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Aquarius Casino – Laughlin Nevada

December 7th, 2019 ernie Posted in Casinos No Comments »

The Aquarius Casino Resort is a hotel and casino located in Laughlin, Nevada. It is situated along the Colorado River, offering guests scenic views and various entertainment options.
The Aquarius Casino features a large gaming floor with numerous slot machines, table games, and a poker room. Visitors can try their luck at popular games like blackjack, craps, roulette, and poker. The casino also offers a player’s club for guests to earn rewards and benefits while playing.
In addition to the casino, the Aquarius has many activities and facilities for guests to enjoy. The resort features multiple dining options, including casual restaurants and fine dining establishments. There are also bars and lounges where visitors can relax and enjoy a drink.
The Aquarius Casino Resort hosts live performances and shows for those looking for entertainment. These can include concerts, comedy acts, and other live entertainment events.
Accommodation at the Aquarius includes comfortable rooms and suites with modern amenities. Guests can select from various room types depending on their preferences and budget.
Outside of the casino and resort, visitors to Laughlin can explore the beautiful Colorado River and enjoy activities such as boating, jet skiing, and fishing. The surrounding area also offers hiking trails, golf courses, and scenic viewpoints.
The information provided is based on the knowledge available until September 2021, and there may have been changes or updates since then. It’s always a great idea to view the official website or contact Aquarius Casino for the most current information regarding their offerings and services.
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Gold Strike Casino – Tunica

December 7th, 2019 ernie Posted in Casinos No Comments »

The Gold Strike Casino Resort is a popular hotel and Casino in Tunica, Mississippi, in the United States. However, please note that my knowledge cutoff was in September 2021, so there may have been changes or updates since then. Verifying information with the official website is always a good idea, or contacting the establishment directly for the most up-to-date details.

The Gold Strike Casino Resort was owned and operated by MGM Resorts International, a well-known hospitality and entertainment company, until March 2023. The Casino was sold to an indigenous organization. The resort features many amenities, including a casino, hotel accommodations, dining options, entertainment venues, and various recreational facilities.

The Casino at Gold Strike offers a diverse selection of games for visitors to enjoy. They have a large gaming floor with numerous slot machines, video poker and keno machines, and table games such as blackjack, roulette, craps, bubble craps, and poker. The Casino also hosts regular tournaments and promotions for guests who want to test their luck or skill.

As for accommodations, the Gold Strike Casino Resort has a hotel with various room options to suit different preferences and budgets. The rooms are decorated with comfort in mind and include modern amenities like flat-screen TVs, Wi-Fi, and spacious bathrooms. Additionally, the resort offers a range of services and facilities, including a pool, spa, fitness center, and business center.

Dining options at Gold Strike are diverse, with several restaurants and bars available on-site. Guests can choose from casual eateries, upscale dining experiences, and quick bites to satisfy their cravings. The resort also features live entertainment and nightlife options, including shows, concerts, and a nightclub.

It’s important to note that casino resort guests must be of legal gambling age to enter the Casino and participate in gaming activities. Additionally, policies and offerings may have changed, so visiting the official Gold Strike Casino Resort website or contacting them directly for the most accurate and current information is advisable.

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The American buffet at Goldstrike Casino

January 28th, 2014 ernie Posted in Casinos No Comments »

Goldstrike Casino If you have not been to the Goldstrike casino buffet recently, you will be in for a really great surprise. The buffet has been totally updated, modernized and decorated in a contemporary fashion. It really looks nice and is a much more pleasant place to sit in and enjoy your meal. All of the food stations are up-to-date, modern, with lots of space for patrons to obtain their food and the quality is fantastic.

The buffet used to allow smoking, however this buffet no longer allows smoking anywhere in the restaurant. This is a big plus as far as we are concerned. There is nothing worse than smelling the second smoke from someone who is smoking beside you. There’s lots of space, chairs are comfortable, and as we mentioned the food is of excellent quality.

They also have a serve yourself drink station, where you can obtain coffee, soft drinks, juice, and water as needed. The waiters and waitresses no longer will bring drinks to your table. Everything is now self serve. The hotel is making other changes as well and we look forward to other major improvements next time we visit. We happen to think that this particular hotel is the best in the area.

Goldstrike Casino – A Great Place to Visit

With the updates that are taking place at the Goldstrike Casino, this destination is becoming more interesting to visit all of the time. Whether you are visiting to go to a show, dine out  or play at the casino, it is a wonderful casino to visit and spend some time at.

