rafting can be one of the most exciting things that you do. Whether it is part of a guided tour, or out there on your own with a group of friends the thrill of white water, the scenery and the sheer experience will be something you remember for the rest of your life. Go with some friends. It is just as much fun to share the experience as it is to go on the trip it self. You will be talking about your raft trip for many years ! The adrenaline rush from your trip will be appreciated too and remembered for many years. Many people will update their social media with videos of these trips.

River Water Rafting – Safety

One side point that we want to make for safety reasons is that consumers who do go river water rafting should always go with a group or at least one other person and that they should always tell someone who will not be with them were they are going and when they are expected to return. they should also be experienced or have an experienced guide who is familiar with the river to go along with them. Pay attention to your guide and when they tell you to do something follow through with what they are saying. It could be your life or that of your friends if you do not follow the instructions.

If an accident occurs, at least your friends and family will know when and where to begin looking for you. Many people have lost their lives, simply because they did not tell anyone where they were going. Search parties eventually find them, but by then it is too late. If only they had told someone where they were going. They can also lose their lives if they are drinking and cannot respond quickly to dangerous situations.  Avoid drinking alcohol while on a river water rafting trip.

River Water Rafting – Water Levels

There are various levels of river water rafting and most companies providing guided tours will rate their rivers to indicate the skill level needed for their guests. These rivers can change daily due to run off from snow melt, due to storms in the area increasing the runoff and even release of water through dams to lower the level of water above the dam.

Check often with your guides to make sure that your skill level will match the rivers white water on the day you plan to go. The flow on the river can change on a daily basis based on water releases from dams, storms well up river and even temperature changes that can influence snow melt.

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Raft Trips

January 7th, 2013 ernie Posted in Raft Trips 1 Comment »

Rafting the ShenandoahMost white water rafting companies provide everything you are going to need for their raft trips, however there are a number of items that travelers should bring with them to make their trip truly enjoyable. The raft trip organizer or white water rafting company can provide you with a complete list of things to bring with you. This is in addition to whatever they are providing. These will be suggested items and most people will heed their advice.

What to Bring on Raft Trips

Probably the most important things are your bathing suit and a change of clothes. Let’s face it you are going to get wet and sometimes the weather is cool to cold in the mountains. The water is also usually quite cold. Many of these rivers are fed by melting snow and the water can be ice cold. A warm change of clothes in a water proof bag is very important for most people. You may not want to wear a bathing suit. But you will want to wear warm clothes which will go under a rain suit or even a wet suit. Even with these precautions a warm set of clothes that you can put on when you are finished is almost mandatory for any raft trip.

The rafting company will usually provide either snacks or a meal depending on the length of the trip. You can esquire before you book to find out exactly what they provide. A snack usually means a very limited snack. So if you feel that you need something more than that, we suggest you bring it along with you as well in a water proof bag. If you are the type that sometimes finds that their blood sugar drops during the day, a snack will be just what you need. bring whatever is appropriate for your condition and make sure that it is kept dry in a water proof drag.

Overnight Raft Trips

Overnight trips require changes of clothes, sleeping bags etc which the trip organizer will tell you. They should provide you with a complete itemized list of things to bring with you. While the days may be warm, the nights can be very cool in the mountains or in the desert wherever you are rafting. Raft trips can be a lot of fun and exhilarating. Keep them fun and safe, follow the instructions and bring those extra clothes to make sure that you are comfortable throughout the day and the evening.

Talk to the experts, talk to people who have been on raft trips before. These people can give you lots of advice that can make the difference in enjoying a trip vs. not enjoying a raft trip. Follow their advice.

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Raft Trip

December 21st, 2012 ernie Posted in Raft Trips 2 Comments »

Raft TripPlanning a white water raft trip next year? We suggest that you book early to get the date and the location you are looking for. Raft trips fill up early due to demand and based on conditions. Spring raft trips  usually provide much more challenging and better white water due to the winter run off. The water is melting off the mountains and feeding the rivers causing them to be fast flowing and turbulent. You can find some really great white water rapids in the spring time at the regular locations were white water rafting companies operate.

As the year moves into late spring and summer, flows will decrease. Some rivers are not even navigable if it is a dry year or the spring runoff finishes early. Talk with your river raft trip organizers if you are looking for a specific experience for your raft trip. They can advise what the best time of year is to try out a raft trip based on your skill level and the thrills you are looking for.

Raft Trip – Experience

If a group is planning to go on a raft trip, the recommendation is that the least experienced person should determine if the trip is suitable and safe enough for that person. never force someone to go on a raft trip if they are uncomfortable or the skill level required is beyond them. There are just too many opportunities for something bad to happen and no one wants that. If in doubt speak to your raft guide to determine what the appropriate skill level requirement is for the raft trip you are planning.

