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Logans Steakhouse Martinsburg WV

January 18th, 2015 ernie Posted in Restaurants No Comments »

Logans Steakhouse Martinsburg has an excellent atmosphere , great bar service and very good rapport with their customers. The bar tender pre-ordered beers before happy hour ended for us to make sure we would get the best price, $3 for an ice cold 22 ounce draft beer. The food was excellent – ribs, salad, sweet potato fries and buns. Salty peanuts are always available at the bar and $3 22 ounce beers for happy hour. This just makes for a great afternoon, especially when you are staying at one of the hotels close by and do not need to worry about driving.

Logans Steakhouse

We always try to plan our trips by staying at hotels that are close to a roadhouse. For example a Logan’s Road House or a Texas Roadhouse. This way we can just walk over to the restaurant and enjoy a great meal. No one needs to worry about drinking and driving because we are walking.

The staff is always friendly. We usually sit at the bar. No need to wait for a table, there seems to be always a spot or two at the bar and they are more than willing to serve you a meal at the bar. The main reason we sit at the bar is that we get to talk to the locals or in some cases other travelers. We find out where they are from, where they are headed and ideas about things to see in the area. It is always interesting when people hear how far we are driving and how long we will be away from home. They are usually quite envious. Many want to know more about our travels and where we are headed.

Whenever you can visit a Logans Steakhouse for great meals and ice cold beer. This is not an advertisement for the chain, we just happen to like this style of restaurant.

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Logan’s Roadhouse – Wilkes Barre

July 21st, 2014 ernie Posted in Restaurants No Comments »

Logan's RoadhouseWe recently visited Logan’s Roadhouse in Wilkes Barre, PA and were not disappointed. They had the usual ice cold beer, the peanuts in the shell and a really great steak! We like to sit at the bar and have a couple of beers before enjoying our meal. We chat with the locals, enjoy a beer and munch on the peanuts. The peanuts are in the shell and they ask you to deposit the shells in an empty bucket in front of you which helps decrease the cleanup at the end of the night.  We usually eat at the bar as well since it is place where you can strike up a conversation with other folks. We have met a lot of interesting people over the years this way. Most people enjoy conversations about the local news and hearing about our travel. We tend to stay away from politics and from other contentious issues to avoid any really disruptive conversations.

Logan’s Roadhouse – Salads and Steaks

We ordered a Cesar salad along with a baked potato and a steak with a side order of ribs. Both were cooked to perfection, the meat fell off the bones and the taste was perfect. For the money these meals are the best available as far as we are concerned.  If you have not gone to a roadhouse, you really should. The quality and the quantity are fantastic. My wife and I usually split a meal since the size of these meals are too large for one person. We often order a side of something such as a salad or extra ribs. In fact there have been times when even ordering a side with another meal for two is too much food for us. If you have a large appetite you may order two full meals and then if you cannot finish it ask for a takeout container for the remainder.

Logan’s Roadhouse – Sitting at the Bar

We like to sit at the bar as mentioned, however if you are not the type to sit at the bar, and prefer to have your own table there are lots of seating available. On busy nights you may need to get there a bit early otherwise you may have to wait until a table becomes available. We always seem to be able to find a seat at the bar no matter how busy they are.

The Logan’s Roadhouse in Wilkes Barre is part of the huge chain of Logan’s Roadhouse’s and measures up to that chains reputation.

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Ship on the St Lawrence River

July 14th, 2013 ernie Posted in Restaurants No Comments »

St Lawrence RiverWe were sitting in the outdoor patio of the Blue Anchor just east of Cornwall, Ontario along the St Lawrence river. We saw this lake freighter heading up stream towards one of the great lakes. The Blue Anchor is a really great place to spend an afternoon enjoying the sun, having a cold drink and something to eat. You can enjoy the great food while gazing out on the river and watching the lake freighters head up or down the river. There are also many pleasure boats that cruise along the river or tie up at the Blue Anchors dock. Read the rest of this entry »

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Blue Anchor – Cornwall

June 30th, 2013 ernie Posted in Restaurants No Comments »

Blue AnchorThe Blue Anchor restaurant in Cornwall is a great little place to stop for lunch or dinner. Situated just east of Cornwall on what is referred to as old number 2 highway, it is on the river side of the road. There is ample parking and if you get their early, ie before 11:45am, you will have no problem getting parking as well as a seat on the patio overlooking the river. There are lots of umbrellas and quite a few servers so you do not have to wait long for your drink or your food. We have only eaten at this restaurant at lunch time and since we are not from Cornwall we unfortunately only make it to this location about once per year but it is definitely worth the trip.

Blue Anchor – Patio

The view from the patio is shown in the picture below. This is the St Lawrence river that runs from lake Erie all the way to the ocean. As a result we see many ships and freighters that make their way along the river. Some are on their way as far as lake Superior. On a beautiful sunny day this is truly a great way to spend the day.

20130627-224929.jpgWe also visit this restaurant for another reason. They prepare perch fillets in a bun, toasted and drizzled with their own private topping which is delicious. The perch is caught locally in the river and they are well known in the area. They are referred to as Lancaster perch. Lancaster is a small town on the river not too far from Cornwall. If you have the time or are just passing though, look up the Blue Anchor restaurant and try it out. We enjoy it every time we are in the Cornwall area which unfortunately is not too often for us.

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