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Biking & Hiking in Palm Springs

December 7th, 2019 ernie Posted in Palm Springs No Comments »

Palm Springs, California, is a fantastic destination for biking and hiking enthusiasts. With its beautiful desert landscapes, stunning mountain views, and a variety of trails, there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities. Here are some suggestions for biking and hiking in Palm Springs:


  1. Palm Springs Bike Path: This 17-mile paved path runs along the scenic Tahquitz Creek and offers a smooth ride for cyclists of all levels. 
  2. Indian Canyons: The Indian Canyons area, located just south of Palm Springs, offers several biking trails that range from easy to moderate difficulty. The Murray Canyon Trail and Andreas Canyon Trail are popular choices with beautiful landscapes and an abundance of native flora.
  3. Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains: The Santa Rosa and San Jacinto Mountains National Monument offers challenging mountain biking trails for more advanced riders. The Cove to Lake Trail is a favorite, featuring a 20-mile loop with stunning views and diverse terrain.


  1. Indian Canyons: In addition to biking, the Indian Canyons area offers excellent hiking opportunities. Explore the Andreas Canyon Trail, Murray Canyon Trail, or Palm Canyon Trail, each showcasing unique geological formations, lush oases, and breathtaking waterfalls.
  2. Joshua Tree National Park: Just a short trip to Joshua Tree National Park, it is a haven for hikers. With its iconic Joshua trees, rugged rock formations, and numerous trails of varying difficulty, this park offers unforgettable hiking experiences. Popular trails include Hidden Valley, Ryan Mountain, and Barker Dam.
  3. Tahquitz Canyon: Located near downtown Palm Springs, Tahquitz Canyon is a beautiful desert oasis with a 2-mile hiking trail. This trail leads to a stunning 60-foot waterfall and visit the Tahquitz Canyon Visitor Center.

Remember to stay hydrated, wear appropriate gear, and check trail conditions before leaving. Additionally, be mindful of the desert environment and respect any rules or regulations in place to preserve the area’s natural beauty. Enjoy your biking and hiking adventures in Palm Springs!

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Late Night Restaurants in Palm Springs

May 3rd, 2015 ernie Posted in Palm Springs No Comments »

Late Night Restaurants in Palm SpringsLate Night Restaurants in Palm Springs

Alicante 760-325-9464  Weekdays 11pm F&S 12am

Zin American Bistro 760-322-6300  Weekdays 10pm F&S 11pm

Plate/Glass 760-322-2322 11 pm (closed Mon Tues)

Trio 760-864-8746  Weekdays 10 pm F&S 11pm

Smokin’ Burgers 760-883-5999 12am

Matchbox 760-778-6000 10pm F&S 11pm

Santana’s Mexican Food 760-322-2504 24 hours, dine in, or just drive up.

Kings Highway at the Ace Hotel 760-325-9900 11 pm Late Night menu in bar 12 am

The Steakhouse at the Spa Casino 888-999-1995 until ten pm/F&S 11 pm

Noodles at the Spa Casino 888-999-1995 Open until 1:00 am

The Corner Deli at the Spa Casino 888-999-1995 24 hours

Late Night Restaurants in Palm SpringsVillage Pub  760-323-3265 late-night menu until the last call and closes at 2 am

Ruben & Ozzy’s Oyster Bar & Grill 760-325-8800 Weekdays 10pm F&S 11:30pm

NYPD Pizza 760-778-6973 2 am, including pizza by the slice.

BAR 760-537-7337 Open until 12 am (Yes, the business is called BAR)

‘dish’ Creative Cuisine 760-832-6526 10 pm

Bongo Johnny’s Patio Bar & Grille 760-866-1905  Weekdays are 10-ish F&S 3:00am

Other Late Night Restaurants in Palm Springs

Woody’s Burgers: (760) 230-0188 Hours: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm

Denny’s 760-325-9519 24 hours

IHOP- aka International House of Pancakes 760-322-7177 24 hours

Café Palette (760) 322-9264 Weekdays 9:45 Weekends 10:45 and they deliver daily.

For a lot more information about Palm Springs, click here.

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Biking in Palm Springs

January 21st, 2015 ernie Posted in Palm Springs No Comments »

Biking in Palm SpringsBiking in Palm Springs is one of the most enjoyable things to do. With blue skies, good roads and most drivers giving the right away to bicycles, it is a pretty safe place to ride. One of the most important things for people who are biking in the Palm Springs area is to make sure that they have lots of water with them when they head out. Especially if you’re planning to go biking out in the desert, you can become dehydrated very easily. There are not many places to stop at to get a drink of water and get out of the sun so always make sure you bring lots of water, apply lots of suntan lotion, and bring something to eat. You can have a very enjoyable day as long as you have those three things.

Biking in Palm Springs – Equipment

The other important things are the standard issues that most bikers who’ve done a lot of biking know that they should be prepared for. And that is flat tires. Always make sure that you have the repair equipment you feel that you need to repair a flat tire. For some this is probably just a patch and a pump to pump up your tire while others will bring extra tubes so they can replace the tube quickly and then apply a new patch to the old when they return from their day of biking.

The other piece of equipment that the writer likes to bring with him when he’s biking in Palm Springs is a camera. You never know when you’re going to see something interesting that you would like to remember or send to your friends. The camera is a useful device to have along with you whether it is your cell phone or a regular camera.

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Tylers burgers Palm Springs

February 19th, 2014 ernie Posted in Palm Springs Rest's No Comments »

Tylers burgers Palm Springs Just got back from Tylers burgers Palm Springs where you can have one of the best hamburgers, french fries and coleslaw meals for under $15! in Palm Springs California.

We ordered sliders, which come with cheese for $3.25. Order them with the works, with caramelized onions, mustard, relish, and mayonnaise. They taste fantastic and with the coleslaw and french fries are more than a meal. Don’t forget to order your favorite kind of cheese on your Tyler’s burgers in Palm Springs. We tend to split the fries since there are so many provided. Some people who are hungry will order a regular burger, but we find that the sliders are more than enough for us.

Tylers burgers Palm Springs – Licensed

We just have water with our meal, however, you can order wine and beer as well as other drinks. It is a bit too early for us to have a drink. They open at 11:00 and there is usually a line by 11:30 to get into the place.

