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The Mix Steakhouse & Bar in Orleans

The mix steakhouseThis morning we had breakfast at the Mix Steakhouse & Bar in Orleans, beside the Dairy Queen on Tenth line. The address is 1675 Tenth Line Road, Orleans. We had a window view, however, there is not much to look at. There is a tarp covering the chairs for the outdoor patio in the summer and there are thousands of cigarette butts that are strewn everywhere to look at.

The Mix Steakhouse & Bar in Orleans – Description

This is a bar first and foremost although they obviously serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Unfortunately for us this morning the coffee was lukewarm at best and although the waitress tried her best to get us a hot cup of coffee, there was just something wrong with the coffee machine this morning.

We also found that the Mix Steakhouse was still rather untidy from the night before. The floor had not been cleaned, my first coffee cup had catsup on it and the second had something unrecognizable on it as well.

Our Order

We ordered a combo and split it since my wife is a light eater at breakfast. The combo sounded like a lot of food. In fact, it was, consisting of two pancakes, two sausages, two pieces of bacon, scrambled eggs, deep-fried potatoes, and toast.

After my wife took her share, I could still not finish the meal. Although the quantity was more than we needed, it left a bad aftertaste most of the morning.

I think it was the bacon, but not really sure since there was a lot of grease and fat with pretty much everything.

The Service

The service at the Mix Steakhouse was fine and the waitress really tried. But when you are dealing with a bad situation, it is pretty tough to recover from it. We have only tried one meal, however, based on this meal we will not go back.

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