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Winter White Water Rafting

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Did you ever wonder what white water rafting companies did in the winter time when the northern rivers were frozen over and it was just too cold to take anyone rafting let alone white water rafting? turns out there are many solutions to this seasonal problem for northern  rafting companies and their employees who know they will be Winter White Water Raftingout of work once the season ends. For some of the guides they will be employed during the winter months refurbishing the equipment and restocking to prepare for the following season.

For many others they will be involved in marketing and booking trips for the following spring and summer. Those employees and guides  that are not involved in this off season activity have to find work in other industries such as snow removal, ski instruction or they can  move to another country to continue offering guiding services on rivers in warm climates! Which would you rather do?

Winter White Water Rafting

Well it turns out that some of the large white water rafting companies have operations in several countries. They can move their employees to more southern climates to take advantage of the warmer temperatures. Also the snow birds that flock to the south during the winter months. There still is a slow season during the transition from fall to winter. But that is time for vacation and getting ready for the next season. Many rafting guides get to take advantage of being in a tropical environment and continuing to work in the industry they love. And of course some of the employees just take off for southern climates in the hopes of securing a job with companies in various locations were it is much warmer and pleasant to offer rafting excursions.

One such company is Esprit White Water rafting company. They have operations in Canada as well as in Costa Rica and Mexico.  During the Spring and summer months they offer white water rafting along the Ottawa river and the Petawawa River. Both locations are near the Ontario – Quebec border and the closest main city is of course Ottawa, Ontario. More on these two locations in a moment, however we wanted to focus on winter white water rafting in this post.

White Water Rafting in Mexico

They offer rafting excursions in Costa Rica and also in Mexico. In Mexico, they offer just about everything that you would look for. Although Mexico is known for sun , sand and beaches, there are also some great places to go kayaking. Also canoeing and of course white water rafting. Esprit has put together  some great trips for those snow birds who are looking to get away from the cold winters of the US north and the Canadian winters. Enjoy canoeing, kayaking, rafting, trekking, rappelling, zip-lining, mountain biking, cascading. As well as swimming, ecological interpretation and authentic Mexican culture! More on this in a future post, White Water Rafting in Mexico!

White Water Rafting in Costa Rica

If you are into rain forests, while you are rafting then Costa Rica is the place to go.  there are two coasts to choose from with mountains, rivers and rainforest that will impress and astound you with the beauty of the tropical rain forest as well as the challenging rapids.  This is also a great place to spend a week or two enjoying the hot weather. While cooling off in an adventure tour that offers many interesting tropical plants and wild  life as well as challenging rivers to navigate. More on this in a future post, White Water rafting in Costa Rica!

Rafting on the Ottawa River and the Petawawa River

Just 20 minutes from downtown Ottawa. You can go white eater rafting as well as bungee jumping right into the river! The bungee jump is 200 feet, which they claim to be the highest in North America.  From a 200 foot high limestone cliff you jump into an aqua blue spring fed lagoon. Then spring back almost 16o feet which they also claim is one of the highest in North America.   Esprit offers rafting and bungee jumping from May to October every year on the Ottawa river.

They also offer  white water rafting excursions on the Petawawa River from April to the middle of June. During the spring the river offers class III and IV rapids to challenge the daring and the experts among you.   There are also other rivers that Esprit offers rafting on which include the Kipawa river, the Magnetawan River, the Gatineau River and a number of Expedition Rivers.  Future posts will cover some of these interesting locations.


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