Tyler’s restaurant opens at 11 o’clock every day and by 1130 there’s a lineup to get in. If your hungry and in a hurry, it is best to get there before 1130 otherwise you’re going to have to wait in line and sign in at the sign-up sheet. The wait is not too long, nevertheless, there is a wait because this is a very popular place.

Couples can often get in more quickly than parties of four or more. They also have a small seating area inside, but most people will sit outside under the canopies which protect you from the sun. They close at around 3 pm.

We make a special effort to go to Tyler’s every year that we are in Palm Springs at least two or three times a month. Try it out we know that you will enjoy it. For more posts about restaurants in Palm Springs, click here.


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Relaxing in Palm Springs California

February 18th, 2014 ernie Posted in Palm Springs California No Comments »

Relaxing in Palm Springs CaliforniaRelaxing in Palm Springs California. Although this is just a parking lot outside the Starbucks in Palm Springs, you can see the palm trees in the distance and the mountains in the far distance. It is about 8 o’clock in the morning and already it’s 18°C or about 65°F. What a great place to be!

The Palm Springs area has a lot of great bike trails along with golf courses and along the various washes, which were built to channel flooding water from the mountains. I guess I will bike for another 10 km’s and then head home for a totally enjoyable ride of 20 to 25 K! The other interesting thing is that everyone you meet along these bike paths and walking paths is that they all have a smile on their faces.

They are happy and enjoying the great weather that Palm Springs offers. Everyone says good morning, or hello. People are friendly and they are enjoying life.

Relaxing in Palm Springs California

Once I get back from my bike ride, I will be heading to the swimming pool and relaxing while catching a few rays!  Later on in the day, we may head downtown for a coffee or something stronger and enjoy one of the many happy hours that seem to be available in Palm Springs.

Many restaurants will offer happy hour drinks and food items in an effort to draw people into their business during slower times of the day. this is a great way to enjoy the day or evening while not spending a great deal of money.

You can easily go out for a couple of beers and something to eat at a nice restaurant in the Palms Springs area for less than $20, $30 if you really spend a lot. All in all a great day in beautiful Palm Springs.

What a great way to spend a day while retired! For more Palm Springs things to do, click here.


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Ruby’s Palm Springs

February 17th, 2014 ernie Posted in Palm Springs Rest's No Comments »

Ruby's Palm SpringsThis Archway leads from the parking lot to Ruby’s restaurant on Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs. You’re missing an excellent meal if you have not dined at Ruby’s for breakfast or any other meal. You can sit outside and enjoy the fresh air as well.

They have a large outdoor patio with heaters when Palm Springs gets a bit cooler. You can also sit inside in what can be best called a 1950s diner, complete with a little train running around on tracks suspended from the ceiling. This is one of the best places to enjoy a meal, get great value for your money and do a little people-watching at the same time.

They have two patios, one facing the street and the other facing the walkway/archway we mentioned earlier. There is lots of opportunity to find sun or shade, depending on what you are looking for.

Ruby’s Palm Springs

We make a habit of going to Ruby’s at least once or twice while we are staying in Palm Springs. On the second floor, you can also try the Falls Restaurant above Ruby’s Palm Springs. It is another great spot for happy hour as well as fine dining.

Ruby’s offers a really large breakfast menu. The portions are large and sharable if you are so inclined. The coffee is bottomless and there are umbrellas, if needed, over almost all tables. A favorite time to eat at Ruby’s Palm Springs is the street fair on Thursday nights.

You can sit outside, have dinner and watch all the people strolling past. After you are finished, many people will stroll the six or seven blocks along the street and take in the street fair, which offers something for almost everyone.

There are lots of food stalls, vegetables, and things like homemade jams and honey. Many different arts and crafts and lots of displays for services offered by local businesses. The street fair runs every Thursday from 6 pm until approximately 9:30 pm all year round.

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Las Palmas spa restaurant overrated

February 14th, 2014 ernie Posted in Palm Springs Rest's No Comments »

Las Palmas spa restaurant We recently visited the Las Palmas Hotel and spa to go to one of the restaurants called the Palms Café for breakfast. The setting is gorgeous as shown in the picture that we’ve taken and included on this blog. The Las Palmas spa restaurant is very much over rated. We would not suggest that you spend your money at this particular restaurant. The service is not very good. It was if they did not want to serve us. We also found the cost of the items we were considering much more expensive than many other locations around the valley. This one is not for us even though the  scenery was great.

Las Palmas spa restaurant – Service

We found that the service was very slow and the prices were exorbitantly high for breakfast. As an example a small bagel with jam was nine dollars and a coffee was $2.25. We found this very high for the level of service and for the quantity and quality of the food. There were a couple of people eating there, but nothing fancy.

Granted that the setting was beautiful and you’re probably paying for that setting, but if you’re looking for a decent meal this is not a place to come. It really looked like this restaurant was something they provided because they felt they had to and it was not really aimed at making money. We would recommend that you not waste your money on this location! Anyone who spends their money at this location is looking for a really quick bite and not interested really in spending quality time or enjoying a quality meal. Swimmers at the pool might look to this restaurant for something quick to eat, a snack to satisfy their hunger until the next meal, but be prepared to pay a lot for little quantity..

There are many great places to go to have a meal other than the Las Palmas spa restaurant. There are so many choices that one wonders why you would ever consider going to this restaurant at all. The entire valley is filled with restaurants of all kinds. With so many to choose from, providing better settings and value for your money, this is one to avoid.

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Shanghai Restaurant Palm Springs

February 10th, 2014 ernie Posted in Palm Springs Rest's No Comments »

20140210-212133.jpgWe recently went to Shanghai’s bar and restaurant in Palm springs, California and would like our readers to know that this is a really great place to have a cool beer and enjoy a fish taco. The Shanghai Restaurant Palm Springs is a little hole in the wall behind the Fish Market. It has a lot of character, is a neat place to go and really great food. It seems to be a place where the locals go to have a beer, a fish taco etc. You can sit inside at the bar or outside, however we feel that the inside bar has all the charm of an old style bar.

Shanghai Restaurant Palm Springs – Fish Taco’s

The fish taco’s they serve at this location are really great, and priced reasonably as well. For $3.00 you can have a fish taco and a beer for another couple of dollars. The atmosphere is really great, relaxed and enjoyable. As of the fall of 2014, the prices have been increased, however we still think it is worth it.

