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Houston space Center

January 25th, 2015 ernie Posted in Entertainment No Comments »

Houston space CenterWe went to see the Houston space Center in Webster Texas which is just outside Houston. We stayed at a Holiday inn Express in Webster, Texas which is about six or eight minutes from the site. It was very easy to get from the Hotel to the space center. The Houston space Center is also known as the Johnson space Center.

The Houston space Center is an interesting place with lots of information and lots to see. Be prepared to spend the day and doing lots of walking as you move around the center. There is one main building with a variety of demonstrations. There’s also two trams that will take you to different buildings on the site. Try to sit on a rear tram away from the engine so that you can hear the narrative as you move between buildings.

Houston space Center – Tickets

You can also get into the Houston space Center by buying tickets on site. You can get them cheaper by purchasing them at the hotel we are staying. Customers can save about seven dollars per ticket.

There is also an audio tour that can be purchased. However, you really don’t need the audio tour on the first day. If you go back a second day it would be interesting and more informative. Their presentations at every location are given by resident astronauts and other specialists. Plan to be there for the day and also plan to do lots of walking.

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Grammys 2013

February 10th, 2013 ernie Posted in Entertainment No Comments »

The Grammys 2013 are on tonight we’re wondering who’s going to win the best vocalist of the year. We will be Adele, Katie, Rhiana or someone else who is relatively unknown let’s watch the Grammys tonight.

Well they stuck to the dress code! No boobs showing and no bum cheeks showing, well maybe except for Katy Perry maybe. She was dressed tastefully but with lots of cleavage showing. I do not mind cleavage, but some times it is beyond good taste. They are used to showing themselves sometimes almost naked, so what does a little cleavage matter.

Grammys 2013

Adele was dressed in a frumpy dress, but who cares, she can sing better than just about anyone . Some stars showed lots of bare leg but stayed inside the guidelines. Who cares really about the Grammy awards and whether they dress well or properly or not. The television programmers will not show you anything risque anyway.

If you were lucky enough to be there at least as a spectator, it would be interesting. The security would really be tight and it would not be fun. Most likely you would be so far away that you would need binoculars to see anything. I think you can actually see more by watching the television programs that carry it.

Also you can watch the interviewers on the red carpet and get see and hear some of the stars. Not so if you are there in person. If you are even close to the red carpet, you might be able to see some things but not hear anything, so why go to the Grammys 2013? for more entertainment posts, click here or here for entertainment posts.


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Pablo Loves Texas Roadhouse Happy Hour

December 21st, 2011 ernie Posted in Entertainment 2 Comments »

Texas Roadhouse Happy HourThe Texas Roadhouse chain of restaurants is one of our favorite places to eat and to enjoy happy hour. They are scattered primarily across the US Southwest , although we have seen them in some of the mid west states as well. We really like the one in Amarillo Texas. There is nothing better than arriving during happy hour, sitting at the bar enjoying a few cold beers, some peanuts in the shell and a nice steak with all of the sides at a reasonable price! Prices change, however draft beer can often be had for $2.00 during happy hour.

Texas Roadhouse Happy Hour

Our latest stop was at a Texas Roadhouse in Amarillo , Texas. We arrived at 5:30pm. Happy hour went from 5pm to 7 pm and you had to sit at the bar or in the bar area to take advantage of the happy hour prices. We had several 22 oz beers served in frozen mugs for $3 each. What a good deal!

They also had peanuts in the shell which you crack open and let the shells fall on the floor.¬† This is a great way to sit back and relax after a hard days work or in our case a long day of driving. As an aside we were traveling from California to eastern Canada and this was one of our stops along the way. Some people might think that this is messy and not very classy, but it just happens to be a very nice way to enjoy an evening. Of course if you do not want to eat the peanuts, then don’t, it is entirely up to you.
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