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In Maine Rafting whitewater

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Rafting MaineWhitewater rafting in Maine is for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. You need not be a fitness fanatic or an Olympic athlete. As a result people of all ages from 8-80 with no previous experience raft Maine’s rivers. There is lots of fun when you take part in Maine Rafting whitewater experiences. Class one and two whitewater rapids are recommended for beginners, children and seniors.

Many visitors have likened Maine’s rafting experience to the ultimate, natural theme park ride. Along with white water rafting, you can enjoy a variety of outdoor adventures. These include easy float trips, inflatable kayak trips, whitewater and lake kayaking, and canoe trips. In addition biking, hiking, rock climbing, fishing, moose and wildlife safaris, ATV tours, paintball, float plane trips and even sky-diving.

Raft Maine is an association of Maine’s seven professional whitewater rafting outfitters. They are dedicated to providing the highest quality experience. They also follow safety standards set by the State of Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. Member outfitters provide whitewater rafting trips and outdoor adventures. They operate on the Upper Kennebec River, West Branch of the Penobscot River. Also the lower Dead River from Grand Falls to The Forks.

Maine Rafting whitewater

There are three rivers that are popular in Maine for rafting whitewater rapids.

Kennebec River
The 12 mile Kennebec trip begins at Harris Station on Indian Pond. It flows through the Kennebec Gorge ending at The Forks. This is he confluence of the Dead and Kennebec Rivers. Class II-V Rapids.

Penobscot River
The first 2 miles descend from McKay Station through Ripogenus Gorge. The last 12 miles of rapids end at the take out near Pockwockamus Falls. Class III-V Rapids.

Dead River
The Dead river offers the longest stretch of continuous whitewater in the East. The 16 mile trip begins at Grand Falls and runs through Class IV and V whitewater ending at The Forks

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Maine Rafting Whitewater

December 14th, 2016 ernie Posted in Maine No Comments »

Maine WhitewaterMaine white water rafting trips run seven days a week. From mid-April through mid-October from various locations. Maine features world class Class III-IV whitewater on the Kennebec River and Dead River. For example the Kennebec River has famous rapids such as “Magic Falls” and the “Three Sisters”. Which will thrill even the most experienced white water enthusiasts.

The Dead River offers some of the most exciting white water in the East. High water Class III-V dam releases and intermediate Class III dam releases in the summer for a great Dead River family rafting vacation. Whitewater rafting bases are located at The Forks, Maine located on the Kennebec River. For instance they offer the most convenient location for a Maine whitewater vacation.

Maine Rafting Whitewater

Rafting on the Penobscot River is one of the most spectacular and challenging river experiences in the Eastern U.S. The Penobscot River enjoys a reputation as a river of contrasts as it alternates between exhilarating rapids and breathtaking scenery. Rapids on the Penobscot River are short with sheer drops plunging into calm pools.

On the lower river are class I to III rapids, stop at a natural rock,. While the upper river is the most turbulent, dropping over 70 feet per mile through a narrow, granite walled canyon into the Exterminator and Staircase rapids, both advanced Class V rapids.

The Kennebec River, located in the heart of Maine’s whitewater country with 12 miles of fast and deep water flows daily, is our most popular rafting trip. The upper Kennebec gorge is where you’ll ride the thrilling roller coaster waves of Big Mama and the Three Sisters then plunge into boiling Magic Falls. Paddle your way down the lower river on sit-on-top kayaks to look for wildlife. The Kennebec is ideal for families and first time rafters. Waves crest from 4 to 8 feet high!.

The Dead River has the longest most continuous stretch of white water in New England. Big whitewater is released only 10 times a year, and this is the Maine river no serious rafter should miss! This 16-mile run is a wild and woolly, boulder-strewn whitewater bonanza. The Dead River comes alive when spring run-off causes flooding. Also in the fall when the lakes are drawn down to get ready for winter. Big water, spectacular fall foliage, and guaranteed fun!