They also serve garlic toast as well to patrons. In fact one night we had 3 servings of  garlic toast brought to our table before we had to tell them to stop. We wanted to leave room for our meal of fish taco’s! If you are looking for a relaxed meal, in a cool place this is definitely the place to go.

There is ample parking in the open air parking lot in front and if that is full, park in the parking garage for free right next door. If you live anywhere close to down town, it is easy walking distance and probably better that you walk and not drive after having a few drinks.

Many people also like the fish market for their fresh fish and apparently the meals are quite good. However we the atmosphere does not agree with us. We prefer Shanghai Restaurant Palm Springs much more.

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Palm Springs Weddings

January 21st, 2014 ernie Posted in Palm Springs No Comments »

Palm Springs WeddingsJust like every other city, Palm Springs is home to many weddings every year. There are many scenic locations for pictures that show the desert, the mountains, or fantastic hotel panoramic views. If you’re getting married in Palm Springs there’s so much to choose from. It can be sometimes difficult to decide where to get married and where to hold your wedding celebration.

One of the big advantages that Palm Springs has is that it has an average of 350 days every year of sunshine. They do have rain, they do have high winds, and sometimes the temperatures are cool but for the most part you have a higher probability of having a great day on your wedding than almost any other location in the country.

Palm Springs Weddings – Best Time of Year

February and March are almost perfect in terms of temperatures after that it gets pretty warm. Once you get into April and beyond, daytime temperatures can reach over 100°F. In the fall during October and November is a nice time where the temperatures are in the mid-80s. December January and even early February are also perfect temperatures for getting married However the evenings can be quite cool.

Plan your wedding in Palm Springs based on the temperatures as well as the availability of hotel rooms and venues to hold your wedding party. January through March is the season when the snowbirds come to town. Any other time of the year almost is a better time to hold your wedding. You do not have to worry about competing for hotel rooms and party venues.

Palm Springs organizes many party venues during the year. The motorcycle Harley-Davidson weekends to golf weekends and more Palm Springs is host to many activities during the year. If you’re planning your wedding around one of these events you may want to steer clear to avoid having to pay top dollar for hotel rooms and party vendors.


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Palm Springs Honeymoon

January 7th, 2014 ernie Posted in Palm Springs No Comments »

Palm Springs HoneymoonWhat an interesting idea! Spending your honeymoon in palm springs! Many of the movie stars as well as the average Joe will plan a Palm Springs Honeymoon in the Palm Springs area. For example, Elvis and Priscilla even spent their honeymoon in Palm Springs enjoying the warm weather the beautiful sites and just hanging around a great place.

With most hotels and motels having pools to spend your day at, hundreds of restaurants to try out, tennis courts, golf courses, hiking, and bicycling there is many things to do in Palm Springs on your honeymoon.

Palm Springs Honeymoon – Weather

Palm Springs receives approximately 350 days of sunshine every year. This makes this location a great place to spend time by the pool. There are over 115 golf courses to try out. Some are private, while many are public. They’re all really great places to try your hand at golf. There are public tennis courts as well as private tennis courts.

There are all kinds of restaurants in Palm Springs as well as the other desert cities in the Coachella Valley. Everything from fast food all the way up to fine dining, you can have your choice of special places to spend an evening or dinner with your new bride.

For those of you who are more active and would like to go bicycling, hiking, or even horse riding along mountain trails there are over 200 miles of hiking trails as well as many bicycling trails along the valley.

This is a great place to spend your honeymoon as well as a vacation for you and the family.

For a lot more information about Palm Springs, click here.

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Hotels in Palm Springs

December 21st, 2013 ernie Posted in Palm Springs California No Comments »

Hotels in Palm SpringsThere are many motels and hotels in Palm Springs Centered within a few blocks of downtown. We find that these locations are by far the best. You can walk to most  restaurants, bars and activities held in the Palm Springs area.

Some hotels are located at casinos and golf courses. These properties are very nice. If you’re a golfing enthusiast then you probably want to be near the golf course. However you must get in your car and drive anytime you want to go anywhere. Drinking and driving issues comes to mind in a situation like this.

Hotels in Palm Springs – Check Location

Check your location first based on what you like to do most. Book hotel or motel within walking distance or near a resort or by a golf course that you can go golf at.

There is a Hard rock hotel in downtown Palm Springs , which is one of three hotels in the downtown area of Palm Springs. There are also a number of luxury motels in the area which are very comfortable, have pools, and parking and are very  convenient to downtown.

At events that are held in the Palm Springs area, parking is usually at a premium. On Thursday night for example they have the Palm Springs Street fair which brings thousands of people into the downtown area. If you’re staying at a motel or hotel close by and can walk this is a major convenience compared to driving and then trying to find a place to park.

Book your hotel, or motel early so that you can find a place that you prefer. During January February and March there is a major snow bird surge in the population. Rooms are always at a premium and everyone is trying to find a place that meets their needs.


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Luxury Hotels Palm Springs

December 7th, 2013 ernie Posted in Palm Springs California No Comments »

Luxury Hotels Palm SpringsThere are all kinds of hotels in Palm Springs.  Most people are just happy to find a nice hotel in Palm Springs. Where they can spend some time at the pool, relax in the sun. Also go out for a great meal at one of the local restaurants.

There are luxury hotels in Palm Springs  that take you to another level. Enjoy the spa, play golf , get a massage, room service, relax by the pool in seclusion without noisy kids and teenagers. There are large  hotel chains like the Westin. Which provide all of the above services and you have to put up with many people around the pool etc. This may be fine for some people and the price is ok as well particularly if you negotiate a package deal.

Luxury Hotels Palm Springs

There are luxury hotels and motels that are much smaller. They offer intimacy, protection from nosy people and a place where you can relax, enjoy a good book. You can spend some quality time with your significant other. They offer concierge services, hotel transfer to and from the airport and they just about any other service that you will need. These luxury hotels and motels are literally within walking distance of the downtown area of Palm Springs as well. One such location is Melvins in Palm Springs.

