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CPAP Supplies Discount

October 21st, 2014 ernie Posted in CPAP Supplies No Comments »

Supplies for CPAP MachinesThe picture on the left is an example of one type of CPAP mask that consumers can purchase. There are actually about ten different styles, however the point of this post is not really about the type or number of CPAP masks. Instead we wanted to bring to consumers attention that they really need to shop around to find the best price for their CPAP supplies. In many cases they can be purchased at a discount, sometimes as much as 50%. Medical supplies are priced very high, especially if you purchase them through a medical supply agency or company. Consumers can really save a great deal of money by shopping around to get the best deal. An example will illustrate what we are talking about.

CPAP Supplies Discount

The write recently went to a local health provider of medical equipment. This is a popular one and used by many people including seniors who need various types of supportive equipment. In our case we wanted to replace the hoses and the nasal pillow CPAP mask that is being used. Everything was great in terms of service, fitting etc, until we saw the price for a hose, the mask and the supporting straps. The total came to over $250, the mask itself with straps was $230. At the time we were kind of blown away at the high cost. When the writer mentioned this to the medical professional, the answer was somewhat surprising. First she indicated or reminded me that my health insurance would pay for 80% of the cost. Secondly she mentioned that anything related to the medical field is very expensive.

Well the writer decided to check around to see what other prices there are. Turns out that you can purchase the exact same thing for half the cost online. So should the writer purchase the CPAP supplies at a discount? Well my insurance only pays 80% which means my cost would be around $50. If I purchased the items online ,y cost will be around $20 after putting the claim into my insurance company.

We are not going to purchase the CPAP supplies from our local medical store on principal. This is just a rip off and we have to vote with our dollars to register our dissatisfaction. What do you think?

For information about finding CPAP supplies, click here.



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CPAP Medical Supplies

November 7th, 2013 ernie Posted in CPAP Supplies No Comments »

CPAP Medical SuppliesWhen should you replace your CPAP equipment? That is the question that I am asking myself. My machine, hoses and mask are nearing the one year mark. I really cannot see anything wrong with mine and the mask etc does not smell or anything like that. The hose is not cracked and there are no signs that it is nearing the time when it should be replaced. Yet the technician that set me up with a CPAP machine and mask suggested that I should probably replace all of the CPAP medical supplies except for the machine itself sometime after the first six months. So far I am not really planning to replace anything, but I am wondering why such a difference in my usage vs. what the technician suggested.

Clean Your CPAP Medical supplies

I really believe the difference is that I routinely clean my nasal pillow mask and water tank every day. I always use fresh water, the distilled type and I clean these items first thing in the morning and then leave them out to dry properly.  Once a week I wash everything, the mask, the hoses and the straps that hold it in place. So far they look like new and they do not smell which is by far the most important part!

CPAP mask – this element can take various forms. I use a nasal pillow CPAP mask, while a friend uses a full face mask. It is really a personal preference regarding which one you use and which one is the most comfortable. Wash it every day with warm water and mild soap to keep it fresh and clean.

Hoses – need to remain flexible and not be allowed to become brittle. Once they do they will crack and allow air to escape. Wash them at least once per week in warm soapy water as well by soaking them for at least an hour and then rinse them off.

Filters – the filter which is actually a small sponge should also be washed weekly. If you very concerned about pollen and dust due to allergies, there are allergen filters which can be installed over the sponge filter which will keep even more particles out of the airway.

CPAP Machine

This is the main device that you pay all of the money for. This CPAP medical device is the most expensive part and should be taken care of with the utmost care. Keep it clean and free of dust and also empty and rinse the water reservoir on a daily basis. Allow it to dry before refilling to remove any possibility of contamination by dust particles.

CPAP medical supplies can be purchased online, however I prefer to get mine at the local store where I originally received by device in the first place. I find they provide great consultation services and will address all of my questions. Their reward for this free service is my loyalty and willingness to purchase this medical supply device from them.

For more information about CPAP medical supplies, click here.