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Water Rafting in Maine

December 21st, 2013 ernie Posted in Maine No Comments »

Water Rafting in MaineWhite Water Rafting in Maine is over for the season, winter has set in with a vengeance at the end of 2013 and early 2014 with  very cold weather and lots of snow. Many people look forward to snow skiing and other winter sports. However the white water rafting enthusiasts  are sad that the season is done. It is time to get ready for the next season!

Time for companies to switch over to other activities. Such as guiding in the winter, maintaining ski hills and looking after equipment. This is an annual activity for all white water companies. They also move on to preparing for winter sports activities that they may be involved in.

Water Rafting in Maine

Repair and replacing gear for the coming season is one of the main activities. But then so is marketing and signing up guides. Also promoting deals with other local venders to help entice people to come to the are for white water rafting.

Skiing, hiking, winter sports are also part of the scene for many small B&B’s, hotels and restaurants. There is always a sports activity of some kind going on in outdoor Maine.

Preparing for the next season really picks up in the spring. this is the time to get a jump on the competition, update web sites, launch new offers and beginning to sign up customers for the coming season.

Setting up programs during the summer is also part of the spring activities. You want to get families thinking about going white water rafting and planning their summer vacation.

Developing advertising, whether it is a web site, send material to newspapers, emailing customers etc, there is a lot of work to be done. Advertising is a must if you are going to attract customers at the start of the white water rafting season.

Catalogs for Water Rafting in Maine

Consumers planning for the coming year can of course search the internet. They can also order catalogs from various government agencies and local chamber of commerce offices. Tourists can learn more about what the state has to offer as well as specific local areas. These resources are invaluable to help get started in planning a vacation regardless of where you are planning to spend your valuable vacation time. If you would like to go white water rafting in the early spring there are a couple of things to take into account. First the weather needs to cooperate i.e. the ice needs to be off the rivers and the rafting companies need to be ready. In addition, there is usually a rush to be first on the rivers, so you may want to book early!


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Rafting Maine

December 7th, 2013 ernie Posted in Maine No Comments »

Rafting MaineFall colors were spectacular for rafting in Maine this year just like they are every year. The fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year to be rafting, camping or hiking in the state of Maine. The trees are changing color and exhibiting fantastic colors for everyone to enjoy. A sunny day in the fall with the leaves in full color is one of the most beautiful times of the year to enjoy the outdoors. If you are rafting at this time of year, the water is going to be cold so make sure that you are dressed properly and do not suffer from hypothermia.

Your tour guide company can provide you with the proper guidelines. They should cover what clothing to wear and to bring along. In addition many will provide wet suits for rent to help in keeping you warm during your white water rafting ride. Check with them before you decide to find out schedules, availability, skill levels and clothing to ensure that you have the best trip you can.

We are writing this post  in December. Although the  season is over, the scenery is still fantastic with all of the snow now on the ground. Once it snows most of the leaves will be gone and the snow transforms the scenery completely.

Rafting Maine

Many white water rafting enthusiasts are still looking forward to spring. The companies that offer white water rafting are repairing gear. They are also deciding what they need to purchase to replace existing gear that is past it’s useful life. They will be planning new trips and updating old ones to prepare for the new season.

There will be the high spring run off to provide thrills and exciting rafting for many enthusiasts. Spring runoffs can be extremely high flowing rivers with lots of water going over rocks that are usually exposed. With the high water levels they can be hidden under the water level and provide extra thrills.

Safety is a concern especially when creeks and rivers are flooding. Only go with experts who know the river and its twists and turns.

River ratings may be higher due to the higher rate of water runoff. You may want to check first if a flooding river is still within your rating level.

May have extreme trips during the few weeks that the rivers are in flood stage.

Rafting Maine – Safety

Need wet suits to prevent hypothermia since the ice cold water will be approaching freezing levels.

Always bring second set of dry clothes to change into after you complete your rafting trip.

Enjoy your trip and follow all safety whitewater rafting guidelines. Safety is the utmost importance to ensure that you have an enjoyable trip without any significant incidents.

