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White Water Rafting in Mexico

February 21st, 2012 ernie Posted in Mexico 1 Comment »

There are many locations for White Water Rafting in Mexico. Also trekking, zip lining and much more in addition to the resorts and the beaches. This is the 3rd post in our series about places to go during the winter in Canada and the Northern US for white water rafting locations.  We also covered white Water rafting in Costa Rica in our last White Water Rafting in Mexicopost as another location to consider. Mexico offers just about everything a tourist could want in terms of adventure and excitement. As well as arid conditions or tropical rain forest.

There is the issue of personal safety with all of the drug cartels. However if you go with recognized tourist operators into areas that are not known for violence most people will be fine. We spent 2 months in Peurto Vallarta in 2009 with zero problems and not even a hint of violence! White Water Rafting in Mexico can be fun.

Mexico has amazingly diverse travel destinations with lots of potential for adventure!

For White Water Rafting in Mexico, visit the Sierra Madre in Mexico which offers a variety of steep, technical rivers in the range of difficulty from class II to IV. Travel through more than 100 km of continuous whitewater excitement. Veracruz, Mexico has something for every whitewater paddler, whether you paddle a canoe, kayak, raft or inflatable kayak!

White Water Rafting in Mexico – Veracruz

The state of Veracruz is known as the Whitewater River Rafting Capital of México. The combination of the Sierra Madre Oriental Mountains to the west and the large amounts of rainfall in this tropical state on the mountains fills many small streams and fill the rivers. Fast flowing rivers have carved deep and narrow canyons with rapids in the class II to IV level. People from all over the world come to either raft or kayak these excellent rapids.

Jalcomulco and the Antigua River Valley,

Jalcomulco is located in the Sierra Madres between Mexico City and coastal Veracruz. It is one of the best destination for those wishing to test their whitewater skills. This rural village is only a two hour drive from the city of Veracruz. You must drive through the foot hills of the Sierra Madres , past coffee plantations of Coatepec, and down through the Mango plantations of the Antigua River Valley, a spectacular visual introduction to the area.

This historic village sits on the banks of one of the best whitewater rivers in Mexico, surrounded by dense vegetation, abundant wildlife, challenging bike trails, and adrenaline rushing cliffs and gorges.

Jalcomulco borders the Antigua river (the river of the hummingbird) and accommodates rafters with varying levels of experience from beginners to advanced level. Parts of the river range from class II to Class IV rapids and experienced guides in the area will adjust your float adventure according to your level of experience. Always ensure that your be honest about your ability to enable the guides to deliver the right experience for you.

While there are some areas of the river that demand all of your paddling attention, there is plenty of time in other areas to observe the magnificent views. For instance, you will see lush bromeliads hanging from high cliff walls, interspersed with dense forested slopes. There are many colorful bird species to be seen as well across this region, huge bird nests and unique larger birds like the Kingfisher or “Oropendola” fly above as you traverse the waterway.

Rio Filobobos and Rio Actopan

Explore two other well known rivers in the region, the Rio Filobobos and Rio Actopan. If you have an interest in archeology you can visit recently discovered ruins from the banks of the Rio Filobobos.

Rio Actopan Hard to Beat

But for shear excitement the Rio Actopan is hard to beat. More a creek than a river, the crystal clear water of the Rio Actopan runs narrow and swift through a combination of mango plantations and tropical forests. From the river source of Descabezadero, where springs gush out of a fern covered natural limestone amphitheater, 20 km downstream, the river offers almost nonstop Class II and III whitewater. The rapids are perfect for first timers as well as technical and challenging enough for experienced river runners to enjoy.

Other Sports Available

There are also many mountain bike trails in and around Jalcomulco and climbing and rappelling areas. Horse riding adventures and even paintball events are available in this small but exciting locale.

There are several unique attractions such as the hidden waterfall El Salto del Encanto. Explore the recently discovered Totonaca-Huasteca site of El Cuajilote, a fertility ceremonial site.

October has the best whitewater flow for rafters. The river also has year round rafting. The climate is typical “mountain” weather of hot/sunny days and cool evenings. It is also typical for this region to experience a build up of humidity throughout the day. This leads to a tropical rain shower in the evening as the temperature cools.

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