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Canyon Grand Rafting whitewater

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Canyon Grand Rafting whitewater offers endless views of scenic wonder, rich in Native American history and loaded with fun and adventure, with a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Therefore exploring the Grand Canyon by river is an experience unlike any other.

Discover hidden waterfalls and paradisaical side canyons – areas of Grand Canyon National Park that are accessible only by river. Listen to the sound of the mighty Colorado River as you lie down under a blanket of innumerable stars each night on multi day trips after your Grand Canyon rafting experience. Watch the morning sun cast its warm glow through towering canyon walls. Discover the rush of excitement from legendary Colorado River whitewater. Escape completely on a worry-free vacation with no schedules and no stress – where time stands still. Certainly these are just a few of the many benefits of taking a trip like this.

Canyon Grand Rafting whitewater

In the grandest canyon of the Colorado River, experience the whitewater rafting excitement, serenity, joy and enchanting beauty of the river as it transforms this divine chasm. Go Grand Canyon rafting 187 miles in 6 or 7 days, each day descending deeper into geologic time.

The Grand Canyon is ever-changing, with massive walls that step back to expose eons of natural history. At one place dark and narrow, and at another lush with waterfalls thundering hundreds of feet in luminous free fall. Daily side hikes lead you to sparkling streams, pristine pools, green fern glens, and ancient Anasazi ruins.

Consequently the astounding scenery through Grand Canyon National Park is enhanced by the thrill of over 60 rapids.

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Raft Grand Canyon

July 7th, 2013 ernie Posted in Grand Canyon No Comments »

raft grand canyonWhen you raft the Grand Canyon you are traveling through history of over millions of years. The picture on the left really shows the majesty of the Grand Canyon and although it is spectacular this picture really does not do justice to the Grand Canyon and all of its splendor. The Colorado River has carved this canyon out of the rock, sand and limestone over millions of years to give us this spectacular scenery that is one of the wonders of the world.

If you have a chance to raft down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, you should take it. The trip can be truly spectacular. This canyon is over a mile deep in spots and you can really appreciate it when you are standing on the top of the ridge looking down at the river far below. If you are rafting down the river, you also get an idea of the true majesty of the grand canyon gorge.

South Rim Raft Grand Canyon

We have driven to the south ridge of the Grand Canyon several times to view the canyon and visit some of the sites on that rim. The north rim of the canyon is over 10 miles away and the river is over one mile deep from the edge of the rim at that point. Many people hike from the south rim to the river and back, taking over 2 days to complete the trip. Most people will hike down one day and back up the next. Anyone planning to visit the river from this point will need to make arrangements to camp out or book a place in the bunk house along the river. Otherwise you will need to hike down and back the same day which can be a pretty tough trip if you are not in great shape.

North rim Grand Canyon

There is a road that takes you to the north rim and another that takes you to the west rim of the canyon. We have not been to either, although friends, who have been to these rims, tell us that the views are even more spectacular than the south rim. If you are planning to visit either of these rims, from Las Vegas, you can arrange for a bus tour and even a helicopter ride into the canyon and lunch on the canyon floor. A great trip no doubt, but nothing would beat the ride down the river in the middle of the canyon.

If anyone reading this post has taken this raft trip into the Grand Canyon, we would really like to hear from you. Your comments and description of your trip would be much appreciated. Anyone we have spoken with about these trips whether it is to one of the rims or along the river itself, they have all thoroughly enjoyed their experience.

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Grand Canyon Raft

June 21st, 2013 ernie Posted in Grand Canyon No Comments »

grand canyon raftCan you imagine going down the Colorado river in the grand canyon in a raft like the one in this picture? The view is beyond belief. Although they say a picture is worth a thousand words, even this picture does not do justice to the scenery. You will see fantastic scenery in the Grand Canyon from the vantage point of the Colorado river on a raft. We recently spoke to a person who used to guide trips that would last up to two weeks through the Grand Canyon. He never got used to the beauty and the grand views that a trip like this would provide. He enjoyed his time as a guide very much and goes back every year to take in this great view.

Grand Canyon Raft – Trip of a Lifetime

Grand canyon rafting with a properly outfitted team can be exhilarating. Something that you and your friends will talk about for many years. The scenery is one thing, the exhilarating rides through the rapids is another and the evening camp life under the stars is another. With no lights to blind your eyes, you will be able to see millions of stars on a clear night. They will equally enthrall you as much as the river does during the day.

The Water is Cold

One word of caution is warranted if you are planning in taking one of these trips. The water is very cold and comes from snow melt a long ways up in the mountains. Ice cold water such as what is in the Colorado River is also very fast moving and people have succumbed to hypothermia very quickly. They have been swept away before anyone could do anything about it. When you guide tells you to stay out of the water, he is not doing this to be mean. He is probably saving your life. Follow his advice, because if you do not one of two things will happened.

If he is a strong guide, he is going to call in a helicopter and have you removed at your expense. Although you will be very upset and probably threaten lawsuits etc, he will have most likely saved your life. If he is a weak guide, he will tell you what can happen, but then you will go and do it anyway. You probably will end up dead in the cold Colorado river water. Grand canyon rafting can be a lot of fun, just follow your guides rules and recommendations to remain safe.

