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Ottawa 10k marathon

Ottawa 10K MarathonThis is a picture of the Ottawa 10K marathon taken in June 2013. There were over 10,000 people who raced in this particular marathon. My daughter finished at 62 minutes and 48 seconds. The fastest runners ran this race in under 30 minutes and it was quite astounding to see them. They ran a fast-paced race for the entire 30 minutes and covering the 10 km of the race in downtown Ottawa. They can run faster than I can at the end of the race than I can run anytime.

It was really something exciting to watch as they rounded the corner and headed towards the finish line. The location where this picture was taken was roughly 500 m from the finish line in downtown Ottawa near the NAC.

Ottawa 10k Marathon – Elite

These runners are considered in the elite class. Hence they can run faster at the finish than most people can run at the beginning. They are generally tall and very slim, taking long paces that really move them at fast pace. Consequently these runners do not seem to slow down even after running for 10,000 m’s at a very fast pace.

They were finishing a good 30 minutes before the main pack of runners came across the finish line. As a result hey are very strong competitors and very fit athletes.

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