They have a secluded compound, blocks from downtown Palm Springs, with a five star restaurant and small intimate bungalows for the ultimate privacy. They also have a piano bar which has an impromptu afternoon where local entertainers will come in and sign along or play along at the bar’s piano.  We have spent several Sunday afternoons at this location and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

While some people may not prefer this type of luxury, going for the big chain hotels instead, we would suggest that anyone on  vacation in Palm Springs should at least check out one of these style of luxury hotels in Palm Springs.


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Vacations Palm Springs

November 21st, 2013 ernie Posted in Palm Springs No Comments »

Vacations Palm SpringsVacations Palm Springs.  In our last post we wrote about Palm Springs vacations. There are lots of things that you can do in Palm Springs. In this post about vacations Palm Springs we plan to talk about hiking in and around Palm Springs. This is a great vacation activity that everyone can enjoy. Consequently youngsters as well as seniors who love the outdoors can go hiking on short trips as well as long hikes.

One of the conditions of hiking in any location is always to be prepared. In the Palm Springs area the temperatures are usually very hot. The air is very dry which enables dehydration to set in very quickly. Consequently always make sure you take lots of water with you to prevent dehydration. Wear a hat at all times, take lots of sunscreen and even pack a small lunch or snack to take with you. In addition make sure that someone knows where you’re going and when you expect to return. But do not deviate from the planned trip in case something happens and people need to find you.

Vacations Palm Springs – Hiking

There is a book called Palm Springs hikers guide. Which is strongly recommended for anyone who wants to do serious hiking in Palm Springs. In addition it provides pictures, directions, and ratings for all of the hiking trails that are available in Palm Springs and the Valley.

One area to go hiking is at the Palm Springs Tram. You can go up the mountains on the tram for the day and there are over 54 miles of hiking available at the top. But hikers should always be prepared when you go hiking in this area. Always take a compass with you as well as a knapsack with lots of water.

There are trails in all of the surrounding mountains that are surrounding the Palm Springs Valley. These trails range from easy to medium too difficult and all are rated in the Palm Springs Hikers guide. One trail, called the museum trail, is located just behind the museum parking lot. It goes straight up the mountain. However this trail would be considered medium to difficult for many people. Consequently with all of the switchbacks and the aggressive elevation that is included on this trip, it can be challenging.

There are trails in the middle of the desert just at the end of Ramon Road. Which are easy trails on flat ground to take you to several oasis’ and out into the desert. These are just a sample of some of the many trails that people can hike in the Palm Springs area. We hope you enjoy hiking.


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Palm Springs Vacations

November 7th, 2013 ernie Posted in Palm Springs No Comments »

Palm Springs VacationsPalm Springs is a great place to spend your vacation. If you are one of those people who love to golf, go biking, hiking, or just enjoy the hot weather and many great restaurants, Palm Springs can be the best place to spend your vacation. Every year thousands of people make the trek from the Northern US and Canada for their Palm Springs Vacations and keep warm in Palm Springs.

The there are over 115 golf courses to take advantage of, many are private clubs but at the same time there are many public clubs that are looked after and In great condition.

Palm Springs Vacations – Hiking

If you’re a hiking enthusiast, there are hundreds of trails in the desert as well as up in the mountains. The area can be looked at as a hikers paradise. Consider the tram and go up to the mountains at 8000 feet elevation. There are over 54 miles of hiking trails to try out.

Also in the desert, near mountains, in fact within walking distance of many homes in Palm Springs there are great trails. Regardless of which areas you go hiking, always tell someone where you’re going. Tell them when you will be back, and take lots of water with you. Many people need to be rescued every year because of dehydration in the hot sun.

There are more and more biking trails also in the Palm Springs area in the Coachella Valley. One always needs to be careful about drivers on the road and minding traffic regulations. But you can find many biking trails along golf courses and along the washers. Even just exploring some of the many beautiful living areas in the Palm Springs Valley is great.

For more things to do in the Palm Springs area, click here.

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Pool Palm Springs

October 21st, 2013 ernie Posted in Palm Springs No Comments »

Pool Palm SpringsIf you are looking for a pool Palm Springs, there are many private pools in Palm Springs. In fact almost every home in the Palm Springs area will have its own pool in the backyard. There are also a number of public pools that people who live in apartments and townhouses can go to. There are also a lot of townhouse complexes that also have common pools for the complex.

Almost every hotel and motel will have a pool for their guests to swim in while they are staying at their premises. Some of the larger hotels will have large pool areas. With pool decks and bars located either in the pool for quite close to the pool. There will be cabanas that people can sit under to get out of the sun or lots of palm trees to provide shade. These resorts are truly one of the best places to spend your time at one of the pools in Palm Springs.

Pool Palm Springs – Public Pools

There are also several public pool areas that people can go swimming at, with water slides and areas to spend the time sunbathing and just have a great time. Most of these can be found around town in Cathedral city or Rancho Mirage. They’re not far from Palm Springs since all the cities and run together and are close to each other.

The public pools are not open in the winter time. Although many people vacationing in Palm Springs would probably use them. The weather is extremely nice and warm most of the time. The water needs to be heated since it can become quite cool during the evenings.


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Palm Springs Pool

October 7th, 2013 ernie Posted in Palm Springs No Comments »

Palm Springs PoolPalm Springs is one of the few places where you will get the use of your Palm Springs pool almost 365 days a year. In the winter time you will have to heat your pool since the evenings can be very cold down around 50°F. In the summertime the temperature will go up to sometimes as much as 120°, only cooling off to about 90° at night. that’s pretty warm and your pool temperature will be very pleasant.

Of course the best pools in Palm Springs are those that are heated in the wintertime. Most people will get their pool and keep it at 83°F all Winter long. Homeowners will have to heat their pool from about October until the end of March if they want to use it during those time frames. After that the sun and the air temperature are hot enough to keep your pool warm during the day without it cooling off too much at night. You can swim from the end of March until late September without having to heat your pool. Most people use heaters of some type and do not bother with solar blankets.

Palm Springs Pool – Temperatures

In the summertime when the air temperature is 120°F, many pools are up around 90 to 95°F. It is almost too hot to actually go swimming since you never get that refreshing feeling from being in the water. It is just too warm and many people will just stay inside in the air conditioning during the day. At night when it cools off of it is very comfortable to go swimming in the pool in Palm Springs.