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Maine Whitewater

November 21st, 2013 ernie Posted in Maine No Comments »

Maine WhitewaterThe fall is a fantastic time to go Main whitewater rafting in the state of Maine. The leaves are turning color, the sun is shining, and the days are just fantastic with what us known as Indian summer. Of course you can get some days when it’s cold and rainy but that just adds to the excitement as you are white water rafting down one of the many rivers in the state of Maine that are available.

If you do go at this time of year, you will need the proper set of clothes and probably a wet suit to protect you from hypothermia. Investigate with your white water rafting leader regarding the best things to bring to ensure that your trip is enjoyable. Some companies will provide everything you need and you just need to bring a second set of warm clothes to put on when you are finished with your whitewater trip.

Maine Whitewater – May Through Oct Rafting

Many people go white water rafting from the month of May right through until the end of October. The water flow depends on the weather, how much rain is received during the season, and whether the white water rafting rivers are below dams. The type of white water rafting will vary by month and even by day depending on storms etc.. Rivers that are below dams will often experienced regular discharges of water. This discharge creates great white water rafting trips. Check with the company you are planning to use to find out the best time to go whitewater rafting.

Always use a Rafting Guide

It is very important that you only go with experienced Whitewater rafting guides. You need to ensure that you are prepared for the release of water from the dams. Never go on your own or put a boat in the water when there could be a discharge from a dam. Many people have been washed away. They have been surprised by a sudden onrushing stream of high speed flowing water.

When you book your trip, make sure that you find out what clothes and gear you will need. You should have a set of dry warm clothes to change into at the end of your trip. Wet clothes can get pretty cold if you do not have something to change into. Your guide will also tell you what you need to bring on the actual trip. Also how you will be returned to your starting point.

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Maine Rafting Guides

November 7th, 2013 ernie Posted in Maine No Comments »

Maine Rafting GuidesMaine rafting guides are just like guides all over the USA and Canada in fact the world. They are trained professionals and doing their job to keep you safe as well as provide you an entertaining white water rafting trip. Their job is to make sure that you understand all of the safety precautions to take before you begin your trip. During the trip their job is to guide you down the river, keep you safe, tell you when to paddle, and went to not paddle, and steer the raft around the huge boulders and rapids.

Maine Rafting Guides – Follow directions

It is very important to follow the directions of your Maine rafting guides. They’re the ones who know the river, and all of the things that could cause their customers a problem. For example the water in the river is extremely cold most times of the year. If they tell you to stay out of the water to avoid hypothermia then do so. Too many people have not followed their guides instructions and have drowned as a result of having hypothermia while in the water.

On overnight trips people like to party and sometimes they have too much to drink. This is when it is very important to follow what your guy is telling you. Failure to do so can cause your death or some of your friends deaths. A strong guide will evict you from the rafting trip and arrange for someone to come and get you and take you home to the main base.

Stick to skill level

All rivers that have white water rafting trips on them are rated from 1 to 5. One being the easiest to navigate and suitable for most families and children, while five is extremely difficult and only for the experts who can swim quite strongly and have rafted many times down the river. These are the people who should only take that kind of trip. Choose your rafting trip according to the skill level that you have as well as your strength in swimming. Avoid going on white water rafting trips that require a high skill level in terms of being able to survive in the water and reach the shore. If you are not a strong swimmer, stick to the lower rated rafting trips to make sure that you are safe and have an enjoyable white water rafting trip.

Maine Rafting Guides – Practice safety

Your rafting guide is interested in providing you a great trip, a fun trip, one that is enjoyable by everyone however they also need you to follow all of the proper safety instructions that they will provide you. The principal one that you must always follow is to wear your life jacket at all times while in the raft and on the river. In addition you should follow and must follow all of the rafting guides instructions to ensure that you are safe and the members of your raft crew are also safe.

What do you look for in a guide

Most people look for white water rafting guides that will provide them with a lot of fun. No one really wants to have a boring guy who barely talks. Or does not provide any kind of information about the surrounding vegetation and rock formations. At the same time customers need to know that the they have an experienced white water rafting guide.