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C PAP Supplies

August 7th, 2013 ernie Posted in CPAP Supplies No Comments »

CPAP Machine TravelThe writer has a C PAP mask similar to the one that is shown in this picture and has been using it for over 250 days. When it was originally purchased, the supplier suggested that the mask, straps and hose would last about 6 months. Then I would need to replace them with new ones.

Well it has been well over 6 months. They all seem to be as good as new. So I am wondering if I need to replace them soon. Also were I can find C PAP Supplies to replace what I have? I make sure that I take really good care of the mask and the hose. The mask is washed with mild soap every day. The rest of the hoses and straps are washed once a week after soaking in mild soapy warm water.

If you take good care of things, they will last much longer than advertised. In addition to smelling a lot better. On one occasion,  I could not wash the mask for one day. Ifound that there was a slight odor to it the next time I put it on. So wash your mask every day to keep it smelling nice. Also to help preserve it so that you do not need to purchase new supplies.!

Insurance for C PAP Supplies

My insurance company pays up to 80% of the cost so the price is not that big an issue, but I still do not want to pay more than I have to. I also am planning a trip in a few months and wondering I should buy C PAP Supplies to take with me in case I run into problems. The hose could crack or one of the straps could break. Worse the nose mask could spring a leak and I would not be able to use the machine at all. The cost of a new set of hose, mask and straps is about $250 for me less the 80% that my insurance company would pay.

My questions are should I replace them now, or at least purchase the replacements so that I have a fresh set in case they break on me while traveling. The other question is where can I find the best price for the C PAP Supplies so that I am not getting ripped off by some medical company who is making a bundle on these items?

Follow the Instructions

I take really good care of everything and wash the mask every day. The straps and hose are washed thoroughly once a week as well with mild soap. They are clean and do not have that night-time smell that something that is warn every day sometimes will have. I believe if you take care of things, they will last a really long time and you will get more than your monies worth out of whatever it is you are using.

If anyone can let me know where I can find a really great deal on CPAP Supplies, whether it is in a store or online, I would really appreciate it. Saving money is always a good thing, since it means you can spend it elsewhere on something you really want! For more information regarding CPAP Supplies, click here.


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Order CPAP Supplies Online

July 21st, 2013 ernie Posted in CPAP Supplies No Comments »

Order CPAP Supplies OnlineWould you ever consider placing an order for CPAP supplies online? The writer needs CPAP supplies from time to time and we were wondering if it is worth the time and the trouble to order CPAP supplies online or just go to the local medical store to obtain all of our supplies. Pretty soon we will need a new hose and a new mask since the one in use now is about 10 months old at this time and I have to begin comparing prices.

Insurance Claim

The additional complication is that I can claim this expense as part of my medical expenses with my medical insurance. As long as I have a receipt for the items purchased there should be no problem with submitting a claim to my health insurance company to get a refund for my expenses. The real issue with buying things online is whether the cost of these items is lower when you purchase CPAP supplies online or not.

When you make an online purchase, sometimes there are additional charges that may surprise a consumer.

Order CPAP Supplies Online

Making a purchase at a local store eliminates or reduces the shipping charges that you may incur when you purchase on line. This is something that must be taken into account whenever you make any purchase online including CPAP supplies. Another point to take into account if you happen to be ordering something from a company that is not in your country is brokerage and import fees. Some companies will not ship across the border for this simple reason along.

Before making a purchase online, check or compare the final price with tax, shipping, and brokerage fees to what you can purchase the same product locally for. Consumers can save money, but doing your homework can sometimes save you time and money as well as frustration.

Visit a Local Medical Supply Store

One of the things that I did is to visit a local medical supply store to price out the cost of the CPAP supplies. I wanted to compare the prices they charge with purchases I can make on line. I found the prices to be fairly reasonable. However I am wondering if  I order them in the US and have them shipped to me in the US? Can I find a lower price, especially when you take into account the taxes and duties that are charged on items being shipped into Canada?  Stay tuned for more investigation results.

In summary compare prices for CPAP supplies that includes the purchase price, any tax that may be charged, brokerage fees, import fees and shipping fees with the price you may pay for an item that you purchase direct from a local store. If the cost difference is not too much different, then you may as well purchase locally and receive the service you should get from the local store. If there is a problem with any of the components, you can simply return them for an exchange which has a lot of value in my books.

