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Nasal Mask CPAP

October 7th, 2014 ernie Posted in CPAP Mask types No Comments »

Nasal Mask CPAPConsumers can purchase several different kinds of CPAP masks. Often a health consultant will help you choose the proper one to fit your face and one that is comfortable for you. In this post we want to talk about a recent experience the writer had regarding the purchase of a nasal mask CPAP. The current equipment is two years old and they suggest that you replace your mask and hoses at least once per year so we are well over due for a replacement.

Of course the first place I went to for my replacement was the same store that I originally purchased my medical  equipment from. They were quite helpful and really all I needed was a replacement set of hoses and a nasal mask CPAP. Well the price for just the nasal mask and the harness to hold it on came to $220 in Canadian dollars. I could not believe that it was so expensive. Even though my health insurance would pay for 80% of the cost, I rebelled at paying so much for essentially a piece of plastic. They told me at the time that this is typical of what medical devices cost and that I just had to accept it.

Nasal Mask CPAP – Check Online Prices

I decided not to purchase what I needed at that time, much to the disappointment of the medical professional that I was dealing with. I am sure they get a commission for everything they sell. When I arrived home, I checked online and found the same thing for less than half the price from a Canadian supplier. In the US it is probably less expensive than even this online price. I was simply blown away by the difference in cost!

It really does pay to shop around and register your financial complaint by purchasing what you need at less expensive stores or online web sites. Even though my insurance would have paid for the nasal mask, it is the principle of the thing to not always pay the top dollar! I submitted the invoice to my insurance company and they paid the standard 80%.

Another thing that I learned is that  these same medical professionals are waking up to this issue and that they have competition. I went back a month or two later to discuss the cost to see if they would budge at all. I really do value the advice and consultation they provide but just do not want to pay more than double the cost. It turns out that they were willing to provide me with a 20% discount to obtain my business. While the final price was still higher than the online price, the premium was worth it to me for the advice and consultation that I received.

For more details about CPAP mask types, click here.

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What is a CPAP Mask

September 21st, 2014 ernie Posted in CPAP Mask types No Comments »

CPAP MaskThe picture on the left shows the typical types of CPAP masks that are available from most distributors of CPAP equipment and accessories. In addition each of these masks will be available in a variety of sizes. They will fit people with varying sizes of nostrils and facial features. It is important to have a comfortable fit that also fits securely on your face to prevent air leakage. Air leakage can cause the CPAP machine to not work properly and deliver the wrong pressure to your airways. It is annoying if air is escaping from around your mask. The air around the mask is whistling or bothering your face. It must be tight enough to provide a secure fit. It also must be contoured and sized to fit your face properly.

What is a CPAP Mask

The CPAP mask is connected by a hose to your CPAP machine. It delivers the air to your airways and must be fitted properly as already mentioned. It usually consists of something that fits over your nose and possibly your mouth if you are a mouth breather. Straps that will go over your head to tie it in place. Some people refer to it as a Darth Vader mask. It reminds them of this fictional character from Star Wars.

As you can see there is a variety of masks in the picture. All are design to deliver the basic functions. The choice is really based on comfort, your personal taste and the ability of the mask to do it’s job. For example if you are a mouth breather, then you need a mask that fits over your mouth and nose. Or you need one that includes a strap that goes under your chin to keep your mouth closed while you are sleeping.

The benefit of wearing a mask to deal with sleep apnea far outweigh any discomfort you may feel. Avoiding a stroke, a heart attack and getting a decent nights sleep is by far better than not wearing one or being so vain that you will not wear one. If you suspect that you have sleep apnea, get tested and take the steps you need to deal with your sleep apnea.

For more info on CPAP masks, click here.



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CPAP Supply CPAP Masks

November 21st, 2013 ernie Posted in CPAP Mask types No Comments »

CPAP Supply CPAP MasksIt is amazing how many people suffer from sleep apnea and do not even realize it. While many more know they have something and are not getting enough sleep. They are unwilling to do anything about it because they are afraid to wear a mask. Or deal with a hose and mask at night when they are sleeping. The fact of the matter is that they risk having strokes from lack of oxygen. They are getting a terrible nights sleep.