Tourists and permenant dwellers will be out during the evenings to enjoy the warm summer nights. Swimming is fun without the hot sun beating down on you all of the time. Remember to always keep your body well hydrated.Save

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Best Pool in Palm Springs

August 21st, 2013 ernie Posted in Palm Springs No Comments »

Best Pool in Palm Springs Almost every hotel and motel in the Palm Springs area has a pool. It is part of there entertainment package for guests that are staying there. But the very best pool in Palm Springs has to be at the Deauville. The Deauville is a condominium project located within two or three blocks from downtown Palm Springs. It is across from the Spa Casino.

The pool that is shown in this picture is actually at water park and is a lot of fun for many kids. For this reason many adults would prefer not to go to this particular pool. That’s why we think that the pool at the Deauville condominium project two blocks from downtown Palm Springs is actually the best pool in Palm Springs. It is a private pool. It is only used by people who are staying in the condominiums or who are owners of condominiums at the Deauville.

Best Pool in Palm Springs – Water Park

The pool at the water park is pretty good too and appeals to kids and teens who are looking for fun and excitement. Unfortunately it only opens in mid April. It stays open until late in the fall. But it is  one of the best water parks in the city.

At the Deauville you can choose from one of three pools. The largest pool is surrounded by palm trees and is kept at a standard 85° all year round. It comes with a hot tub and lounge chairs that you can relax on. There are two more pools on the property. They are smaller and they are heated as well beginning in March of each year. There’s also a hot tub. These pools are very quiet and an area where lots of people like to go to relax. At the larger pool there are obviously more people. It is  an opportunity to meet fellow snowbirds that are vacationing in the area.

Based on the properties that we’ve seen in the Palm Springs area and from comments in various people have made to us, this pool at the Deauville is one of the best if not the best pool in the entire city of Palm Springs. It is the largest pool, and it is also kept at it for a comfortable temperature all year round. The surroundings are tropical with palm trees. You can find shade as well as lots of sun. This is the best cool in Palm Springs.

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Palm Springs Hiking

August 7th, 2013 ernie Posted in Palm Springs No Comments »

Palm Springs HikingThere are lots of hiking trails in the Palm Springs area and the Coachella Valley. There are over 100 different trails that hikers can go on from very easy to some that are very difficult. In fact if you go up the Palm Springs Tram to the top of the mountains at 8500 feet elevation, and there are another 55 miles of hiking trails in that area as well.

Anyone hiking in the deserts of California and specifically in the Palm Springs area should always remember to take lots of water with them, and tell people where you’re going. It is very easy to suffer from heat stroke, and become dehydrated very quickly which can lead to further difficulties.

Palm Springs Hiking

On a regular basis we see helicopters flying into the mountains to rescue people who cannot take enough water with them and become dehydrated. It is very important that you follow these two guidelines for people to survive properly when hiking in the desert. In addition you should not hike by yourself, you should always take a friend, and some food and again lots and lots of water, at least a liter of water for every hour of hiking that you plan to do.

In addition to taking water with you, and food, and telling people where you plan to be hiking, you should also carry a walking stick to provide balance as well as to scare off any potential snakes that might be on the trail. If you plan to stop always look closely at the rocks in the location around where you plan to sit to make sure that there is no snakes in that particular area.

We have found that the best formula is to start early in the morning before the sun gets too hot and return by 10 or 11 o’clock. This is the best time of day to go hiking because you will see many more animals, and the temperature is very pleasant and comfortable.

If you’re hiking in the summertime with temperatures approaching 120° it is extremely important that you hike early in the morning. In the wintertime January, February and March, you may want to wait until about nine or 9:30 to begin hiking to allow the sun to warm the air up and make it more comfortable.


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Hotels in Palm springs

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Hotels in Palm springsThere are approximately five hotels in Palm Springs to chose from and then there are hundreds of motels and rental condos / homes that can also be rented. The hotels in Palm Springs include the Renaissance, Hotel Zozo, the SPA, the Hilton and the Hyatt.  The Renaissance, The Spa and the Hilton are located on Tahquitz road, the Hotel Zozo is located on Indian Canyon road and the Westin is located on Palm Canyon Drive. There is also a Best Western and a Comfort Inn, however these are smaller hotels that are not comparable to the above mentioned hotels in Palm Springs. All are within walking distance of the downtown area of Palm Springs, the Casino and the convention center.

Hotels in Palm springs – Hard Rock Hotel

The Hotel Zozo is in the process of being converted to a Hard Rock Hotel and this should be completed by the end of 2013. Construction / renovations have already started on this property. It most likely will become the premiere location to stay at since it will be fully modernized and up to date when renovations are completed.

Another high end hotel will be built according to reports on the site were the downtown mall is being demolished. This area has sat vacant for more than 10 years and is now finally being torn down. The new owners plan high end shops to be built, restaurants and the hotel that was just mentioned.

Motels in Palm Springs

There are literally hundreds of motels within 6 or 7 blocks of the downtown area of Palm Springs. We do not have an estimate of the number of rooms, however rest assured that there are motels of all types that cater to the varying demands of visitors. Readers should note that some places cater only to gays and lesbians. Others are pet friendly and some only to heterosexual couples. It is a good idea to ask ahead of time if you have specific preferences.

Many homeowners have purchased homes and condos as investments to rent out to vacation oriented snow birds and weekenders. The high season is considered January through March, with the shoulder season in Nov and December, and April and May. The remaining months, June through October are considered the low months. This is the time when not many people visit Palm Springs due to the high heat.

Depending on when you visit Palm Springs, you will pay more for a condo, home, motel or hotel room during the high season. Also especially when events are being held in the city. Rates can double or triple during conventions and entertainment events. Book early and also check on the rates before you book your vacation.

We have spent many winters in Palm Springs. We enjoy the warm weather, swimming, biking and hiking activities that are available. If you golf there are literally over 115 golf courses to try out. Some are private courses and you have to be invited by a member.

For more posts about Palms Springs and things to do in the area, click here.


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California Pizza Kitchen

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California Pizza Kitchen Palm SpringsThe California pizza kitchen in Palm Springs was located inside the mall that has been torn down. As of 2017, it is no longer there. A new building has been constructed. It was on the main strip of Palm Canyon Drive and provided typical American-style pasta food and salads etc. The location is not fantastic but the food was very good and reasonably priced. It was one place that you should probably visit while you’re in Palm Springs. But there are lots of other restaurants that are better quality, that provide better service and are  in a better area just down the street within one or two blocks.