In addition you may also want to check with your insurance company if you are making a claim to make sure that they will accept the receipt for the items you are purchasing. Make sure they do not have any funny rules about buying in country or need special receipts for the items you purchase.

Comments? For more information about CPAP supplies, click here.


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Supplies CPAP Machines

May 21st, 2013 ernie Posted in CPAP Supplies No Comments »

Order CPAP Supplies OnlineThe writer of this post has been using a CPAP machine for the past seven months and has really gained a lot of benefits from using the machine. Not only have I slept much better, I breathe fresh filtered air all of the time. The air is humidified, so there is no dry throat problems any more. We are vacationing in southern California which is very dry. Previously I used to get a bloody nose quite often because the membranes of my nose got very dry.

Since I have a humidifier on my CPAP machine, my nose and throat, lungs etc are kept humidified and do not dry out at all. This is a great benefit which many people may not be aware of. It is this issue though that prompted me to write this post.

Supplies for CPAP machines are hard to find, particularly distilled water.  I have been to several pharmacies and grocery stores to no avail. They all claim to carry distilled water, however when you read the fine print on the bottle, many of them have messages indicating that minerals have been added to improve the taste or they have added electrolytes to the water to improve the taste for drinking. None of these are any good for CPAP machines for a couple of reasons.

Supplies CPAP Machines – Distilled Water

First of all you really do not want anything going into your lungs except pure water vapor. Since we have no idea what actually has been added to the water, I am very concerned about breathing this stuff into my lungs in a vaporized state. It is probably ok but then why take the chance when you can buy pure distilled water with nothing added back in.

The second reason that I want to stick with pure distilled water aside from the fact that the instruction book tells you to, is that the minerals and salts that are added to the water will build up in the evaporator over time and leave a scaly deposit. This then has to be cleaned with vinegar and adds more impurities to your system. It is far simpler to just add pure distilled water to the CPAP machine and not have deal with any of these other issues. That’s my take on it anyway.

Finding Distilled Water

The only place that we found pure distilled water with nothing added back in was actually at Walmart. They had by far the largest supply of various bottled water suppliers and in this case one supplier of pure distilled water supplies for my CPAP machine. Supplies for CPAP machines are hard enough to find without adding or using water with additives in it. Who knows what that would do to the machine, the hose or the other components, let alone your lungs?

There are not a lot of places that actually sell CPAP supplies, such as replacement hoses and masks. This is probably why there are so many web sites advertising CPAP supplies on line. If this is the first time you will be using a CPAP machine, we suggest that you go to a physical store. Make sure you are  properly fitted for one.

The masks come in different sizes. You really need to have one that fits your face properly. In addition the machine needs to be set up. The air pressure must deliver air to you so that it does the job that it is supposed to. Mine is set at 8 while a friend has his machine set at 15. It delivers a much higher pressure. If they are not set to deliver strong enough pressure, you will not receive the benefit you need. You probably will continue to snore and have sleep apnea.  Buying replacement CPAP supplies should be fine as long as you purchase the same hoses and masks.

For more information about CPAP machines and CPAP supplies, click here.


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CPAP Equipment and Supplies

April 21st, 2013 ernie Posted in CPAP Supplies No Comments »

CPAP EquipmentCPAP equipment and supplies purchases can be a little confusing to consumers who have recently been diagnosed with sleep apnea. I know I was confused and wondering if I would be able to tolerate wearing a mask every night. Also weather I would sleep or not with this thing on my head. Well the short answer is that I slept very well the first night and almost every night since them. I guess I was so tired that just being able to breathe properly made the difference.  I had my first good night in many years.

You can purchase the CPAP equipment online and pretty much find everything you need. The big difference for me when I purchased my CPAP machine was the support that I received from the nurse practitioner who worked at the medical supply store. She was able to answer all of my questions and fitted a mask for me that I was comfortable with. She adjusted the straps to ensure that the mask was being held properly in the correct place all night long. It is also important to purchase a mask that is the right size for your face and nose. She helped with this also.

