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Kettlemen’s – Orleans

Kettleman’s – Orleans – This location is now closed

One of the places we enjoy having breakfast at is Kettleman’s bagel restaurant in Orleans. It is located just west of the Orleans mall in the same parking lot as the No Frills store, the emergency clinic, and the blockbuster video store.  It is easy to get to from the 174 highway. Just take the same exit you would take to get to the mall and at the first light veer to your right and immediately right again at the next light. Kettleman’s in on the right, you cannot miss it.

Kettleman’s – Orleans – Why We Like Kettlemen’s

One of the reasons we like this restaurant so much is that they make the bagels the old-style way right on the premises. As soon as you walk in you smell the heat from the fire and the fresh bagels that are constantly being baked. they make all kinds of bagels but the whole wheat sesame bagels are by far the best, as far as we are concerned.

You can watch the baker kneading the flour and the bagels into their characteristic shape. They place them on boards and slide them into the open oven for baking. It is quite an art to slide these bagels into the oven and also turn them over so that both sides are cooked to the same degree.

We always have the breakfast bagel with scrambled egg, bacon done to a crisp, and Swiss cheese on it. They are fantastic and have a perfect breakfast along with a coffee in the morning.

The Decor at Kettlemen’s

The decor at Kettlemens is basic. It is not fine dining, but very functional and they do provide free WiFi for those customers who want to stay connected while they enjoy their breakfast. I like to read the news while having a coffee so it is perfect with iPod. I can even check my email, the markets, etc while I relax in the comfort of the restaurant area. One of the other great advantages is that it is always warm in the winter. The open oven keeps the entire area warm and it is so pleasant to visit on a cold winter day!  summer days can be a bit warm so sitting outside is also an option!


As you can see we like Kettlemens. They have a store in Orleans and another one downtown on Bank st in Ottawa. There may be others but these are the stores we have gone to. If you have a comment or like Kettlemens as well, leave us your comment. We will be happy to add it to our post provided it is constructive and well-written. We will even give you a link back if you do.

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