California Pizza Kitchen

In fact the city has just approved a new development that involves tearing down the mall that the California Pizza Kitchen is part of so next time we visit Palm springs we expect that this restaurant may be closed or may have moved to another location. Once the upgrades are completed, this area will be a lot more interesting to visit and spend time in.

We have eaten several times at this restaurant and have always enjoyed the food, however we are trying out many places to get a feel for all of the new restaurants so that we can report on them in this blog.


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Palm Springs Restaurants

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Palm Springs RestaurantsPalm Springs restaurants are among the best in the country! There is literally all kinds of food types to choose from and there are many places with happy hour as well. Most have out door patios and excellent service to go with excellent food. We have been coming to Palm Springs for years and have our favorite restaurants. We also like to try new restaurants every year as well. The following is a short review of our favorite places in Palm Springs to dine !

Palm Springs Restaurants

The Falls – located in down town Palm Springs beside the Match box on the second floor above Ruby’s. the Falls is known for three things – smoking Martini’s, really great food and dining on balconies that overlook Palm Canyon street. This is one of our fav’s!

Kaiser Grill – also located on Palm Canyon street in down town Palm Springs. Really great food, dine outside overlooking the street and of course happy hour.

Tyler’s – this is the best burger place in Palm Springs and it is only open for lunch. Customers begin lining up at 11:00 am and the restaurant closes at 2:30 pm. Sliders, full burgers, coleslaw, fries and much more. This is a must. They are located in downtown Palm Springs in the plaza on Indian Canyon.

Bill’s Pizza – served really great pizza with at least 20 different pizzas to choose from. They have great pizza and 75 cent beer all day on Mondays! What more can you ask for, pizza and beer? They are located across the street from Tyler’s.

More Restaurants

The Matchbox – they are downtown in Palm Springs on the second floor. They have a really great patio area that over looks the street and the outdoor area of Ruby’s. we like happy hour and their food, but not their main restaurant.

Ruby’s – we have only been here for breakfast, but they serve a really great breakfast with lots of coffee. Two great patios to dine in with heaters and umbrellas to cover all kinds of weather!

The Village Pub – the last pub on the south end of the street, with two floors and outdoor heaters on the patio. Their claim to fame is the $2 beers. We did not like the food so much.

Lulu’s – this is an extremely popular restaurant in down town Palm Springs. Very modern, great food, the place to hang out in the city. It is always packed every night and they have happy hour all day at the bar.

Trio – in up town, this is another classy bar. We have only been to this restaurant for a glass of wine but based on the atmosphere and the happy hour prices, we will be back!

Three Sixty – also in uptown, this is a new restaurant for us. Great happy hour and entertainment on the weekends. The night we were there they had a jazz group playing.

Chipotle – a fast food chain, but clearly the best fast food Mexican style restaurant in the area.

There are many more places to visit in Palm Springs. We will add more reviews as we visit them.


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Willie Boy’s Saloon Morongo Valley

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Willie Boys Saloon Morongo ValleyWillie Boys Saloon Morongo Valley is a really neat bar located on highway 62 in the Morongo valley. With a history dating back to the 1900’s this saloon is worth a stop on your way back to palm springs Willie Boys Saloon Morongo Valley
It appears that Willie was gangster , or rather instead what he did was he killed his wife’s father’s and took off with the girl. There was a posse after him but after chasing him into the mountains above Palm Springs, he killed himself. The saloon is named after him.

Willie Boys Saloon Morongo Valley

We included a couple of pictures of the outside and the interior of Willie Boy’s Saloon Morongo Valley. We were there in the middle of the afternoon, so it was pretty deserted. At night apparently it is very busy and appears to be one of the best saloons in the area. It is a bi of a drive from Palm Springs and you need to give some thought about drinking and driving especially with the hair pin turns coming up from the valley. Still it is worth stopping for a cool one on a hot summers day.

20130416-210359.jpgYou can see from the pictures the inside is decorated much more than any saloon normally would be. There are lots of antiques and nick nacks all over the place. There is lots to look at. They have music in the evenings and weekends. We had a snack while there along with a couple of beers. The food was really good and the beer was cold. It is definitely a place we will go back to, closer to lunch or dinner when there are more people around and we can enjoy the atmosphere better with a little music.

Be carful getting on and off the highway. It is a four lane road and drivers are going very fast in this area.

Willie Boys Saloon Morongo Valley

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Tram to San Jacinto Palm Springs

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Tram to San Jacinto Palm SpringsTake the Tram to San Jacinto Palm Springs. Palm Springs is in a valley surrounded by mountains over 10,000 feet high.  The views from the valley are spectacular. There is something really great about walking in your shorts in 85 degree weather while looking at the snow on the mountains.  The view from the top of one of these mountains is equally spectacular. Although the pictures are really great , they just do not capture the grandeur of the mountains and the valley below. If your planning to head up the tram for some hiking or just to see the views, take a lunch with you, lots of water and hiking clothes.

Tram to San Jacinto Palm Springs

Visitors can take the tram into the San Jacinto mountains up to 8500 feet and hike on any of the 54 miles of hiking trails. Tram to San Jacinto Palm SpringsWhile going up the tram, the views of the valley, the side of the mountain and even the construction of the towers supporting the tram are amazing. This tour up the mountains is one of the must see things to do while in Palm Springs.

If you are a hiker, there are over 54 miles of trails to hike on in the mountains. We suggest that you always tell someone where you plan to go. Take a lunch and always take lots of water as well with you just in case you get delayed or lost on the trail. Taking extra clothes with you as well is also a good idea. It is usually about 20 degrees cooler on the mountain and can go down to freezing temperatures at night.


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Tram Palm Springs

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Tram Palm SpringsThe tram in Palm Springs takes you up to 8500 feet elevation into the San Jacinto mountains. This is rugged mountainous territory. Palm Springs is at an elevation of 485 feet. While the Salton Sea to the south about 30 miles is actually at sea level. Driving from Palm Springs to the Tram Station at the bottom of the mountain takes you up to 2000 feet above sea level. Then the tram itself takes you up another 6500 feet. It is apparently the 2nd steepest tram in the world.