They need to know that this guy can get them down the river safely. Questions to ask are how many times has this guy traveled this river with a raft full of people. How many times has this guide had to have people rescued. How many years of experience providing Whitewater rafting do these guys have. These are just common sense things that you should always check into before you embark on your white water rafting trip in the state of Maine.

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White Water in Maine

October 21st, 2013 ernie Posted in Maine No Comments »

White Water in MaineThere are a number of rivers in Main that various tour companies provide white water rafting trips on. These include the Kennebec River, the Penobscot river and the Dead River. There are also a number of outfitters who have banded together to create a Maine Rafting association. These include Three Rivers, Moxie, Magic Falls, Windfall Rafting and North Country Rivers. There may be other rafting companies that are operating in the state of Maine. However these companies have taken the sport serious enough to create a set of rules and regulations that they jointly follow. This is to maintain the image and the safety of the White Water in Maine sporting activities. White Water in Maine can be a lot of fun.

White Water in Maine

General Information that You Should be Aware Of

Who can raft?

Anyone can go rafting however there are some rivers that are limited to expert rafters. Graphs are limited to eight people including the crew and the guide.

What services are included?

Each package will vary in terms of what services and features are included. Most will provide transportation from the base to the river, life preservers, helmets and paddles. You should also receive a pretrip orientation session and a safety meeting prior to going down river on a rafting trip. Some White Water in Maine trips will also include a meal at the end of the trip or if you’re staying overnight. Camping somewhere tents and some camping gear and meals will be included. You will want to confirm the details.

How much does a rafting trip cost?

A rafting trip will vary in price depending on the length of the trip, and whether you will be rafting out overnight and camping somewhere. Prices can vary from $80 for a trip up to as much as $200 per person for a trip. Again depending on the length of the trip and the services provided. Check with your outfitter to confirm.

White Water in Maine – How long will a white water trip last ?

White water trips will last all day so plan on the full-day getting to and being on the river and then returning home. If you are going on a two-day trip then you would obviously plan for being away for two days.

Are there any age limits?

Age limits vary between eight years old, 12 years old and 15 years old depending on the level of white water rapids on the river. If you have younger children and are planning to take on these white water rafting trips you may want to inquire first. They will tell you if they will be allowed to go on the particular river you are interested.

Are there easier trips?

Some trips are easier and gentler than others. Inquire about these trips from your outfitter.

When can I go rafting?

The season usually last from April until mid October. There are control dam releases from various dams that ensure water levels throughout the season provide great rafting excursions.

Is there a better time to go rafting than other times?

Depending on what you’re looking for there are great things to see May through October. Spring provides an opportunity to see moose and deer in the woods well into the summertime and in the late fall you can see spectacular foliage. In the fall leaves are turning and provide great colors to observe.

What clothes should I wear?

Bring a bathing suit, and extra clothes that you can change from those that you will be wearing on the rafting trip. They are likely to get wet. You also will need to have a set of soft rubber soul shoes to wear while you’re rafting you may want an extra set to wear once the trip is finished. In some cases in the spring or late fall wet suits we also be required. They can be rented from the offender.

White Water in Maine – How safe is rafting?

Rafting can be dangerous and as a result you will be required to sign a waiver of liability and risk assumption. You will also be required to wear a life jacket on all trips and medical kit is accompanying each trip in the raft. If you have health problems you may want to contact your doctor to confirm your trip and also discuss it with the outfitter.

Do I need to know how to swim?

It helps to be able to know how to swim but is not a requirement in most cases. You will be wearing a life jacket and you should have a healthy respect for the water.

Is the weather of factor?

Rough trips go in any kind of weather. You should make sure that you have sunscreen for bright days and always bring a dry set of close to wear once the trip is finished.

White Water in Maine – Are there accommodations nearby?