CPAP Equipment – Adjusting the Air Pressure

Based on the initial sleep apnea testing that took place in a sleep lab, the doctor prescribed a CPAP machine for me. He recommended the appropriate air pressure for the severity of sleep apnea that I apparently have. The medical store set me up with everything I needed. They set the air pressure according to the prescription given by the doctor.

All of the modern machines come with memory cards that record a tremendous amount of information about you as you are sleeping. If the air pressure is set properly, the body will respond to this air pressure and the brain will adjust the bodies breathing system to breath with a pressurized machine. Prior to being diagnosed, the brain is also dealing with sleep apnea and adjusting your breathing accordingly. I was waking up or having a sleep interruption 37 times on average every hour. It takes a while to recover from this. Your machines memory chip will record how you are breathing with the machine and improving night after night.

After one month the medical store personnel review all of this information and based on the data suggested making one adjustment to lower the air pressure by one point. I have been using the CPAP machine for the past four months and I am totally satisfied with it, so much so that I would never be without it.

Why Purchase from a Medical Store vs. Online

The reason for the comments in the last several paragraphs was to illustrate just how important it is to have some kind of service and support for the purchase of a medical device like the CPAP machine. I could have purchased it online; however it would be impossible to have the kind of medical support that I received from an online store.

Now that I have my CPAP equipment, I may purchase my supplies i.e. my CPAP accessories online. If they are cheaper taking into account taxes and shipping costs. This is important in my mind since saving or reducing my cost is a priority for us. On the other hand if it is only a few dollars difference, I will stick with the medical equipment store that I purchased the equipment from in the first place.

How Often Does the CPAP equipment and Supplies Need to be Replaced

We were told by the personnel at the medical store that the equipment should last at least 5 years if not longer. The hoses, the mask and the straps should last approximately one year if they are properly cleaned each week. The mask may not last quite as long depending on cleaning every day. The amount of body oils it comes in contact with from your skin. It should be cleaned with mild soap every day. Since all of these items are relatively expensive, most consumers who use a CPAP machine will take good care of them.

As time goes on we will learn more about the use of this equipment. We will write about it on our posts. If you have just been diagnosed to need one of these, do not hesitate. Once you are set up and sleeping with your CPAP, you will have the best sleep you probably have had in years. For more information about CPAP supplies, click here.


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CPAP Supplies

April 7th, 2013 ernie Posted in CPAP Supplies No Comments »

CPAP Supplies for CPAP MachinesConsumers looking for CPAP supplies may want to compare both online prices as well as prices at a full service medical store. We have found that there are many web sites offering CPAP supplies online. The prices appear to be pretty good. They suggest that they have deeply discounted prices and are much cheaper than full service stores. As with all products that you purchase whether it is online or from a regular store, the price is only part of the story.

Consumers who take the time will know that price is a large factor, but so is the quality of the item that you are purchasing. Another factor to consider is the level of service that you receive and how important that is to each person. Each person applies their own level of priorities to each factor when making their own personal decision. Finally another set of factors is shipping cost if you order online and the taxes that you pay.

What CPAP Supplies Do You Need

Your CPAP machine should be fine for many years so we will assume that the machine itself does not need repairs etc. The other components that may be needed from time to time include the following:

  • CPAP connector hose
  • CPAP hose attaching the mask to the main hose
  • Mask for CPAP
  • CPAP straps
  • CPAP filters
  • Distilled water

Consumers should really use distilled purified water in their machines for several reasons. First the water is pure and all impurities have been removed. This includes calcium and also chlorine which you really do not want to ingest into your lungs. The distilled water is used in the humidifier section of the machine and keeps your nasal passages and throat from drying out while sleeping. If consumers were to use tap water in this humidifier, calcium deposits would also build up in the humidifier after a short time as well making cleaning more difficult.

Why Do I Have to Replace These CPAP Supplies

The answer is that you do not have to replace them until they start to deteriorate. As the plastic and rubber ages, cracks will from in the hoses and also the mask allowing air to escape and making it difficult for the machine to maintain the proper pressure. In addition the sound of the air escaping may also be annoying as well.

