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Dancing With the Stars 2013

April 24th, 2013 ernie Posted in Dancing W T Stars No Comments »

Dancing with the StarsDancing With the Stars 2013: Zendaya Coleman, Kellie Pickler and Aly Raisman are top contenders for the mirrorball trophy with Kelly Pickler at the top of the leader board. She is a sweet country girl that is also extremely good looking as well. We hope she does well. In fact all of the contenders at the top of the list have great personalities and are also very attractive which helps when it comes to popularity votes on a show like dancing with the stars.

This show is by far the best show on TV for TV viewers. Lots of entertainment, family oriented and humorous. Last night they also had Stevie Wonder and all dancers danced to one of his musical hits. What a night!

The dancers find it very challenging with the long days of practice and all of the physical work that goes into it. They find it hard and challenging, but they love it, especially to hear the audience appreciation for their efforts.

Dancing With the Stars

This is one of the best entertainment shows, reality shows, whatever you want to call it on TV right now. It is interesting to watch how the various contestants improve over the season. Even Nancy Grace was on Dancing With the Stars on one of the seasons. She did moderately well compared to some of the younger people who are more flexible and agile.

We have to give her a lot of credit for just getting out there and being on the dance floor. Personally this writer would find it very intimidating to be on the dance floor with millions of people watching. My two left feet would trip myself or my partner for sure. So we applaud Nancy Grace and all of the other participants for being out on the dance floor taking on some of the more challenging numbers.


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Dancing With the Stars Winners

December 7th, 2012 ernie Posted in Dancing W T Stars 1 Comment »

Dancing With the Stars WinnersMelissa Rycroft and professional partner Tony Dovolani, dancing with the stars winners, danced their way to victory during the latest Dancing with the stars competition which pitted former winners and runner ups against each other to really elevate the level of skill, entertainment and quality of the show. Rycroft, a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader got a perfect score on Monday night to put her in the top position in terms of points from the judges. But it is always a cliff hanger when you build in the audience vote the following that many of the stars have.

Dancing With the Stars Winners – A Good Following Helps

Melissa Rycroft and partner Tony Dovolani really did not have a strong following in terms of supporting fans from previous shows and activities. Many of the others were TV stars, football players and race car drivers along with Olympic athletes. They all have a fan base which Melissa really did not have. However both Melissa and Tony had something else that really none of the other contestants had.

They had desire to win and the work ethic was so strong for these two. They worked to make everything absolutely perfect in their routines and were rewarded with perfect scores. There was another factor as well which really contributed to their wining the trophy.

No Drama During the Competition

Throughout the competition there was never any false sense of drama. None of this phone sexual thing that another contestant  tried to show and garner more votes. Throughout the competition they always had huge smiles, a great attitude. Also an endearing personality that we thing endeared them to the audience and built a fan base among the Dancing with Stars viewers.

This is really what gave them the edge over the other two runner up contestants. We do not want to take anything away from either of the other two. They were excellent and provided a fantastic show and skill level with all of their dances. They just did not endear themselves to the audience as much as Melissa Rycroft and professional partner Tony Dovolani did during their dances. Also any interviews and conversations they had in front of the media.

We really love to watch this show. It is such a positive motivation and uplifting show, we either watch it life or we record it and watch it as soon as possible after words.  Tom Bergeron does a fantastic job of keeping everything on schedule and filling in sound bytes to bridge the gaps in conversation. Don’t’ change the format guys, just give us more of the same and keep the level of competition very high.

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Bristol Palin Weight Loss

November 14th, 2012 ernie Posted in Dancing W T Stars 1 Comment »

Bristol Palin Weight LossDid Bristol Palin lose weight or was the perceived weight loss from some work by a surgeon? We are not sure but something sure looks different this season. She looks great and she looks more mature than she did last season. However although her looks are better her dancing did not improve at the same rate. She was being kept on the show just because of her mothers voting friends. She does not have the work ethic to get ahead on this show. These other people on the show are very competitive and hard working. Bristol is out of her depth and it shows.

Bristol Palin Weight Loss – DWTS

You may be thinking that we are picking on Bristol, however we are categorically not picking on her. She has improved from last time, she looks better, but she just does not measure up to the rest of the competitors. She has now gone home and we will no longer poke fun at Bristol Palin for her dancing or whether she lost weight or not.

DWTS is an absolutely fantastic show. all of the stars improve and all of the stars lose weight throughout the show. they are really working hard and when you basically exercise for 8 hours a day or more, then you are bound to get in better shape and lose weight as well. Wish we could be in such shape!

