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Mamma Theresa’s Restaurant – Ottawa

Mamma theresa ristoranteIt has been many years since we have dined at this restaurant called Mamma Theresa’s at the corner of Somerset and O’Connor streets in the city of Ottawa. It is located in a nice old building with lots of history and character. The building is old and if you enjoy this sort of thing is a great place to spend an afternoon. Or an evening¬† having a drink or going for dinner. When you walk in the main entrance you will find the dining room on the right. The bar area is on the left. We were there at lunch time in January. The place was almost empty so we expected really good service and food.

Mamma Theresa’s Restaurant – Review

Unfortunately it did not live up to its reputation. The service was fine and the servers were very attentive. After all they did not have to work too hard since there was only about 5 other tables that were occupied. This is a rather large restaurant which seats roughly twenty tables or so.

The food just did not live up to our original memories of the place or what you might expect of this kind of restaurant. We each had a lunch time meal of pasta, a salad, one beer and two glasses of wine. The bill with tip for lunch came to $70, an outrageous price for what we were served.  The pasta did not seem fresh and my wife ordered  pasta with cream sauce and she was served one with tomato sauce.

There is parking around the corner off of O’Connor street and also on the street if you can find a parking spot. You must feed the meter or risk a parking ticket. There is also parking in nearby parking lots were you need to surrender your keys to the attendant since the lots are usually so full.

Need less to say we will not be going back to this restaurant for many years. For more things to do in Ottawa, click here.


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