We try to visit this destination at least once or twice a year.  It is not far from Memphis and reasonably priced as well. If you are looking for a casino hotel, you cannot go wrong when you visit the Goldstrike Casino hotel.


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Horseshoe Casino buffet

January 24th, 2014 ernie Posted in Casinos No Comments »

Horseshoe Casino buffet The horseshoe Casino buffet in Tunica Mississippi is also a great place to have a meal. It is decorated in New Orleans style. The buffet has many different food stations in many different styles and combinations of food to try. Even if you take one spoonful of each your plate will be overloaded with all of the different types available.

We were comped for this particular buffet. We are not really sure why because we have not gambled very much at the Horseshoe casino. Perhaps they wanted to keep us in the casino as much as possible in order to make a few more dollars of us. Either way, whether it is free or if you have to pay for it, it is a good deal and well worth the money.

Horseshoe Casino buffet – Prices

The buffet in the evening is approximately $22 per person. It is well worth the money even if you have to pay for it. We are very pleased with the service. The food selection and quality of food is excellent. There was a smoking section at the time of writing this post. However most of the dining area is free from any odor of cigarette smoke which is a really great idea.

The horseshoe Casino is located in Tunica Mississippi, right beside the Goldstrike casino. Patrons can walk from either casino to the other without having to worry about drinking and driving. Many people play at both casinos and take comps from each. The Horseshow Casino is part of the Harrah’s brand while the Goldstrike is part of the MGM group. Make sure you use your slot card when playing the slots or the tables to obtain the best value for your gambling dollar.

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Encore Hotel – Las Vegas

March 27th, 2013 ernie Posted in Casinos No Comments »

Encore HotelThese are a few pictures taken from our room at the Encore Hotel. Also of our room on the 30th floor. If you ever get a chance to stay at this luxurious hotel, take it. It is fabulous and top notch in all areas. Of course we loved our stay at the hotel, which is a sister hotel to Wynn.

Both places are really fantastic, extremely clean and modern. However of the two we prefer Wynn, just edging out the Encore by a very small margin.

Encore Hotel – Connected to Wynn

Vegas is a very exciting town to spend your vacation in and staying in a lovely hotel like this one is truly the best way to do it. Note that if you are playing video poker at the bar, you must pay for your drinks, while if you are playing at the slots on the floor, all of the drinks are free as long as you have money in the slot machine and are playing.
Both hotels, the Encore Hotel and the Wynn Hotel are connected by a corridor that runs between the two properties. A collection of high end shops, restaurants and the pool area can be found along this corridor. It is a beautiful place to spend some time, relax and enjoy.

The pictures really do not do justice to the rooms or the hotel. If you are visiting Las Vegas, take the time to visit the Encore Hotel or the Wynn Hotel to see for yourself. For more details about Casinos, click here.


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AVI Hotel & Casino Resort

March 1st, 2013 ernie Posted in Casinos No Comments »

AVI Hotel & Casino ResortThe AVI hotel and casino are located on the Colorado river south of Laughlin, Nevada. They have a large beach area on the river with lots of sand, a really nice pool area with lots of palm trees, and a large lawn area for your pets to run off some steam. They also have an RV park and golf course nearby. It is a bit isolated in that you must drive a few miles to either Bullhead Arizona or to Laughlin Nevada. It is a nice place to visit, although the casino can be very smokey at times due to all of the people who still smoke and play the slots.

AVI Hotel & Casino Resort

The AVI casino is a relatively small casino, but still has all of the popular machines that people look for. They have a  really great buffet as well with reasonable prices. The only issue for the writer is the amount of second hand smoke that exists in the casino. They really need more air circulation.

There is also a golf course and a large RV parking area as well. There seems to always a lot of people with RVs staying here. So it must be reasonably priced and have all of what they need. Many people will spend a week or so in their RV’s parked near the casino and use the casino facilities. It is a nice place to spend some time especially along the beach at the Colorado River.

They also have a farmers market going on as well. Not sure what days this runs. Perhaps someone can comment.

Note that in the summer time the temperatures can rise well above one hundred during the day and remain in the high 90s at night. If you are planning to spend some time in these areas in the summer make sure you have access to air conditioning. Otherwise, you may be quite uncomfortable trying to sleep at night.