This leaves them tired and unable to perform properly at work and everyday life. They even fall asleep at the wheel when they are driving. If you suspect that you have sleep apnea, at least get tested. Then decide what you need to do. It could be a matter of losing some weight to alleviate the problem! The test is not that exciting. Basically you have to sleep at a sleep lab. You are hooked up to about 20 wires that monitor everything and report to a computer that produces a report. Take the test you may be quite surprised. I know I was. This post is about CPAP Supply CPAP Masks.

CPAP Supply CPAP Masks – CPAP Machine

The CPAP machine is supplied with a CPAP mask and associated hoses as well as a filter to keep the air clean. In addition, consumers should also purchase the humidifier with it to keep your nasal passages hydrated while you are wearing the mask. Personally I have found that by staying hydrated I have much less nasal congestion in addition to stopping the sleep apnea issues. In summary always purchase your CPAP supply with CPAP mask, hoses and filters all at the same time. You may have to replace them from time to time, however if they are looked after, they will last for a long time.

Keep CPAP Hoses and Masks Clean

The secret to the CPAP machine and masks working well is to keep them clean and comfortable. If you use them every night, they are clean and do not smell, you will actually enjoy being able to sleep well and you feel a lot better. Wash the mask and the water reservoir daily in warm water and mild soap. Let them dry before reinstalling them into the machine and attaching the hoses. Do the same thing for the hoses once a week as well. They will stay supple and clean for a long time if you follow this regular process.

Spare Mask

Once your mask gets a little older, let’s say one year, it may be a good idea to have a second mask as a backup especially if you are travelling and do not want to risk being without a mask. The same thing applies to hoses. As they get older, obtain a spare hose and carry it with you.

Distilled Water

You can use regular water with all of the impurities in it and breathe this into your lungs to keep your nasal passages hydrated. Personally I like to always use nice pure distilled water so that there is no impurities going into my lungs at all. In addition if you are using the heater for the water, there will be no impurities left on the hot plate that needs to be removed from time to time.

Sleep better and stay healthy with a CPAP machine that is well maintained and you will be happy that you made the transition from sleep apnea to a regular sleep once again. It is truly amazing and I know from first hand experience. For more information about CPAP Supply CPAP Masks, click here.

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Types of CPAP

August 21st, 2013 ernie Posted in CPAP Mask types 1 Comment »

Types of CPAP Nasal Mask CPAPThe picture on the left shows the main types of CPAP masks that are available to patients who are suffering from sleep apnea. The type of mask you eventually choose will depend on a number of things including your own comfort as well as what the therapist feels will work for you the best. It must also fit your face well. They come in different sizes since we all have different sized faces and noses. The types of CPAP masks are designed to give you the most comfort and to do their job. Some people take a little while to get used to them, while others get a good nights sleep the first night. The first good sleep in a long time.

Types of CPAP Mask’s

Full CPAP Mask

Some clients want the full mask that covers the nose and the mouth that provides a tight fit and does not allow any air to escape. Straps go around the head below and above the ears to provide a tight secure fit. For some people this might be the most comfortable, while others may have to use this type of mask since they tend to breath through their mouth and the CPAP will not work properly unless both the nose and the mouth are properly covered.

Nose Pillow CPAP Mask

The least intrusive, at least in the writer’s opinion is the nose pillow. This is a relatively small mask. Which fits on the end of the nose with inserts that extend about a quarter-inch into the nose. It is held in place by one strap that runs above the ears and around the head. This particular mask only works well if the patient is not a mouth breather. The only complaint with this mask that we have heard of is that sometimes the strap will loosen allowing air to escape around the pillow mask.

The other types of masks vary in size and coverage. They really are dependent on what is comfortable for the person wearing it. Some people will try different masks before settling on one that works for them. The one mask that also covers the eyes as well as the mouth and nose would not work for the writer. I would not like the air blowing on my eyes. However this is a good mask for people who cannot keep their mouths closed at night and may breathe through their mouths.