There are places to camp B&Bs to rent log cabins to rent guesthouses as well as in some hotels in their surrounding areas. You should plan on staying at one of these locations the day of your trip.

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Maine Rafting Adventure

October 7th, 2013 ernie Posted in Maine No Comments »

Maine Rafting AdventureEvery year thousands of people will go on a Maine rafting adventure with their families, spouses or colleagues. They will have a thoroughly great time. The web sites promise great fun, great service and safe adventure for those rafting enthusiasts. We wondered about what one should look for when they are considering a rafting adventure. What specifics that should be compared when considering one rafting company over another. Check out the rest of this page for a few ideas about what to consider when you are booking a rafting trip.


This is usually the first thing that comes to mind. The price must be  within the budget of whoever is picking up the tab. Some trips are more expensive than others due to the length of the trip, the services provided or just plain competition.


This is always the other side of the coin when it comes to comparing one company over another. Price for a Maine rafting adventure is one thing, but then you must also compare the services that are also offered. Will you be provided with all of the equipment needed? What about meals, particularly on day long adventures or overnight?  Do they provide sleeping gear including tents etc. You probably want to bring your own sleeping bag and of course extra clothing. Transportation to the start point and back to wherever you car is parked is another consideration. What are the extra costs? Do you pay for the memory stick full of pictures or are they part of the package

There are other things that consumers considering a Maine Rafting Adventure should give some thought to.

Other Considerations

What is the safety record of the tour company? You may not be able to find out details unless they are really glaring, but it is worth checking. Look for reviews written by other guests. If you can find positive reviews on other non company web sites, then you can be pretty sure these are legit. Most web site managers must pre-approve any comments on a web site so if your checking on the rafting company’s web site, the comments may all be positive since most will filter out the negative ones.

You  may want to inquire how long the company has been in business and how experienced the rafting guides are. Customers should be confident about their guide and count on them providing a safe exhilarating ride.

If this is your first time rafting or your families, you probably should enquire about the river and the severity of the rapids. All rapids are rated and some are just not suitable for first timers, children or elderly people. Your guide can discuss these issues with you and perhaps recommend a trip that is more suited to your situation.

Many people go on Maine rafting adventure tours every year and have an absolutely great time. By asking a few questions and understanding the expectations, you increase your chances of having a great day out on the river enjoying the rapids as well as the scenery and the company of the other participants.

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Maine Whitewater Rafting

September 21st, 2013 ernie Posted in Maine No Comments »

Water Rafting in MaineMaine whitewater rafting is exhilarating and the scenery can be fantastic. The fall foliage is at it’s peak in the October time frame. However if you are interested in rafting on one of the Maine rivers when the leaves are at the peak colors you need to book early. The leaves change depending on the weather that we get in the months of September and October. You are really taking a chance on getting just the right time to see the leaves still on the trees at their peak color.

Maine Whitewater Rafting – River Categories

Pick your rafting trip based on skill level as well as entertainment value. Families with children or older adults who may not be able to swim to shore if they get dumped in the water may want to consider lower category rapids. You are responsible for your own safety although the guides will make sure everyone is wearing life jackets and will be responsible as you go through various rapids. However if you have a health concern, you may want to think about the category level of the rapids you will be navigating.

River Flows Vary with the Weather

The time of year and the amount of precipitation can change the category level overnight. For example with the spring runoff, the water is high, fast flowing and very cold. In the summer after a storm there may be a surge for a few days until the water has passed through the gorges and settled back to regular summer time flows. If you are concerned about the category level and your ability to handle the rapids with your guide and fellow rafters, check with the guide company prior to heading out on a white water rafting trip.

Over Night Rafting Trips

Some trips are overnight with all camping gear and meals included.  These are really great trips and many people enjoy them every year. There are a couple of concepts that all participants should keep in mind along with the guidelines that the rafting company will tell you. First of all bring a second set of dry clothes that are enclosed in a water proof bag. You are going to get wet and no one wants to sit around the camp fire in wet clothes.

