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Mucho Burrito – Orleans

Mucho BurritoThe Mucho Burrito restaurant is a relatively new place that opened in Orleans, Ontario , Canada.  The restaurant we went to is on Innes road in the southern part of Orleans. Modeled after Chipotle in the US, it is even better since it has a much nicer decor. The food is about the same which is to say great. The prices are about standard for Canada. Which also means they are much more expensive than in the US. Of courses our taxes also add to the overall cost. We enjoyed this location. However it just does not have the same vibe as Chipotle in the US.

20130720-135031.jpgBut the place is nicely decorated, the sound does not ricochet the way it normally does in some places and the staff was very friendly and quick. We will definitely be back for lunch at this location.

One small complaint that we had is that we ordered a burritos bowl and asked for several tacos to be added to that. The manager did not want us to sell us tacos and did not know how to charge for them or how much to charge for them even after I offered to pay for them. At chipotle we routinely get six tacos with her burritos bowl and this is a big difference from the Chipotle burritos offering.


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