Tram Palm Springs

Tram Palm SpringsThere are five towers like the one shown in the picture and each one has a helicopter landing pad at the top of it. This pad was used during construction and is now used when they need to get someone up to the tower to complete maintenance activities on the towers. I think it would be pretty scary having to land on that tower and then disembark to get off the helicopter and climb down onto the tower to do whatever maintenance is required. Quite and exciting job I would say.

There is often high winds which interfere with the operation of the tram. There are a few days every year where they must stop operations because the wind is just too strong.

The scenery is absolutely beautiful as you head up the mountain and are quite close to the rock faces. There are landing pads at various points on the mountain as well. We are not sure what they are for. The tram operates year round except in windy conditions. It is not safe to be on the tram due to the high winds.

There are several restaurants to enjoy at the top and the scenery is truly fantastic. There are actually over 85 miles of hiking trails. Also people enjoy the high elevation and the crystal clear skies on most days.


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Palm Springs Tram

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Palm Springs TramThe Palm Springs Tram takes you from 2100 feet in elevation to 8500 feet in elevation and the temperature drops 20 degrees in temperature. This is really a fantastic excursion that can be taken in a day. It is within 20 minutes of downtown Palm Springs, California. The trip up is spectacular as is the area at the top of the mountain itself. There are over 85miles of hiking trails for people to enjoy. Many people living in the desert will purchase season tickets. They go up the Palm Springs Trams several times a week. It is a great way to escape the heat. Also experience nature in a totally different environment and eco system.

Palm Springs TramDuring the summer time, the temperatures in Palm Springs can be as hot as 120 F degrees during the day. It will barely cool down into the low 90’s at night. Many people will escape into the mountains to cool off. The Palm Springs Tram up the mountain is a perfect way to get away from the heat of the summer time. We have included a few pictures of this tram that takes you from the desert floor into the mountains. There are five towers that support the cables that carry the tram up and down the mountain. There are actually two cars that act as counterweights to each other.

Palm Springs Tram – Maintenance

Helicopters would land on top of the towers to take maintenance people to the towers. These are small platforms that sit on top of the towers surrounded by mountains that would be very difficult to traverse on foot. The tram rotates as it climbs the mountain so that every person gets a 360 degree view of the mountains and the valley below. This picture shows part of this view and although they say a picture is worth a thousand words, they really do not do justice to the beautiful scenery that is seen on the way up the mountain.

If you have an opportunity to visit Palm Springs, take a day and spend it up the mountain hiking among the tall fir trees. It is a day well spent. Check the weather before you go and dress appropriately to avoid any discomfort and also wear lots of sun screen.


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The Corridor – Palm Springs

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The CorridorThe Corridor in Palm Springs is actually a backyard for several restaurants including a coffee shop. Patrons love to sit in the shade and enjoy a coffee and pastry. Or even consume their meal at one of the tables. It is a very pretty setting. There are stores that can be visited surrounding the outdoor area. I find it particularly nice in that I can relax in the shade and enjoy my coffee. As a result my partner can go window shopping at one of the stores. As you can imagine I am not a shopper and not interested in just looking for things that I really do not need.

The Corridor – Relax in the Sun

Anyone who makes a purchase of a coffee or food can use the tables and chairs to enjoy their purchase. Or visit with other people who have joined them. 20130416-201703.jpg In the mornings it is not uncommon to see customers reading their morning paper while enjoying their coffee in the patio area.

This is a popular spot in Palm Springs and is often crowded. Patrons can choose to sit on the lawn or on the patio stones that are distributed around the areas. There is lots of seating however even that fills up. Hence you need to be patient, someone will move and you will get a seat. Patrons tend to stay longer and enjoy the environment. Of course during the summer, it can also become quite warm sitting in the sun.


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Biking around Palm Springs

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Biking around Palm SpringsThere are lots of really good areas to go biking in Palm Springs. There are well marked lanes on many streets as well as bike paths that go along neighborhoods, golf courses and parks. Every year cycling in Palm Springs improves as well. The city and other cities in the valley are adding more and more designated cycling lanes for riders.

Even with these lanes, riders must be careful. Not all car drivers respect these lanes and some are upset at these additional restrictions. Be careful when biking around Palm Springs and any other city in the valley. The law recently passed, requires drivers to give you at least 3 feet of clearance, but many do not.

White Water Wash

Biking around Palm SpringsThese pictures were taken from the Levy along the whitewater wash with the golf course in the wash. This particular course gets flooded every couple of years and needs repairs from time to time. Never the less what a great place to bike and enjoy the scenery. The mountains in the background provide a great backdrop to the golf course and of course cycling. Be careful passing under overpasses.

There is often lots of debris and sometimes vagrants are living under these overpasses. They seem harmless but then you never know when one of them might challenge you or ask for money.

Biking around Palm SpringsMake sure you have heavy duty tubes and tires, because there are lots of thorns on the roads and sidewalks to stick into your tires and flatten your tires. One year I had over 10 flats due to the thorns.  Heavy duty tubes as well as using green slime in your tubes will help to prevent a flat tire. The green slime will plug a hole and at least get you home.

Biking around Palm Springs is best done early in the morning to avoid the heat. It can get pretty warm at times during the day. Take lots of water with you as well to ensure that you do not be dehydrated. Many people will also bike for some distance and then take the bus home. Load the bike on the bike rack on the front of the bus and ride the bus for $1.00 or $0.50 if you are a senior.

For a lot more information about things to do in Palm Springs, click here.


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Shanghai Reds – Palm Springs

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Shanghai RedsShanghai Reds has been in Palm Springs for the past 15 years and is a must place to visit ! Located on Indian Canyon road behind the fish market restaurant, you might never know it was there unless someone told you about it. For some people it reminds them of a bar in Shanghai while for others it reminds them a small bar in the heart of Mexico. This is not a large restaurant and sometimes you cannot get a seat for a short time. But be patient or just get their early. They also have entertainment some nights. If interested you will want to ask at the bar which nights they have entertainment.

Shanghai Reds – Seafood

Their seafood comes from the fish market restaurant next door and all of the food is fantastic. We had fish tacos the last time we visited and they were the best we ever had. They also serve free hot garlic bread to all of their customers sitting at the bar! This is a must place to visit. It is also Zagat rated and they deserve it! this is a place we really enjoy and will be going back many times in the near future.