Oils from your skin and any makeup or aftershave can also cause the rubbers to deteriorate over time as well. Regular cleaning will help to remove these oils and protect the accessories. Consumers using these machines should always make sure their face is clean and clear of all oils and makeup before using the mask. The mask should be cleaned with warm water and mild soap every day after you get up to avoid buildup of these oils on the mask. In addition this will also ensure that the mask and hoses do not begin to smell. In addition the hoses and straps should be washed once a week in the same manner.

By applying this cleaning regime on a daily and weekly basis your CPAP accessories should last six to 12 months with no problems. Some will last much longer depending on the level of care provided by the user.

Why Wait Until You Have an Emergency

Most people wait until something breaks and then they repair it or replace the item as needed. Your CPAP machine is really helping you sleep much better. In addition also avoiding potential strokes and heart attacks. Why would you wait to replace an item until it breaks? Once your accessories are six months or more old, why would you not at least purchase the CPAP supplies you need and keep them in a safe place until they are needed?

Another reason for taking this approach is to ensure that you also have these accessories with you while traveling. It may not be as easy to find a CPAP supplies store when you were traveling so why not buy your supplies in advance to ensure that you have everything you need while traveling.

CPAP supplies can be purchased online and also in stores. Advice and service support are also important attributes to consider when purchasing your supplies. For more information about CPAP supplies, click here.


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CPAP Stores

March 21st, 2013 ernie Posted in CPAP Supplies 2 Comments »

cpap storesShould you purchase your CPAP supplies from a CPAP store or should you go online and purchase your accessories from an online store? Everyone is looking for the best price and for the best service at the lowest price. At a CPAP store customers can walk into the store with their old accessory and speak to a customer sales person regarding their needs. They can compare the items that would like to replace and make sure they receive exactly what they need. Some people feel that when you purchase items of this nature at a CPAP store prices are going to be higher than online and they might well be.

CPAP Stores – Compare Prices

The only way to confirm this assumption is to compare prices online with the prices that are listed in the CPAP store. Customers should always compare the full price which includes the price of the unit, any discounts offered by either place, the taxes applied and the shipping cost for online orders. Only then will you have a valid comparison to make a decision.

Other factors to consider when making a decision to purchase from an on line store or from a CPAP store is the level of service that you receive. Can you return the item easily if it is defective? If by accident you have ordered the wrong part, can they be returned easily? If you need help assembling the mask for example with the straps, what will you do if it arrives in a box from an online store? These questions basically boil down to the level of service you need and may or may not receive from either the online store or the brick and mortar CPAP store.

Why Not Just Purchase the Items, Why Worry about Price

We have found prices for some of the accessories to be in access of $200 from online stores. These prices are high and we have not yet compared prices for the same item at a CPAP store. However, if we can save 10 or 20% or even more by shopping around that could amount to $20 0r $40 in savings. Definitely worth taking the time to shop around on the internet for online CPAP stores. Also to call regular stores to compare prices.

Consumers should always know exactly the name or manufacturer of your machine. The model number of your machine and the accessories that you have purchased with the machine. Armed with this information, consumers can quickly compare prices, shipping and taxes before they make a decision to order equipment.

If service and support are very important to you regarding this type of equipment, then you probably want to go to a regular CPAP store to talk to a service representative and be properly fitted with the new accessories that are available.

Verification of Your CPAP Pressure Setting

Another advantage of going to a CPAP store is that they will read the data stored on your machines memory card. This card stores a surprising amount of information about your sleeping habits. Most importantly whether the pressure is set properly to deal with your sleep apnea. Some times after using a machine for upwards of a year the pressure may need to be adjusted. It should be optimized to do a better job of managing your sleep apnea.

Your sleep professional can read this data and make any recommendations necessary. They can adjust the pressure. In addition managing other problems that you might be having with sleeping. In addition there are new products available. They may be able to show you how these products might benefit you more than the current products.

All of this is a valuable service. However I would still encourage readers to compare prices. If the online store is only a few dollars different that the regular CPAP store then purchase your accessories at the store. If there is a significant difference in prices, then it is time to negotiate. Hence if that does not work, I would order from the online CPAP store. There is a price for everything and service levels are valuable. However so are my dollars and service or not, I would try to save money if it is a significant difference. For more information about buying online and CPAP Stores, click here.


