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Louie’s Restaurant – Ottawa

Louie's Restaurant

We have been fortunate to eat at Louie’s Restaurant in Ottawa several times with friends and each time we were pleased with both the service, the food and the prices. Louie’s is a local Ottawa restaurant in a location that is semi industrial and retail with several big box stores nearby. We actually had a difficult time to find the restaurant the first time. We were meeting several couples at the restaurant and were 30 minutes late. Fortunately, they waited for us before ordering.

They have ice cold beer and they keep their white wine cold as well. We ordered several different kinds of pizza which we all enjoy very much. The restaurants has never been busy when I have been there, however, our friends have told us that it is often very busy when they are eating there.

Louie’s Restaurant – Great Pizza

We have only had pizza at this restaurant; however, they carry a full menu and can seat many people as the picture shows. There is another separate room which is more suitable for groups of people who want to celebrate a special occasion.

From the outside, it does not look like much. There is an outside patio that faces onto the parking lot for use in the summer time. We have never used the patio. The staff is friendly and provide great service. This is the kind of restaurant that provides good food at reasonable prices and one to visit for this purpose.

Many people prefer downtown and more upscale locations. This restaurant is a great little place to spend an evening. Enjoy a nice meal away from the hustle and bustle of downtown. Now that I know how to get to Louie’s restaurant just 3 minutes off the 417 exit at Innes Rd. It is on the South side of Cyrville, before the Home Depot Cyrville Rd.

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