CPAP Mask Maintenance

Keep your mask very clean. Wash it daily with mild soap regardless of the type of CPAP you have. Remove facial oils and other contaminants. It is a good idea to wash your face and clean any oil or makeup that might be on your face prior to using the mask. Although men appear to be the predominant users of the CPAP machine. Women are increasingly using these machines as well to help them deal with sleep apnea. Women wear much more make up than men. It is important for your CPAP mask cleanliness and longevity to keep it clean.

Washing the mask daily. Remove all oils and make up from your face before you go to bed will help to keep it cleaner and will also prolong the life of the mask. The technician told us that they should last 6 months or more. We have found that if you take care of them, keep them clean and look after them the CPAP mask and hoses will last much longer than 6 months. The mask itself does not cost a great deal. It is still money in your account that you do not need to spend. The CPAP machine is the most expensive component. It should last longer than five years, again assuming that it is well taken care of.

For more information about CPAP mask types and details, click here.


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CPAP Mask types

November 23rd, 2012 ernie Posted in CPAP Mask types 1 Comment »

Nasal Mask CPAPThere are a variety of CPAP Mask types available on the market that will meet just about every ones needs as well as comfort.

Personally I chose the nasal pillow mask which is the mask portrayed in the picture on the bottom right. There were several reasons for this choice. First I really did not think that I would adapt well to sleeping with a full mask and the corresponding straps that go with a full mask. Secondly I cough a lot due to asthma and allergies and I wanted my mouth to be free so that I could cough without removing the mask or cough into the mask which did not sound very attractive to me.

CPAP Mask types

Lucky for me that I am not a mouth breather. These are people who for one reason or another cannot breathe through their noses and breathe through their mouth instead. They have to either wear a full mask that covers the nose and mouth as well or they can wear a special strap that keeps their mouth closed. Not too exciting, but then you do what you got to do. The alternative is to continue with sleep apnea with the corresponding lack of sleep and risk of a stroke or heart attack!

Discuss Your Needs with Your Respiratory Therapist

Your choice of mask will depend on personal likes and dislikes as we mentioned and also your sleep Apnea. Some masks will work better depending on the degree of sleep apnea that you have. Higher pressures require more complete masks and more straps to ensure that they stay in  place at night. If you move around a lot at night you may need more security in terms of keeping the mask in place.

Personally I sleep in my back and my sides and will move around a lot at night. I have found that the nasal pillow mask is fine for me with a strap around my head as well as one over the top of my head. It stays in place for the most part. Occasionally I need to adjust it slightly to make sure that it is in place.

Your therapist has a lot of experience with CPAP mask types and will recommend the correct one for you as well as adjust the tightness to make sure that it is secure on your head.

Getting Used to Your CPAP Mask

It will take a few days to get used to your mask. For me , even on the first night I had a better sleep than I have had in months.  Now I do not snore at all. The machine makes less noise than a small fan than what you might have in your bedroom at night.

Friends with CPAP machines have told me that it took them as long as a month to get used to their mask. I find that to be a very long time. He really resisted the machine or even talking to someone about it for a long time and I think that his mind set was not really prepared to be receptive to the CPAP mask.

If you are tired and exhausted all of the time, then this is really going to change your life with all of the sleep that you are going to get now. All I can say is learned to get comfortable with the mask and embrace it. It will make your transition from no sleep to a great sleep that much quicker. Your therapist may also allow you to try different types of masks if you are having a problem adjusting. There may be a small charge for this service, but then you will have a much more restful sleep in the end.

Sleep Apnea Problems

If you think you have sleep apnea, don’t wait to see your doctor. Sleep apnea is a major cause of strokes and heart attacks. Your heart beats really fast and your blood pressure goes way up during a sleep apnea episode. If you are prone to strokes etc, you are a leading candidate for a sleep apnea related problem.

Arrange for a sleep test to be scheduled and then it is straight forward from there. Either you have sleep apnea and can deal with it. Or there is some other problem that is giving you these symptoms. Your partner will be very happy in that you will totally stop snoring. Imagine!

Your insurance will pay for the cost in most cases, although some companies have restrictions. In some states and provinces the government will even step in and pay a large percentage of the cost. Your therapist can assist you there as well. Good luck with dealing with sleep apnea and obtaining the correct CPAP mask for you. It is definitely worth it. For more information about CPAP Mask types, click here.


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