Maine Whitewater Rafting – Safety While Rafting

Secondly always follow the instructions of your guide. He or she is there to keep you safe and have fun. Going swimming for example after having a few drinks at night around the camp fire can be deadly. Hypothermia can set in quickly and if no one is there to help you, it can be devastating. You probably want to bring your own sleeping bag as well just for personal hygiene.  Finally if you have special food requirements, you will either want to bring your own or see if the guide company can accommodate your requirements.

While in the raft, your guide is in command and has gone down this river many times. He knows what to do at various locations to position your raft properly to ensure safety while at the same time providing you with an experience that many will treasure for a life time. Follow their instructions and help your fellow rafters with any issues they have. After all if  one person has a bad time chances are that they will affect the rest of the group.

That’s about it for Maine whitewater rafting. If you have comments or suggestions for this site, let us know. We would be happy to include all positive and constructive comments and suggestions.

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Whitewater Rafting Maine

September 7th, 2013 ernie Posted in Maine No Comments »

Whitewater Rafting MaineThere are some really great rivers to spend time on and whitewater rafting Maine companies to utilize if you want to go white water rafting in Maine. These rivers are among the best in the country. We have listed the companies that provide rafting services. We also given a brief explanation of each one for your information. Check out their sites to confirm schedules and prices before you head over or call to confirm your booking.

Whitewater Rafting Maine

Millinocket Maine Rafting Bingham

They provide rafting on the Penobscot river, the Seboomook section and the Canada Falls rafting services for both day trips as well as overnight rafting excursions as well.  There is also riverboarding, and inflatable kayaking on the rivers. Call ahead to find about availability and the status of the rivers for white water rafting.

North Country Rivers

Provide rafting trips on the Kennenbec river, the Dead River and the Penobscot river. Their services include day trips, multiple river trips, youth and group trips, ATV trips and tours, wildlife tours, snow mobiling in the winter time and an assortment of other features and services that outdoor enthusiasts will be interested in. Again call ahead to confirm timing and availability

Crab Apple Whitewater Inc

They provide white water rafting trips on the Kennebec, river and the Dead River. These are class III and VI rapids providing a lot of great thrills. They provide a combination of full and half day trips to match your budget and your time. Call ahead for timing and availability of these white water rafting trips.

Maine White Water Rafting – Penobscot River – North Country Rivers

Same company as North country rivers under a different web site with the same phone number. See above for more information.

New England Outdoor Center – NEOC

Trips on the Pennobscot river both the upper and lower as well as the Dead River with full and half day trips. They include a barbecue lunch on most of the trips along side the river at the end of your trip. Call ahead for more information and timing of trips.

Professional River Runners of Maine Whitewater Rafting

This company covers the Dead River, the Pennobscot River and the Kennebec River. They offer family rafting, extreme high water rafting trips, island camping trips, canoeing and kayaking as well as hiking to see some of the wildlife in the area. There is something for almost everyone. Call for details.

Northeast Guide Service

We are not sure if this site is an actual company or one that connects you with some of the other companies. They advertise Maine in a larger way in the sense that they talk about all of the things you can do in Maine to take advantage of the outdoors. Call for more details.

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Maine White Water Rafting Trips

August 7th, 2013 ernie Posted in Maine No Comments »

Maine White Water Rafting TripsThe state of Maine has three main rivers that many white water rafting enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels can enjoy. Maine White Water Rafting Trips include the Penobscot, Kennebec and Dead Rivers. There are adventure pumping river trips for the thrill seekers.

There are trips for the family with gentle floating rapids. They allow you to enjoy the great outdoors and the scenery along the river. All trips are led by experienced guides and all equipment is provided to ensure your safety and that of your family while on the trip. Guides ask that participants follow their instructions to ensure the safety of the group as well as yourself.

Some trips are in large ten person rafts. Depending on the trip and the length of the trip, you may also enjoy a riverside lunch grilled right on the river’s edge. Participants can enjoy side hikes as well as swim in the river to cool off.

