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White Water Rafting in Ottawa

White Water Rafting in Ottawa on the Ottawa River is only 90 minutes from the nation’s capital.  White Water Rafting in OttawaThere are 12 km.s of rapids along the legendary Rocher Fendu rapids on the Ottawa river. With over 175 islands there are lots to see and do while on your single day trip or multi day trip. Some outfitters even have bungee jumping right into the river. Take away your own video of your jump into the Ottawa river.

Wilderness tours on the Ottawa River are offered by several outfitters as well as other activities that you can build into your mini vacation. They also offer over night accommodations for groups, families and couples. Rafting on the Ottawa river is a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city in less than 90 minutes.

White Water Rafting in Ottawa

Rafting Trip – Rocher Fendu rapids on the Ottawa River

Description – There are one and two day white water rafting tours. The single day trip is usually a 6 hour trip with a BBQ meal on board a pontoon boat that meets you along the way. There are  also family trips that can be arranged with most outfitters. Some also offer additional activities such as beach front kayaking, canoes, pedal boats, volleyball and a nice sandy beach to relax on.

River Rating – The Ottawa river flows are pretty stable throughout the year due to controlled water releases at several dams. It does increase in the spring due to snow load, however there are predominantly 6 level one rapids , 4 level two  rapids,  2 level three  rapids and 3 level four rapids.

Number of Rapids – There are 15 rapids in total as listed above. In addition there are body surfing locations, beaches and several spots to go swimming. The water can be quite warm especially later in the summer.

Minimum Age – On family rafting trips the minimum weight is 90 pounds for adventure trips and 50 pounds on family trips.

Departure Dates – Most outfitters will run river trips from Mid May until the end of September . You can usually find a rafting trip starting every day, however it is a good idea to reserve a spot with one of the outfitters so that you are sure of a spot.

More Information

Boat Type – Rafts are typically sport rafts , up to 14 feet long and suited for up to 7 rafters. Some outfitters also offer kayaking as well either as an upgrade to a day trip or part of a two day trip along the Ottawa River.

What to Bring – Always bring an additional set of clothes that you can change into after your rafting trip. For a complete list of things to bring, check with your outfitter prior to going on your white water rafting tour in the Ottawa area.

Outfitters -OWL rafting is one of the companies that provides whitewater rafting tours along the Ottawa River.  Wilderness tours is another outfitter providing rafting services along the river.

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  1. Rafting on the Ottawa river is fun and there is lots to do, including white water rafting, bungee jumping, swimming and camping.

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