Enjoy the Trip

This is really a trip of a lifetime and why would you want to ruin it by not following the guidelines of your guide. He or she has been doing it for years, knows what works and what does not and also what is safe and what is not. Follow his instructions and I am sure you will have a really great trip.

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Rafting in the Grand Canyon

April 21st, 2013 ernie Posted in Grand Canyon No Comments »

Rafting in the Grand CanyonRafting in the Grand Canyon has to be one of the premier trips to take in the world. Every trip has a variety of things that make it worthwhile. For some it will be the speed of the river. For others it will be roiling of the water as you shoot the rapids, holding on for dear life. Many will enjoy the tranquility between rapids as you rest and enjoy the scenery and the beauty around you. But the Grand Canyon trip is for the sheer size and beauty of the canyon itself.

Imagine rafting down a river with cliffs on either side that reach up over a mile. That’s right, the grand canyon is over a mile deep in some places. You will feel dwarfed by the sheer size of everything. Stand on the south rim and look across to the north rim which is over 10 miles away. If you are lucky you may observe several thunderstorms on the north side that are separated by blue sky. That is how immense everything is.

Rafting in the Grand Canyon –  Fantastic Scenery

A rafting trip in the Grand Canyon is so exciting. It has to be the sheer size of the canyon, the height of the walls and the literally fantastic scenery. For example have ever gone to the south side of the Grand Canyon and gazed across to the other side. You will have some idea of the size of this natural landmark. Fully 10 miles across and over a mile deep the Grand Canyon is truly spectacular. If you have never been there you will not get an appreciation even from a picture. Consequently they just cannot portray the sheer size of the place!

Imagine being at the bottom of this huge gorge floating along the Colorado river which runs through the canyon. Imagine looking up a mile in height to try to find the rim at the top. In fact in some locations were the canyon narrows all you will see is sheer walls that seem to go up to reach infinity. Hence this really has to be one of the most spectacular trips to take.

Getting to the Grand Canyon

You cannot reach some of these locations by car, by plane, by helicopter or even on foot. The only way to see some of this beautiful scenery is to take a rafting trip down the river to enjoy the beauty that is simply breathtaking. There are a variety of trips offered by various excursion tour companies that last from 3 days up to as long as 16 days. If this is a first time rafting you may only want to take the 3 day trip to test your enjoyment and experience.

Drivers can visit the south rim and the north rim of the Grand Canyon by car and they can even hike down to the river. A hike of this sort must be planned and reservations made as well to stay at the bottom. In addition it is not recommended to hike down and back in one day, although people have accomplished this feat. For example you will be really tired and possibly dehydrated at the end of it if you are not carrying enough water. Rafting locations must be traveled to up river and your car left at one of the launching spots.

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Grand Canyon White Water Rafting

April 7th, 2012 ernie Posted in Grand Canyon 2 Comments »

The Grand Canyon in Arizona is a fantastic place to visit, whether you are there for the view along the south rim of the Grand Canyon White Water Raftingcanyon, to hike on one of the many trails or to go white water rafting down the Colorado river. This post will provide some information about Grand Canyon White Water Rafting.  Check out a previous post about the Top 10 White Water Rafting Locations World Wide for other locations you may be interested in. Whatever you decide to do, the Grand Canyon is well worth the time spent to visit this scenic wonder.

Rafting Trip – Grand Canyon from Lees Ferry to Diamond Creek


The Grand Canyon is an amazing place to visit. Every year, thousands of visitors from around the world gather at the Canyon’s south rim to look down into its magnificent vastness. Many also travel through it, via the Colorado River observing subtle and dramatic changes as the canyon walls climb towards the sky illustrating untold years of geological history. Terrific side hikes are also possible for the more adventurous.

Visit Marble Canyon, the Inner Gorge, terrific side hikes and Indian ruins, crystalline creeks and waterfalls, cactus gardens and whitewater galore.

The two most noted of the Colorado’s rapids, Crystal and Lava Falls, are both rated a 10. The intensity of all rapids naturally depends on the water level, so readings for low and high water levels may vary slightly.

River Rating

Depending on water flow Grand Canyon White water rafting rapids can be rated from 1 to 10. A 10 is the same as a Class IV on the standard river rafting scale. Check with a white water tour company for current conditions based on time of year and weather conditions. The two most noted of the Colorado’s white water rapids, Crystal and Lava Falls, are both rated a 10.

Number of Rapids

There are 47 white water rapids rated 5 or higher on the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, however this does vary by time of year as previously mentioned.

Minimum Age

The minimum age varies by white water tour company, however many limited kids under 8 for motorized rafting trips and 12 years old for an oar powered trip.  In addition, you may also want to inquire about the rating of the rapids that you will be traversing to confirm age requirements and safety issues.

Departure Dates

Rafting season typically runs from April to October depending on local conditions. check with a whitewater rafting tour company for specifics. We also recommend that you reserve in advance, particularly if you need specific dates.