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Discount CPAP Supplies

March 7th, 2013 ernie Posted in CPAP Supplies 1 Comment »

Order CPAP Supplies OnlineConsumers looking for discount CPAP supplies have a variety of sources to find these items and compare pricing.  Your CPAP machine should last for 5 years or more with little problem. Although occasionally a machine will stop working or begin to have problems of some sort. The vast majority just keep on working day after day with little problem.

The only real maintenance you need to do is to make sure that the filter is cleaned once a week. This is to ensure that sufficient air is being drawn into the machine. You do not want the machine having to be over worked to provide you with the pressure that has been prescribed and set on the machine.

Discount CPAP Supplies

The accessories do not last as long and will need to be replaced more often. I have heard varying estimates from 6 months to a year. After using my machine for 4 months, my accessories seem to be in good shape. I do not expect them to need to be replaced anytime soon. The accessories we are talking about are as follows:

  • Mask
  • Straps holding your mask in place
  • Covers for the straps were they touch your face
  • Short feeder tube
  • Long flexible feeder tube
  • Humidifier tanks

Whenever you need to replace these items, many consumers will look online for discount CPAP supplies. You can compare the prices with what they can find from their local medical supply store. Readers are always urged to compare prices. Don’t forget to include the cost of shipping for these accessories to make sure that they always get the right prices.

How Long Should Your Accessories Last for Your CPAP Machine

you take care of these items they should really last longer than a year. The plastic flexible hoses will become brittle over time and may crack from continuous flexing. The same is true for the mask that you are using. The mask is a soft flexible rubber that fits to the contours of your face and will deteriorate over time from age and from the body oils that are on your face. If you use any kind of facial cream, make sure you wash this off prior to using the mask at night. In fact the book recommends that you should always wash your face prior to placing the mask against your face.

The straps will also age, however for most people who take care of their accessories they will last over a year. The humidifier tank should also last the full life of the CPAP machine unless it is dropped for some reason and is cracked.

How to Make Sure Your CPAP Accessories Last as Long as Possible

My instruction booklet suggests that the mask should be washed every day to remove any body oils that might have accumulated on the mask during the night. Wash with warm water and mild soap. The remainder of the accessories should be washed with warm water and mild soap at least once per week to ensure that they are kept clean. The filter should also be washed and rinsed as well.

If for some reason users are unable to wash the accessories as mentioned above, two things are going to happen. First the accessories will deteriorate more quickly and you may not be able to get more than a year’s use out of them which is going to cost you money. Secondly and more important in the writers mind is that the mask and straps are going to begin to smell. No one wants to put on a mask at night that smells. This is very uncomfortable and really unpleasant. By washing the mask every day and the rest of the accessories once per week, you should be able to avoid this unpleasantness.

Make Sure You Purchase the Correct Discount CPAP Supplies

If you are purchasing these supplies at a discount store, there should be little problem since you can bring your old one in to compare. Buying online from a discount CPAP supplier can be more difficult. Always take the time to accurately compare and if in doubt, most suppliers have a contact number that can be called to help you figure out which accessory is the correct item for your machine. For more information about CPAP supplies, click here.

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Medical Supplies CPAP

January 4th, 2013 ernie Posted in CPAP Supplies 1 Comment »

CPAP EquipmentMedical supplies CPAP devices can be purchased from many different clinics, home care stores and even online. But what are the best prices and are you buying the right supplies for your particular CPAP machine? When do you need to replace your supplies?

Well it turns out that most of the supplies will last between 6 months and a year. Depending on how well you take care of all of the components. Plastic and rubber does age and when it does it becomes brittle. Which then leads to cracking and leaks of the pressurized air. Once a leak starts, the machine will not be able to deliver the proper pressure to manage your sleep apnea.

Medical Supplies CPAP – Cleaning and Maintenance

My particular instruction book recommends that the mask should be cleaned every day. Cleaning can be accomplished with mild soap. Clean both the inside and the outside of the mask to avoid body oils building up and causing the rubber or plastic to prematurely age. Clean your mask every morning when you get up to ensure that it also has time to dry before you need to use it in the evening. The water reservoir for the humidifier should also be emptied out. Then rinsed with warm water and allowed to dry during the day as well. This not only prolongs the reservoir container. It also avoids mold from beginning which you do not want entering your lungs.