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Beau Rivage Biloxi Mississippi

January 25th, 2013 ernie Posted in Casinos No Comments »

Beau Rivage Biloxi MississippiThis picture is the front of the Beau Rivage Biloxi Mississippi facing north. Beautiful spot, very classy with several fine restaurants and a really good buffet. Friday nights is a seafood buffet with all you can eat crab legs. We will add more to this post shortly.  We stayed at this hotel for two nights in January 2013 and sampled the slot machines, the pool area, and the restaurants. we enjoyed our coffee at the coffee shop, which by the way will give you a free refill all day long as long as you have a receipt to show that you purchased a coffee that day. Pretty good deal for coffee, especially if you drink a lot of coffee.

Beau Rivage Biloxi Mississippi

We also ate at their restaurant which you can order your meals. Large portions of food with every meal. We suggest that you split your meal since the portions are so large. This restaurant is located at the front of the hotel and there is an atrium with lots of windows that make the place bright and cheery. We also tried the buffet on Friday night which was a seafood buffet. A bit expensive and more so because the crab legs were really not up to par for us.

The pool area is pretty nice too. Located on the third floor on the south side you are guaranteed sunshine all day long.  The pool overlooks the Gulf of Mexico. There is a bar located near the pool and they serve food as well. A great place to spend an afternoon.

For more casino information, click here.


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New Casino Hotel Akwesasane

December 15th, 2012 ernie Posted in Casinos No Comments »

Casino Hotel AkwesasaneWhen we originally wrote this post the new hotel was almost ready, scheduled to be open in March 2013. It is now open and as it turns out a really nice place to stay. The Casino Hotel Akwesasane is one that everyone should try and get to at least once.

The new bar  in the casino is open along with the new high limit area. The new lounge is open. They are gradually readjusting and moving all of the slot machines. They are replacing the carpet with new burgundy style carpet, a major upgrade in our opinion.   The table area were you play roulette and blackjack among other games has also been moved into the new area as well. So far all of the upgrades they have made look great. This hotel and casino complex is shaping up to be a very nice place to spend a few hours in as well as overnight.  Patrons will have a choice of the Comfort Inn next door or the hotel that is attached to the casino.

Casino Hotel Akwesasane

They have not done away with smoking which is too bad. The heavy smoking just spoils the entire complex and over time  will ruin the place with the nicotine residue that eventually ends on everything. They will spend a lot of money on cleaning and the machines themselves will need more maintenance.

The buffet was upgraded a few months ago and is the best in the area. The only negative is they still allow smoking, even cigars in the casino. It is too bad that a brand new hotel and casino has to be spoiled by smoke. The extra cost must be high to keep everything still looking great.

We are staying at the comfort inn next door which is really nice. Clean, no smoking and good service including the breakfast area.

The tent area which still houses some slot machines and the poker area is being renovated as well. We anticipate that the next time we go there, it will be totally empty and being prepared for whatever is planned for this space. Every time we go there is something new to see and it is exciting for both the employees and the patrons as well.

The same great deals seem to be still in place with the daily special draws, the seniors days with half price on the buffet and the upscale restaurants. They did raise the draft beer to a $1.50 from a $1.00, still very inexpensive compared to other locations. this is a really great place to spend a few hours gambling and we will be going back often.

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Route 66 Casino

November 21st, 2012 ernie Posted in Casinos 1 Comment »

Route 66 Casino We have only stayed at the Route 66 casino hotel in New Mexico once and I wanted to take more pictures, however the security guards warned me not to take pictures of the actual casino. They were continuously watching me whenever I had my camera in my hand. All I could do is take a picture of the restaurant area. The highway decoration in the foreground of the picture is supposed to be route 66 with a restaurant in the background.

We stayed over night. However were only there for a few hours. We arrived very late at night. We had to leave early the next morning to make our previous reservations at another location.

Route 66 Casino

The restaurant was great and we enjoyed the meal very much. The quality for breakfast was great. The size of the meals allowed us to split the meal between my wife and I. We have found that it is better for us to split meals since we often cannot finish a meal on our own. It saves us money as well.  The meal portions are just so large. It does not make sense to waste all of the food. We do have to compromise sometimes on what we eat. But it is definitely worth it to split and not gain weight.

Just West of Albuquerque, New Mexico

The route 66 casino and hotel is about 15 miles west of Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is a good place to stop if your are looking for a place to stop for the night. There are several restaurants to choose from and there is discount gas as well for cars and trucks. It is easy to reach off of I40 and there is a large surface parking lot.