Maine White Water Rafting Trips

The Penobscot River flows through Ripogenus Gorge in the shadow of majestic Mount Katahdin and the vast wilderness of Baxter State Park. The thrill begins immediately as your rafting guide leads you through Exterminator Rapids, the Staircase Rapids and Big Heater. Then on to the narrow shoots and big drops of the Cribworks. But there’s much more – fourteen miles in all – like Big Ambejackmockamus Rapids, Nesowadnehunk Falls, and Abol and Pockwockamus Falls.

The Kennebec River offers twelve miles of whitewater action, starting at the dam below Harris Station and entering the steep-walled gorge of the Alleyway. Tackle a succession of heart-pounding rapids and waves like Big Mama and Whitewasher before dropping over Magic Falls, the biggest hit on the river. Below there’s Dead Stream and Black Brook Rapids and pretty riverside waterfalls of the same name. Osprey and moose are common along the way, so keep an eye out when you’re not paddling.

The Dead River offers sixteen miles of nearly continuous whitewater, the most in the East! From the put-in just below the beautiful horseshoe of Grand Falls you’ll be on the go with paddle in hand, splashing down through rapids named Humpty Dumpty and Elephant Rock, Minefield and Mile Long. The Dead River saves the biggest and best for last, so hold on for the incredible ride through the watery chaos of Poplar Falls!

Who can raft?

Anyone who enjoys the outdoors and is looking for adventure can raft. You need not be a fitness fanatic or an Olympic Athlete. Maine rafts typically hold an eight person crew and a guide. To protect the environmental quality of Maine’s rivers, the State limits the number of rafters each day.

What is included?

Outfitters provide transportation to and from their base facility to the rivers, life preservers, helmets and paddles, a pre-trip orientation and safety meeting, a ride down the river and a hearty, open grill meal. Most outfitters provide a slide or video show of your trip down the river at an “a près-trip” party at base camp.

How much does it cost?

Prices for river trips vary based on the month, day of the week and number of people in your party. A one day trip on the Kennebec typically ranges from $80 to $120 per person. A day trip on the Penobscot $90 to $130 per person and on the Dead $90 to $140 per person. Packages including lodging or camping and other wilderness activities are available and each outfitter offers group rates.

When can we go rafting?

The season on the Penobscot and Kennebec begins in late April and ends in mid October. Controlled daily dam releases from hydropower dams on these rivers guarantee water levels throughout the season, even during the driest summers. There are seven high water releases of over 5,000 cfs on the Dead River in the Spring and Fall. Kennebec River Turbine Tests of 8,000 cfs are scheduled four times throughout the season.

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Maine Rafting Trips

July 21st, 2013 ernie Posted in Maine No Comments »

Maine Rafting TripsThere are lots of Maine rafting trips available across the state. However we identified a couple that many readers of white water rafting excursions may find interesting. These are on the Kennebec and the Dead Rivers. There are a variety of trips offered along the rivers suitable for all levels.

You really just have to check with some of the operators. Let them know your skill level and interest level and they will set you up with the proper trip. It is very important to match skill levels with the rafting trip you plan to go on. This is for your own personal safety and the other people who are in the raft with you.

Maine Rafting Trips – Kennebec River

The Kennebec River offers something for everyone from families to enthusiasts. World class whitewater rafting, with crystal clear water and spectacular scenery are available. With a daily release from the Harris Dam there are lots of white water rafting available. A word of caution is in order. Always go with a guide who is familiar with the water and the timing of the release from the dam.

There are full day trips and half day trips which many people may find interesting. Prospective white water rafters should always check ahead to make sure that they have the conditions they are looking for. Half day trips start around 9:30 and you should be finished by 1pm.

The Dead River

The Dead river is another wilderness white water rafting excursion that is popular in Maine and New England. It flows 16 miles through the Maine wilderness. There are 10 scheduled high water releases from the dam in the spring and fall. Enjoy spectacular white water among some of the best scenery in the nation.  N the fall you can also enjoy the beautiful fall colors if you have time to take your eyes off the roiling water that flows down the Dead River.