20130408-155907.jpg We find sitting at the bar to be the most entertaining. Not only can you watch the cooks prepare various orders, you can chat with other patrons. Pretty much everyone is on vacation and looking to have an enjoyable time. They like to meet people from different parts of the continent and learn about other bars and restaurants that are good to go to on the Palm Springs area.

The cooks are very busy. We find it amazing how the put out so much food in a small space that is also so good. Many people like to sit outside, however it is much more interesting sitting inside at the bar. You have to go early in order to get a good seat.

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Happy Hour – Palm Springs

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Happy Hour Palm SpringsThis is a list of great places to eat in Palm Springs.  Most of these restaurants have happy hour Palm Springs deals. Try them and let us know! Many visitors to Palm Springs only go out for happy hour and avoid the more, expensive main courses. It is also a great way to try out a restaurant to find out what the food is like and also the service. If you enjoy the experience you can always go back for happy hour or for a main course. A great way to try out and then go back if you like it. All of these places are found by using Google with the name of the restaurant and the city indicated.

Happy Hour Palm Springs

– The Polish/Soda combo @ Costco. $1.49, 21 yrs & counting… In Rancho Mirage
– In town?? A slice @ Bill’s Pizza on La Plaza with a window shopping stroll to walk it off. In Palm Springs

– Happy Hour bar menu at LuLu on S. Palm Canyon In Palm Springs

– Happy hour at Matchbox is good too as is Geuseppe’s. Early Bird menus there. In Palm Springs

– And Grind Burger has a happy hour menu… real good. In Palm Springs

– Appetizer dinner on the patio during Happy Hour at Wang’s is cheap and good. In Palm Springs

– Ruben and Ozzy’s. Fish taco, shrimp taco, and Pacifico beer, $11. In Palm Springs

– We like the cafe at the Camelot and Rick’s Grill for okay and inexpensive dinner . Just looking for a change tonight.

– Rick’s Desert Grill or don’t laugh, either the Fish & Chips or Cobb Salad at Billy Reeds. And my new fave is the sole at Twin Palms. (All in Palm Springs)

– NEW FORTUNE is good Chinese in Cathedral City across from Trader Joe’s and below Elevations.

More Great Restaurants

– Soup and half a sandwich at Manhattan In The Desert. And if you’re like me you have leftover meat to make another sandwich later. (They’ll even give you the extra bread if you ask nice.) In Palm Springs

– John’s Diner… SO GOOD and SO GUILTY!!! In Palm Springs

– Guacamoles on Sunrise at Ramon. In Palm Springs

– Also Villa Bakery….atmosphere way lacking but good authentic food and bakery goods. In Palm Springs.

– Actually Native Foods and Palm Greens Cafe are reasonable too. In Palm Springs

– Happy Hour at THE FALLS & CASA de FRIDA! In Palm Springs

– Lulu, and Mario’s. In Palm Springs

– Jiao, or El Mirasol In Palm Springs

– The new Greek place in LaPlaza ! (Greek Islands Cafe) In Palm Springs

– Natures health food store makes great meals all for under 10.00. In Palm Springs

– Chipolte….healthy,filling, 2 can eat for 17.00 In Palm Springs

– I really liked Jiao, but don’t know that I’d qualify it as “cheap eats”. Looking forward to their Sunday dim sum menu soon.

– Been curious about Ruben & Ozzy’s too. (Right now if I’m in the mood for something on the’s Zin or Shanghai Red’s.) In Palm Springs

– Fish taco plate at Fisherman’s Market too. Lunch $8. In Palm Springs

– I keep forgetting Ruben and Ozzy’s. Maybe tomorrow night, giving up on the hour and a half wait Birba.

– Love, love, love RUBEN & OZZY’S…everything is delicious & reasonably priced + happy hour menu after 8:00pm:-) They’re open for lunch, too!

Inexpensive Eateries

– My favorite inexpensive eateries – John’s for American food, El Taco Asado for Mexican, China King for Chinese. Plus all kinds of great happy hours downtown and uptown! (I don’t drink very often as my husband said it is not appropriate for me to dance on tables anymore…) In Palm Springs

– I always forget about El Taco Asado. I understand they are owned by the same folks who own Talaquepaque? Do you know if they do dinner too? I only think of them at lunch time. In Palm Springs

– The Taco shop on Sunny Dunes corner of Palo Fiero. I think it’s called Talaquepaque. In Palm Springs

– Oh yes dinner too. I only eat meat occasionally but try the carnitas nachos. I want to live in a big plate of those!

– Also Dehli Palace has a great buffet and under 10.00 during the week and I think 12.95 on the weekends. In Palm Springs

– Don and Sweet Sue on Ramon in Cathedral City along with Michael’s Cafe on Date Palm at Gerald Ford

– Cafe Italia (N Palm Canyon at Racquet Club) is a good bargain too.

For more information about Palm Springs Restaurants and also happy hour in Palm Springs, click here.


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Riccio’s Restaurant – Palm Springs

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Riccios RestaurantgRiccio’s restaurant is in the uptown area of Palm Springs at the corner of Palm Canyon road and Alejho. They offer a $28 special which includes a salad, main course, and dessert.

I had a Caesar salad, petite filet with baked potatoes and vegetables. The service was excellent and the food also. I had a red house wine, Cabernet, for $6 which was very good.

We dined with friends on a warm spring night in Palm Springs, probably around 80 degrees F, in shorts and T-shirts. A very comfortable evening in a town that offers a great deal to do. There are many restaurants to choose from, so many in fact that you might not revisit the same restaurant twice in a season unless you found one that you really enjoyed. This restaurant, Riccio’s in Palm Springs could be one of them!

Riccio’s Restaurant

Check them out if you are in the Palm Springs area. We enjoyed our evening very much.
Riccios RestaurantThis restaurant provides a choice of indoor dining vs. outdoor dining. We sat outside and enjoyed the warm evening while people watching. The atmosphere was very nice and the service was also excellent. If you’re in town, this is a great place to try out. It is a little north of the main downtown area, so it is a bit quieter than some of the other restaurants. This is just fine in our opinion.

For more restaurants to try in the Palm Springs area, click here.


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