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Ottawa Rockclif Yacht Club

Ottawa Rockclif Yacht Club The Ottawa Rockclif Yacht Club is on the Ottawa river not far from the governor generals home. In fact you can find it by traveling along the parkway until you come to the lookout point where many people stop to look out over the Ottawa river. this location also allows you to see the Gatineau river where it empties into the Ottawa River. There are lots of boats also moored at this location as well. the picture above shows the boat house and the deck where patrons can enjoy a meal or a cold drink or both.

Ottawa Rockclif Yacht Club The deck that you sit on also floats on the water and you can feel the waves from the boats that travel up and down the river. You may occasionally have to wait for a seat, but it is definitely worth the wait. There is nothing better than sitting on the deck on a beautiful sunny day. Enjoy the sun, the view and the water. The only difficult part is the road that comes down from the cliff. It is narrow, very steep and has a 180 degree turn part way down the cliff. It also really only supports one vehicle going in one direction, so you need to be careful on this particular road.

Ottawa Rockcliff Yacht Club – Bike Trail

20130815-223435.jpgThe view from the deck of the Ottawa Rockclif Yacht Club is shown in this last picture. this is the Ottawa River as seen from the Rockclif boat house on the Ottawa river. A fantastic view for anyone who enjoys the water. It is sometimes hard to believe that you are actually in the center of the city of Ottawa.

There is a bike trail that runs along the river from one end of the city to the other. Many people who are out on a bike trip also stop here for a drink or a meal. It makes for a really fantastic day when you go for a bike ride along the river.

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