Well this is the last post about Bristol and DWTS unless something monumental comes along. We really like the show and in fact think it is the best show on TV these days. It takes hard work, talent and skill to win the trophy, contrary to many of the other reality shows that are on TV these days. We strongly support what this show is doing and look forward to many more weeks of great entertainment.


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Dancing with the Stars and Bristol Palin

October 10th, 2012 ernie Posted in Dancing W T Stars 1 Comment »

Bristol PalinWell Bristol Palin made it through another night and two former winners went home last night that danced much better than she did. How does this happen? Why should talent not count for more? Clearly Bristol has not got what it takes to train and perform at a level that other contestants have. She is young and immature and has not had to really compete for anything in her life compared to the other contestants. There are very successful people competing with her that know how to work hard , to prepare and to go out and give it everything they have. Bristol simply is not in this category. So why is she still there and not even in the bottom two or three?

Voting Structure – and Bristol Palin

The answer is pretty simple really and it reflects on the way the voting system is set up. The judges are responsible for 50% of the vote and the voting public is responsible for the other 50%. Last night, Bristol Palin improved from the previous week, the judges indicated this and as a fan of DWTS, I would have to agree. They kept her at the lowest score, but they also rewarded her with a score that really was not too bad at all, 7.5 across the board for a total of 22.5! Although having the lowest score she did not even make it into the bottom two!

In order to get a lot of votes from the audience you must have a following and franking some of the folks that went home before her are not in the mainstream any longer and do not have a strong enough following to enable them to get the votes. They also scored better than Bristol, but not significantly better, being only a couple of points ahead of her and well behind the leaders who had 27.

Bristol Palin – You Need a Strong Following

Bristol Palin has a following, or rather her mother does. Her mother is a big fan obviously and she has stated several times that she is rallying her followers to get out there and vote for her daughter. And they do vote so much so that they keep her out of the bottom two every week so far. These people are not voting for excellence, they are not even voting for themselves. They appear to be mindlessly following what Bristol’s mother tells them to do. Sad but true and this is how you end up with what we have. The voting is working exactly the way it is supposed to.

Are the Judges Doing Their Job

The writer happens to think that the judges are not doing their job. Bristol’s performance was so far below that of the other performers that her score should have been much lower. With a greater separation, there might have been a better chance of her going home much earlier.

Will it Make a difference in Who Wins Dancing With the Stars

Will it make a difference in the long run? Probably not, Bristol will never measure up to the leaders and will go home eventually. The people who have gone home already would have also gone home before the leaders as well unless they significantly step up their game. So will it make a difference in who wins, probably not? But should she have gone home last night? We think so!


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Bristol Palin – Dancing With The Stars

October 3rd, 2012 ernie Posted in Dancing W T Stars 1 Comment »

Bristol Palin - Dancing With The StarsCan you believe it, Bristol Palin is still on Dancing with the Stars? She had the lowest points going into this session, week two of the 2012 season by a long shot and who gets booted off? Instead Joey Fatone and Kym Johnson were given the boot, much to our disgust.

Bristol cannot dance and worse, she is not even trying.  She does not seem to have the work ethic which is so symptomatic of many young people these days. So what is keeping her on the show. Well in our opinion it has to be the republican right. Also all of the young single mothers who are pulling for her. And then of course there are her mothers follower’s who must be voting for her.

Bristol’s Work Ethic

We predict that unless she changes her work ethic and picks up her style, the judges will give her an even lower score next time just to try to get her off.  the rest of the dancing crew are so far above her in skill and entertainment value that it is really embarrassing. Even the MC, Tom Bergeron does not know what to say. Everyone was shocked last night. If this continues like it did in the last Dancing with the Stars show she was on, other much more talented people are going to be going home before she does.

Let us know what you think about Bristol Palin being on the show and also what you think of her dancing. She has a long way to go before she catches up with the others on the show who have much more talent.

What About Mark Ballas

We also feel sorry for Mark Ballas. He is an extremely talented dancer with tremendous energy. To be stuck with someone who has stated she does not care that much about the show is bad enough. A person who apparently goes home early also must be very difficult to take. Fortunately for Bristol, he is a professional. He will keep plugging away at her to try to improve her dance skills. There are other people on the show younger than her and with far more energy and better work ethic. They are doing well and will be in the finals I am sure unless the voting really gets out of whack.

Vote for anyone but Bristol so that she goes home next week regardless of how she does so that the real competition can begin with the people who are working really hard on Dancing with the Stars. We need to see a real competition and not a popularity show that is really attributed to her republican mother. She probably is a really nice girl, but get with the program and start competing. Work hard and at least try to improve!

That is our take on last nights elimination with Dancing with the Stars.


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