We have stayed in the city, however, you have to deal with rush hour and traffic the next morning, so we prefer to stop at the route 66 hotel to avoid traffic congestion in Albuquerque next morning if we are heading west.

There is not much else around this particular area, so it really is a stop over place and a place to try your hand at some of the slots or table games that are in the casino.

Route 66 Nostalgia

Basically I think this Route 66 thing is a bit over rated. yes this was the route of the wagon trains to the west and yes there is a great deal of history associated with Route 66. However we have driven various sections of route 66 in Arizona and New Mexico and found it long and not that interesting. There are a few interesting tourist stops along the way, which either serve meals or sell various route 66 trinkets, but that seems to be about it.

I would recommend that you drive part of it, stop in some desolate location and take a moment or two to think about how harsh the surroundings are and how difficult it must have been to travel that route by horse or wagon train many years ago. It was a pretty tough environment and you can only really appreciate how hard it was for them by getting out of your air conditioned car and think about what it was like

Oatmen Arizona

Another Route 66 location is Oatmen Arizona. This is a little town that used to be a mining town on the Route 66 road. It is still operating, now as a tourist location. The big attraction of Oatmen is the donkeys that roam wild throughout the streets looking for food from the tourists. These donkeys are descendents of the original donkeys that were abandoned when the minors left after the mines ran out. Somehow these donkeys survived in the desert and continue to exist in the desert around Oatmen.

The other main attraction about Oatmen on Route 66 is the local bar. When the minors got paid they would pin their money to the wall with the bar tender removing money as the minor ate or drank his way through his paycheck. Today there is roughly $80,000 in one dollar bills that are pinned to the walls. They cover every square inch of the walls and even on the ceiling. The ceilings by the way are 15 feet at least and this is a really large room, so it is quite a site to see all of this money pinned to the wall. All of it in $1 bills.

Well that is enough about the Route 66 Casino Hotel and Oatmen, two route 66 locations we have visited in two different states. Hope you enjoyed reading them.

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Akwesasane Casino

November 7th, 2012 ernie Posted in Casinos 1 Comment »

Akwesasane CasinoThe Akwesasane Casino is in the middle of a major construction boom. They have already updated the buffet restaurant, transforming it into a modern restaurant with great decor. Prices are very reasonable for buffets and the cost is excellent considering the choices that are available.

The sports bar has not changed, however it is already a nice spot to grab something to eat and relax while watching the sports on one of the 15 or so TV’s scattered around the room.

The picture above shows the hotel and the main entrance of what the new casino and hotel will look like once it is finished in March of 2013. This fall they plan to enlarge the main casino in the direction of the hotel and convert the tent area into a bingo hall. We think this is scheduled for the Oct or Nov time frame.

Akwesasane Casino

Once all of the construction is completed, this facility will be a first class hotel and casino attracting customers from hundreds of miles around. In fact even now people are coming from Montreal, Ottawa, Cornwall, Kingston, Syracuse, Rochester and many other points in the northern parts of new York state.  As writers and visitors to casinos across the US and Canada, this particular casino is already one of our favorite places to go. It might not measure up to the glamor and glitz of Las Vegas, but it provides a very nice amiable place to have dinner and gamble on many of the latest machines as well as play at many of the tables.

Staying Over Night at the Akwesasane Casino

At the present time the only hotel within walking distance is the Comfort Inn. Once the casino hotel is open there will be another 100+ rooms available and more competition for customers. We are hoping that prices will come down a bit. Current prices at the Comfort Inn have been ranging as much as $137 US during the week.

They can afford to charge this rate since they are filling up on a regular basis. In some cases they are turning away customers because they are full. We suggest that you make a reservation if you want to stay at the hotel. There are hotels several miles away which are much cheaper to stay at, however we are unsure about the prices and the quality of the rooms etc.

In March 2013, the casino hotel is scheduled to open which should provide some relief to customers and stabilize the rates.  In addition the casino will be able to comp rooms for players that warrant comps. Free rooms, free food and free play will be available to those customers that play sufficiently.

We are looking forward to this hotel opening and will write about it once we stay at the Akwesasane Casino hotel when it opens.