These dam releases fill the river with whitewater and create one of longest continuous stretches whitewater rapids rafted in the East. This rafting trip is fun, fast, and furious. The rapids can become stronger as the day progresses with big class IV+ holes and large wave hits. Highlights of the rapids include  “The Mine Field” “Elephant Rock” and “Humpty Dumpty”.  The wilderness setting is outstanding and the best rapid the class IV+ ” Poplar Hill Falls”.  This mile long rapid has over 15 large waves. This whitewater rafting trip is a fantastic way to kick off or wind up the rafting season.

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Maine White Water Rafting Trips

May 7th, 2012 ernie Posted in Maine No Comments »

We have combined 5 rivers in this post about Maine white water rafting trips. Each Maine White Water Rafting Tripsone of them has their own unique experience in terms of white water and scenic value. They are definitely part of the must do list of white water rafting trips to take in.

Kennebec River trips

The Kennebec river is one of the Maine white water trips that you can take. The Class of rapids is III-IV, the Length is 14 miles. Pricing we found to range from $74 – $114. Trips can be arranged from May – October and the minimum Age is 8 years of age.

Maine’s Kennebec River is one of the finest stretches of whitewater river rafting in the country. The Kennebec River originates in Moosehead Lake and runs over 150 miles toward the ocean.  It runs through some of the state’s most spectacular whitewater, scenery and wildlife. Go rafting through the Kennebec River Gorge or over the big whitewater rafting hit of Magic Falls.

Kennebec River whitewater rafting trips are reliable since a dam controls water flows from May to October.

The management at the dam test the turbines from time to time and release water at a significantly increased rate. There are four 8000 cfs turbine test water releases. These are the biggest waves around and the biggest water you’ll find on the East Coast, with whitewater rapids named after washing machines.

Dead River trips

Another Maine white Water rafting trip is the dead river gorge with class III-IV rapids and an overal length of 16 miles. Dates for trips must be scheduled and the minimum age is 12 years of age.

Trips on the dead river are dependent on scheduled dam releases and each release varies in the amount of water being let through the dam. Trips are different each time due to the unpredictable about of water let through the dam. There are six scheduled releases.

South Branch of the Penobscot River Canada Falls trips

Canada Falls White Water Rafting is another river that is part of the Maine white water rafting trips that you can consider.

The class level of the rapids is III – V and the length is two runs of 5 miles each. Pricing vary’s between $94 and $114. Schedule trips on Saturdays only in July and August with a minimum age of 112 years of age. The South Branch of the Penobscot River Canada Falls section is in the scenic and wild North Maine Woods. Canada Falls is a class V river, with steep drops. The whitewater excitement provides hydraulics around every turn.

West Branch of the Penobscot River Seboomook trips

The west branch of the Penobscot River has class II-IV and runs a total of 4 miles and 2 runs (total 8 miles). Pricing for 2 runs typically is $94 to $114 from May to September. There is  a minimum age requirement of 8 years of age.

Spring run off produces great waves and fast flowing water. While summer time flows are better for family outings and beginner or first time rafting excursions. There are ten ledge drops that create big waves. Also hydraulics, and rafting features that make this white water rafting trip exciting for everyone. Paddle hard through The Jaws, play and surf at Particle Accelerator and Move Maker.

West Branch of the Penobscot River trips

The last river we want to mention on their post about Maine White Water rafting trips is the Penobscot river with class III-V rapids and extending over 14 miles. Pricing is typically from $84 to $114 and rafting dates extend from May through October. there is a minimum age requirement of 14 years of age on this river.

This is Maine’s longest, steepest whitewater rafting river. There is stunning scenery and often you will even see a Maine moose.

The West Branch of the Penboscot River on the River Gorge and the Cribworks Section has high water and dam-controlled water flows. Steep and technical, these Penobscot River whitewater rafting trips have Class III – Class V rapids. They have ten-foot waterfalls, powerful holes, surfing and many more thrills along the way.

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