Also you should wash your face with mild soap as well prior to using the mask. This will help to avoid body oils and perspiration contacting the mask more than necessary. This is by far the best way to prolong the life of all of the supplies you will need for your CPAP.

Once a week all components need to be washed with mild soap to remove any body oils that might have accumulated. Again do this in the morning so that the straps, mask and hoses have an opportunity to dry properly before they are reused that night.

Were can You Purchase medical Supplies for CPAP devices?

We have found that the best place to purchase these supplies is at a home care center store. They tend to stock everything you need for all of the different machines and they have someone on staff all of the time to help answer any questions that you may have. Support is important to help people make adjustments and also monitor progress that you are making with your apnea. These locations will be more expensive, but the support you get is typically included. You will want to speak with a respiratory specialist who knows these machines and who also can look at the memory chip to assess your progress.

This last comment is actually very important. The information on the memory chip will tell the therapist how often you use the machine, whether you have any major leaks and how well you are doing relative to your sleep apnea. They may make a suggestion to increase or decrease your air pressure to improve your sleep apnea.

While you may be able to purchase some of these medical supplies at other locations at less expense, it is important that you consider the support that you get for that price.  An alternative is to purchase extra components as your system ages while at the same time going in for a check once and awhile to confirm your air pressure and progress with the CPAP device.

CPAP Supplies Online

We have never used an online store to make purchases of this type for any medical supplies. If any of our readers have done so perhaps you would not mind taking the time to leave a comment about the results and satisfaction level with your purchase. By the time you take into account shipping costs and also problems that you might have with returning parts that do not fit properly, it might be just easier to purchase from a real store were you can try your device with the supplies.

Parts supplies that you might order include:

  • Mask
  • Straps
  • Connection hose
  • Long feeder hose
  • Filters

That’s our opinion about medical supplies and were you may want to purchase them. If you do purchase online, take the time to make sure that you are buying exactly the right parts for you r particular CPAP machine. For more information about medical supplies CPAP, click here.



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Supplies for CPAP Machines

December 21st, 2012 ernie Posted in CPAP Supplies 2 Comments »

Supplies for CPAP MachinesFrom time to time CPAP users will need supplies for CPAP machines that they use. Purchased from a home care store will likely mean that they are very expensive.  The price quoted for a CPAP nasal pillow mask with straps and hoses to go with it was $225 Canadian. Which when compared to what we have seen on the online stores is more than double the price.

It pays to shop around for supplies for CPAP machines,. Although consumers need to be careful that they purchase the correct size and mask for their CPAP machine. They also must ensure that the size is correct for their head and the fit around their nose and mouth.

The picture above is one of a nasal pillow mask that works really well. Especially for people who can keep their mouth closed while sleeping. This mask just fits over the end of the nose. It is held in place by straps as shown in the picture. The straps can be detached as can the hose that fits into the flexible nasal pillow mask. Again size is important depending on the size of your face. Also the size of your nose. Make sure you purchase the correct unit, otherwise you may be disappointed.

What Supplies for CPAP Machines Do You Need

Basically the only daily supply users require is distilled water for the humidifier. This water has no impurities. It is used in the humidifier to add humidity to your nasal passages and lungs as you breath through the mask. Distilled water can be purchased at many drug stores and some grocery stores.

The machine itself comes with filters to keep large particles from entering the system. This needs to be cleaned once per week or perhaps every two weeks depending on the conditions. There is also a filter that can be inserted to filter out pollen and fine particles for those people with allergies. These are to be replaced once per month. they are inexpensive and can be purchased at a CPAP store or home care type of store.

The remaining supplies that you may need consist of the hoses and the mask with the straps. We are told that these parts will last up to a year depending on how well you take care of them. The plastic hoses and mask become brittle with age and will crack requiring their replacement. The mask should be washed every day to remove body oils etc, while the hoses and straps should be washed with soap every week. Once they crack, they need to be replaced, since your system will not work properly with air leaking out of the crack.