Crossing the Border for Canadians

Canadians have to cross the border in order to get to the Akwesasane Casino. There are number of locations. However for folks coming from the Ottawa area, crossing at Cornwall is the most direct route. Unfortunately it is also a busy crossing point. We would strongly suggest that you not plan to go over or return on a long weekend. The line ups will be very long, sometimes as long as an hour wait just to get through customs.

Early morning seems to be better and late at night. However if you try to cross anytime during the day on a busy weekend, you may have to wait quite some time.

For Americans of course there is no problem. You do not need to go through customs at all. For more posts about casinos around the country, click here


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Rideau Carleton Raceway

July 21st, 2012 ernie Posted in Casinos 1 Comment »

This is a picture of the Rideau Carleton Raceway casino located about 20 km’s from down town Ottawa. It is associated with the race track that has been at this location for many years and effectively kept the race track alive. Many people no longer go to the races for dinner and betting, preferring to spend their time in the casino. Apparently the race track venues were gradually succumbing to other forms of competition and the casino is the only thing that has kept them alive across Ontario.

The Rideau Carleton Raceway transfers money to both the race track group as well as the city of Ottawa every year as part of the agreement for being located on this property. For a complete review of this casino and links to other pages and casinos, click on Las Vegas Hotel Casino Reviews.

Rideau Carleton Raceway – dinner

Many people come to the Rideau Carleton Raceway for dinner 7 days a week. You can order off a menu, however most people will enjoy the buffet. There are a lot of choices, however we have found that the presentation and quality is not what we enjoy and as a result we personally never go to the buffet. It is crowded every weekend so there are many that do enjoy it.

The grounds of the Rideau Carleton Raceway are perfect for many venues, such as the Ottawa Fair and various musical events. They have lots of parking which is free and there are is a great deal of space for flea markets, for food markets etc.

The casino is run by the OLG or the Ontario Lottery Group. They run all of the casinos and lotteries across Ontario.  They do an ok job, however like any government organization they are slow and bureaucratic in terms of making changes. We have been to many casinos across North America. We have found that these casinos are just plain slow when it comes to making changes or updating machines. However they are the only game in town, they really do not have to worry about competition so why should they make an effort to improve service and be competitive.

Dinner at the Bar

We have occasionally ordered a sandwich at the bar inside the casino. The bar tenders can only work with what they are given. However the quality of the sandwiches are not the best. They are made hours before, stored in a fridge, wrapped in saran wrap and served on a plastic plate. You would think they could do better. Most of the  time they do not have the full advertised selection available. There is also soup and hot dogs available. The hot dogs are warmed up in the microwave and the soup is not bad, but very salty.

On Saturday nights at the Rideau Carleton Raceway casino they also have a wing night. In fact it is one of the best things they have available and they are reasonably priced.

They are now talking about locating a casino in downtown Ottawa. Or out at the Scotia bank place were they play hockey. Personally we would like to see another casino in Ottawa to provide more competition. We would like to see the Rideau Carleton Raceway casino remain open. It is easy to get to, and there is free parking. Patrons do not have to deal with traffic down town. For those people who have a problem with gambling, it might be too easy for workers down town to slip into the casino at lunch to play . At least with the Rideau Carleton Raceway casino , you have to drive to the casino. This takes some thought , effort and time.

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Nugget Casino Searchlight Nevada

June 7th, 2012 ernie Posted in Casinos 1 Comment »

We passed through Searchlight Nevada almost every year on our way from Laughlin, Nevada to Las Vegas. We like to stop at the Nugget Casino for a coffee or lunch sometimes. There are actually two casinos in Searchlight, the Nugget Casino and another casino called Terribles. They also offer meals at McDonald’s and they have a gas station associated with their casino.

Nugget Casino Searchlight Nevada

There is not a lot going on in Searchlight. There are a few homes, a school and not much more. It is a place to get out of the car, take a break, maybe get something to eat and then head on to your destination. The casino is quaint and interesting, however, we do not expect that the odds would be very good in a casino like this.

It is also a place for the locals to come in and have a drink in the evenings or grab something to eat while they spend a few dollars on the slot machines. Searchlight is in the high desert, you can see for miles and there are four roads heading out of Searchlight. You can stay on the main road and head to either Laughlin or Las Vegas. There is a road which we have never taken which heads and connects with Interstate 15 between Las Vegas and California. There is a fourth road that heads down to the Colorado River and a state park. We drove down there one time, however, they wanted something like $20 to go into the park so we declined. We were staying in Laughlin and were just out for a drive that day.