Extreme rafting on the right rivers can be found almost anytime of the year. But you have to search for these raft trips and you may have to travel some distance to find the best raft trips to meet your needs. In some cases such as Grand Canyon raft trips, participants must book at least a year in advance to obtain the dates and times they prefer. There is that much demand for these spectacular trips.

Rafting guides have been known to even travel to other continents during slow periods at their home location. The seasons are reversed for example in South American vs. North America. There are summer rain seasons in other locations which can provide great rafting trips as well. There are many opportunities for raft trips. we are adding more and more to our site every month.

Pay attention to your guide on your raft trip. They are experienced, know the river and understand where the danger spots are. If you are on an overnight trip pay particular attention to everything they tell you. Follow their guidelines with respect to staying out of the water. People have drown quickly due to hypothermia in a matter of minutes in the cold spring run off.

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Raft Water

December 7th, 2012 ernie Posted in Raft Trips 1 Comment »

Raft WaterConsumers planning on going white water rafting should always check with the company they will be rafting with to book trips and to confirm that there is actually sufficient raft water available to raft on. The flows in the spring are usually pretty high and can be counted on to provide exhilarating trips. Winter snows are melting and causing streams and rivers to run high and fast providing excellent white water rafting. The water will be cold. Participants will need to wear wet suits to insulate them should they fall into the river during  the traverse over the rapids. The water is very cold and hypothermia can occur very quickly once you are in the water. Never take any chances when you are in this kind of situation.

Raft Water – Seasons

However as the season moves into late spring and into early summer raft water flows will decline. Some river flows will decline so much that a raft cannot be supported on the river at all. They may only support kayaks or canoes. Still there are many rivers that rafting can be considered. Which provide a combination of tranquil rafting as well as exciting rides through rapids that offer fast water around many rocks and boulders. These types of rapids will be more suitable to beginners and first timers. The water may be warmer and the need to wear a wet suit will be decreased. In fact you may even be able to go swimming in tranquil raft water areas between rapids.

Sufficient Water Flow

If you are really focused on white water rafting always confirm ahead of time that there is enough raft water to provide a great ride down the river. There is no sense in driving a long distance, only to be disappointed. On some rivers the flow of water is dependent on water releases from dams up stream. The guides are well versed regarding when the water will flow and schedule their river trips around these releases. You may not want to be caught in a scheduled release of water. So if the sign indicates safety concerns about water releases, pay attention and follow the directions they provide

Storms will also drive river flows up. If you are aware of rain storms in the mountains or it has been a wet season, river flows may also provide spring like conditions on the rivers. The water will be flowing fast and cold and the rafting will be spectacular. Only by checking with your river rafting tour company can you determine if there is fast water and if there openings available to go white water rafting down the river. They will also advise you regarding what clothing etc to bring with you for your excursion.

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River Trips

November 21st, 2012 ernie Posted in Raft Trips 1 Comment »

River TripsAs we write this post, most white water river agencies who offer white water trips have closed for the season due to the cold weather that is upon us in the northern parts of North America and in Canada. Some locations in the southern US may still be operating if river flows are sufficient to sustain rafting river trips. Then of course you can head to South America. Ot anywhere that avoids winter or to the southern hemisphere to go white water rafting. Many people will book a vacation based on where they can go rafting all year round.

Rafting companies in the winter time  are busy repairing gear, taking stock of their supplies and equipment. They are also ordering new equipment to be ready for the river trips in the new year. Especially in the early spring when the spring runoff from the mountains begins. They may also be updating their training to make sure that everyone is in top shape from a training and first aid perspective. Some guides will have gone to other white water rivers in other countries that can offer river trips all year long. They will be back for the new season next year.

Plan for Your River Trip next Year

This is also the time when tourists are beginning to think about next year’s excursions and river trips. They know that many of these river trips are sold out a year in advance. They must book very early if they want the dates and specific river trips they are looking for. The river trip down the Grand Canyon is rumored to be sold out a year and half in advance. Camping at the grand canyon is controlled very closely and is also booked well in advance.

Book your river trips early to avoid disappointment. Booking early will also enable vacation scheduling to be done while you still have the time. You can book ahead of just about everybody else at the company to be sure you get the dates you want. These trips will run regardless of the weather. Unless conditions are so bad that they cannot be safely on the rivers.

Trips like these do take planning, so don’t forget to book flights, rental cars if needed and hotel rooms as well in the area. These facilities can be booked up early and you will want to make sure you do not need to drive too far to get to the river trip starting point.

Many river trip organizers will also have lodgings of some kind nearby that they can refer their customers to. These can include everything from camp sites, log cabins to motels and hotels in the area. Ask for special rates or deals when you are referred by one of these river trip companies.

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