Boat Type

Boat types can be motorized or oar driven boats and they will vary by size. Each comes with a guide and the oar driven trips are usually longer since you drift with the current. A full trip can take 7 days for a motorized trip and as much as 18 days for the oar driven trip.

What to Bring

Most tour companies will provide you with a complete list of what to bring on your white water rafting tour. You will need the essentials and you will need both warm and cool clothing due to the temperature extremes in the desert. Waterproof bags are ideal.  Here is a short list of possible things you may want to bring, however check with your tour company first:

Here is a quick list of items that you may want to consider for your next trip. If you are unsure of what you will need, speak to the organizer or guide for your white water trip to make sure that you are well prepared.

  • Bags
  • Padding and clothing
  • Dry suits and wet suits
  • Plastic Cases & Boxes
  • Footwear
  • Men’s & women’s casuals
  • Insulation and Underwear
  • Sunglasses
  • Hats & Gloves
  • Rain wear
  • Kid’s Clothing
  • Swimsuits

Read more

Reviews – The best rapids for whitewater rafting are House Rock, Unkar, Horn Creek, Granite, Hermit, Crystal, Lava Falls. The length is 225 miles; 364 KM. There are also lots of hiking trails available that are easy as well as difficult. Some tour companies plan short hikes as well as part of their tours. Check with your tour company before you reserve.

Comments are appreciated, especially those people who have traveled the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. We will approve all constructive and helpful comments including a link to your site for those comments that meet our criteria.

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Lees Ferry

December 21st, 2010 ernie Posted in Grand Canyon No Comments »

Lees FerryRafting Trip – Grand Canyon by Raft – Lees Ferry to Diamond Creek

Description – Lees Ferry

The Grand Canyon is one of the earths true natural wonders. A place with profound beauty, history, geology, and ecology. Each year, thousands of visitors from around the world gather at the Canyon’s rim to look down into its magnificent vastness. Many will also hike or ride a donkey along the trail to the canyon’s bottom. But there’s no better way to really see the Canyon than to travel through it, via the Colorado River.

Journeying through the Grand Canyon on your watery pathway, you will see dramatic changes as the canyon walls climb towards the sky, mesmerizing you with awesome beauty and untold years of geological history. There are  side hikes, crystalline creeks and waterfalls, Native American history, and breathtaking scenery that can  enrich this amazing adventure.

This is one of the longest rafting trips in the US. Covering 225 river miles, this trip offers all the scenery, side canyons and whitewater excitement of canyon trip with the glories of Marble Canyon, the mysteries of the Inner Gorge, terrific side hikes and Indian ruins, crystalline creeks and waterfalls, cactus gardens and whitewater galore. You can  explore the numerous side canyons, which crisscross this magnificent region, each having it’s own unique attractions, just waiting to be discovered.

River Rating – 42 major rapids rated 5 or above on a scale of 1 to 10

Number of Rapids – 42,  The two most noted of the Colorado’s rapids, Crystal and Lava Falls, are both rated a 10. The intensity of all rapids naturally depends on the water level, so readings for low and high water levels may vary slightly.

Minimum Age – 12 years

Departure Dates – Dates vary by year, 2011 – May 21 until October 10

Boat Type –  Varies by outfitter, most are 18 feet inflatable rafts, holding 4 passengers and a guide.

What to Bring –

  • Pre- and post-trip accommodations and meals
  • Grand Canyon National Park Entrance Fee
  • Items of a personal nature (an equipment list will be provided)
  • Rent sleeping bags and pads from your outfitter
  • Insurance of any kind, including travel insurance
  • Alcoholic beverages

What’s Usually Included?

  • Transportation by van from meeting point to put-in at Lees Ferry and return from Diamond Creek
  • Expedition equipment, including highest quality rafts, 2 person shared tent, personal flotation device (PFD, waterproof bags, camp chair as well as eating utensils, plates and cups for overnight trips
  • Skilled, professional, experienced guides
  • Meals from lunch on Day 1 to lunch on your last day

Reviews – Feel free to post a review of this trip and white water rafting adventure.

Outfitters – O.A.R.S. is one of the outfitters we have reviewed and  has been in business since 1969 . Great trips on some of the world’s best rivers, coastlines and mountains are the recipe for this success. Always focused on our clients and their vacations, it is our genuine—if not biased—belief that river trips and wilderness vacations are extremely valuable life experiences.


• In 1969, O.A.R.S. became the first exclusively oar-powered rafting outfitter to offer river trips through the Grand Canyon. Hence the immediate success of these trips inspired founder and President George Wendt to expand his business into the largest and most geographically diverse rafting, sea kayaking, and multi-sport company in North America.

Since 1969, the family-owned and operated company has shared in the world’s waterways with more than 450,000 guests. They have more than 75 itineraries on over 35 rivers and coastlines worldwide. Also four decades of experience in the industry, and some staff members who have been with the company since nearly the beginning. O.A.R.S. is routinely recognized for serving up some of the “Best Trips on the Planet,”

For more posts about the Grand Canyon and Arizona, click here.

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