The Staff at the Nugget are Friendly

On one particular occasion, we stopped for lunch at the Nugget Casino and sat at the bar. We must have been noticed as new people in town because the staff wanted to chat with us and find out where we were from and what we were doing in the area. When they found out that we had driven from Canada, this caused a lot of interest. Not many people pass through who have driven from eastern Canada.

There were friendly and courteous and the food was what you might expect in a small cafe that also happens to double as a casino. The only negative that we have to report is that a lot of these people have never seen a dentist. They are missing teeth and many are black with decay. It is a bit if a turnoff when you are trying to eat your food. Other than that they seemed to be really nice people!

Reviews of the Nugget Casino in Searchlight, Nevada

If you would like a more complete review of this casino, head over to another website, called, Las Vegas Reviews . This site provides reviews on many casinos we have visited across the US and Canada. There are many that we have not got to yet, but our objective is to go to as many as we can. The states and Canada are building so many that it is difficult to keep up with all of the new ones that are being added every year.

Send us your comments on any that you have visited. We would be glad to include them on our website.

We also checked out reviews on some of the other sites that cater to travelers and found no negative reviews. Most were informative and positive.  But let’s face it, Searchlight Nevada is the end of the road for many people and only a place that you might pass through for snowbirds and travelers. It is not a place where you will spend the night or any significant amount of time. It is an experience and we think that everyone should stop there at least once to see it and have lunch at the nugget Casino. It has much more character than the casino next door.

We should also mention that it is no relation to the Golden Nugget in Laughlin or in Las Vegas! For more posts about casinos around the country, click here.




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Hogansburg Akwesasne Mohawk Casino

February 7th, 2012 ernie Posted in Casinos 2 Comments »

We again visited the Hogansburg Akwesasne Mohawk Casino in late January and Hogansburg Akwesasne Mohawk Casinodecided to provide our readers with a brief update of our experience. Once again the casino lived up to our expectations. Fortunately for us, there was a freezing rain warning and many people decided to stay home. As a result, the casino was not crowded and we had our choice of slot machines. Many times when the Hogansburg Akwesasne Mohawk Casino is crowded, you may not be able to always play the particular slot machine that you want. For more detailed information about the casino,   click here. There is an additional review on another site which you can get to by clicking on this link, Hogansburg Akwesasne Mohawk Casino.

The casino was not very busy on this particular day due to an impending freezing rain warning that was supposed to begin that afternoon. It was very nice to be able to go around the casino and pick whatever slot machine that you wanted to play. This is a casino where patrons are allowed to smoke. The conditions inside the casino were much better as well since there were far fewer people smoking. I only saw one person smoking a cigar which in my mind should not be allowed at all. Fortunately, there is a large nonsmoking area and it was actually busier than the smoking area.

Dinner at Sticks

We had dinner in Sticks this time. This is a sports bar with lots of TV’s around showing various sports and even the Florida primary presidential debate. We had a special deal that cost $24 for two people. You got to choose one starter and 2 appetizers. You only received one side with each appetizer. In retrospect for us, this was not the best deal, but then you learn with each meal. The food was fine, we just felt we should have received more for the money we spent.

Use Your Slot Card, Comp Your Meal

We used our comp dollars to pay for the meal so it did not actually cost anything which was another bonus. All in all, it was a great day since the meal was free and I won a $540 jackpot which more than paid for our trip!

Also, we filled up with gas at the Bears Den gas and deli station along Highway 37. They have added reduced bridge passes for Canadians returning to Canada. When you spend more than $25 you can get a bridge pass for $2 which saves you $1.25 at the toll on the bridge on the way back to Canada. Not a lot and not as good as it was last year, however, every little bit helps.  Cheap gas, bridge pass, and a jackpot with a free meal as well! Not a bad day to go to the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino.

Comments are welcome, particularly those that are of interest to our readers. A well written constructive comment with a link will be approved if it is deemed useful to our readers. For more posts about casinos around the country, click here


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Hogansburg Comfort Inn

January 28th, 2012 ernie Posted in Casinos 1 Comment »

We visited the Akwesasne Casino in Hogansburg New York the other day. Also, we decided to stay overnight at the Comfort Inn across from the casino. We have stayed there Hogansburg Comfort Innbefore and had a lot of great things to say about it. We wanted to provide an update regarding the hotel since they are in the middle of making many changes at the hotel. For a more complete review, you can click here.