That is about it in terms of what supplies you may need.

Travel With a CPAP machine and Supplies

Finding supplies for your CPAP machine can be difficult depending on where you are going. Distilled water can be found in many places. In a pinch you could go without or use clean water, but why take the risk. After all any impurities int he water will go straight into your lungs. This is why it is so important to keep everything clean and dry when not in use.

When we travel we either take additional spare parts with us or we do a search before we leave to make sure that we can either order spare parts from home, online or there is a home care store near by were we can purchase what we need. You do not want to suddenly experience a problem while traveling and have to do without your CPAP machine now that you are used to it.

Personally I have purchased an additional mask and I think I will also purchase additional straps since these appear to be the most fragile of all of the supplies. In a pinch I could seal a hole in the hose with some tape if I was unable to find another hose while traveling. These parts are quite small and can fit into your travel bag with no problem what so ever.

That’s about it regarding supplies for CPAP machines. There are lots of places that sell them, since many more people are being diagnosed with sleep apnea and these machines really do work. They ensure that you get a good nights sleep and they stop you snoring completely. Why would you not take yours with you when you travel along with the supplies that you need? For more information about CPAP supplies, click here.


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CPAP Accessories

November 16th, 2012 ernie Posted in CPAP Supplies 1 Comment »

CPAP MaskCPAP Accessories vary a great deal depending on the store were you made your original purchase. For most stores, accessories include the masks, the straps and the hoses. These accessories will wear out from time to time and require replacement. We are told that they will need replacement within three months to nine months. Depending how well you take care of these elements.

We have shown a variety of masks in the picture above. Each one will need straps to hold it in place. They all need hoses to connect them to the CPAP machine. These are the elements that will break down from time. Hoses will crack, masks will become brittle and not make a good seal against your face and straps may even break as they become brittle with age. Most stores will stock all of these types of accessories and you will have to first pay for them and then claim the expense with your insurance company if you have health insurance that covers this sort of thing.

Other CPAP Accessories

No one has tried to sell me any of these things yet and I have been warned to not make these purchases no matter how good it sounds. Gels to help the mask make a better seal and to keep the mask supple, special pillows that will elevate your head to the right level, heated hoses to keep the air warm during the winter as you breath in through the mask and on and on.

You can use your own pillows instead of these special pillows at a much reduced price. You might even purchase several pillows for the price of a special pillow purchased at a health store.

Regarding the creams or gels, I personally have not seen a need for this at all and one of my good friends who has had a CPAP machine for five years,  does not see the need for any gels at all.

As far as the heated hose is concerned, it would be nice to breathe warm air instead of cold air, however I do not know about you, but I have been breathing cool winter air for many years while I have been sleeping and not had any problems. we keep our home quite cool in the winter time so we will just keep doing the same thing.

CPAP Accessories While You Travel

If you are going away for a week or so, there is probably not much to be concerned about. If something breaks such as a strap you can probably make do until you return to your home.

On the other hand if you are a snow bird who goes south for the winter, you might need to make sure that you take an extra mask, straps and hoses just in case one of them breaks while you are away. On the other hand, locating a store near were you are staying might be also worth your time so that you can purchase replacements any time you need them.

The CPAP machine and all of its accessories has become a part of your life and if you are getting much better sleep, not snoring and overall better well being, then you will take the time and make the effort to take everything you need with you.

Distilled Water for Your CPAP Machine

It is strongly recommended that you use distilled water for your machines humidifier if you have one. Most people have a humidifier with their machine to keep their nasal passages from getting too dry during the night.  Bring a bottle of distilled water with you when you travel and if you are planning to stay for more than a week locate a store were you purchase additional distilled water.

Although some people will use tap water in their humidifier, there are lots of potential problems with this approach. For one there are contaminants in the water that really should not get into your lungs. Secondly there is often calcium as well which will build up on the heater for your CPAP Humidifier.  For me, I would not take the chance> I would always use distilled water wherever I go.

Hope this helps regarding practical advice regarding CPAP Accessories. Personally, other than the basics, they are highly over rated. For more information about CPAP accessories, click here.


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