We really like this hotel for a number of reasons. It is always very clean, they provide WiFi and also the breakfast is always very good.  this time however we found the hotel under construction. They have added another wing onto the hotel to add more rooms and at the same time they are updating the lobby, and the breakfast area and also replacing the wallpaper on all of the halls.

In the end, this will make this hotel even more comfortable to stay at and they will have more rooms. We stayed at the comfort inn on a Thursday night and had no problem getting a reservation late in the day. We decided to stay overnight only as a last-minute decision. On the weekend, the hotel is sold out and so the extra rooms will be welcome.

The construction was only a minor inconvenience to us, however, we would have appreciated it the reservation clerk had warned us ahead of time to manage our expectations. Often they will have a letter in each room informing guests of the construction and what is being done. Unfortunately there was none of this. we spoke to the manager about this and I think will take some of these suggestions and implement them.

Hogansburg Comfort Inn – Great Place to Stay

The Hogansburg Comfort Inn is a great place to stay because of its proximity to the Hogansburg Comfort InnAkwesasne Mohawk casino. For more information about the casino, click here.  When you check in always ask for a AAA discount or seniors discount. This will save you approximately $5 to $10 dollars each night so it is definitely worth it. The other great advantage is that you do not have to pay any federal or state taxes which can save another ten to fifteen dollars.

Once again, except for the construction, we were very happy with our stay at the Comfort Inn. Apparently the construction is to be finished by mid-March much to the gratification of the manager. He is very frustrated with the slowness of the progress. They are pushing them pretty hard to finish the job on time.

If you have comments about the Comfort Inn or the Akwesasne Mohawk casino, please feel free to leave them. Constructive well written comments that benefit our readers will be approved with links as well. We appreciate those comments that will help our readers with their travel decisions.

For more posts about casinos and slot cards, click here.


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Akwesasne Mohawk Casino

August 9th, 2011 ernie Posted in Casinos 2 Comments »

The Akwesasne Mohawk Casino is a great place to spend a day. We traveled from Ottawa to Cornwall and then crossed into the US at the Cornwall crossing. For one of the few times, there were no lines up into the US, and later on when we returned as well. It is a great day when you do not have to spend 30 minutes or longer waiting with your car idling until you get through customs to go to the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino.

At any rate, the day went really well since almost after the first half hour of gambling, I won $400 and although I really did not win anything after that, it is a nice way to start the day. Before we started gambling, I had breakfast at Sticks restaurant in the casino for $5.95 which included 2 eggs, bacon, home fries, toast, and coffee. A good deal especially when I used my slot card and only had to pay $2.00!

Akwesasne Mohawk Casino – Keno

After having breakfast, I played Keno for a while and this is where I won $400. What a nice feeling to arrive at the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino and then win within the first 30 minutes. It takes all of the pressure off and lets you enjoy yourself for the rest of the day. I came home with $220 ahead, so all in all a good day. By the way, we also had a draft beer which is only a dollar! Compared to many bars this is a steel!

We also went to the buffet, which was half-price for seniors. It was really busy, but when your buffet for two people only costs $10, it is always a good deal. My wife does not care for the long lines and crowds, but I do not mind especially when the buffet is so good. They really do a nice job with their buffet.

We also stopped for gas and this is a really good deal as well. Not only is the gas much cheaper than it is in Canada, but they also give you a bridge pass so that you do not need to pay the $3.25 toll when you go back to Canada. You must purchase at least $30 worth of gas to get the pass, but then who doesn’t need $30 these days with the price of gas even in the US? I think I saved about $20 in gas and also the bridge pass as well.

All in all a great day to go to the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino! Comments are welcome about your trips to the casino. For more updated posts about this casino, click here.

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Lake Havasu Resort and Casino

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Lake Havasu Resort and CasinoWe recently traveled to the Lake Havasu Resort and Casino in California for a short one day trip. We are staying in Laughlin , Nevada. My wife thought that it would be interesting to go to this casino. We had heard comments we received from fellow travelers the previous year. It sounded like a nice day trip with lunch included so we gave it a try and in the process made a small video which we also link to on this site. It is a very small casino and average food in the restaurant. The following is a short video of the front of the casino in Lake Havasu Camp.

Lake Havasu casino

We visited Lake  Havasu city for a day and we were told that you could take the ferry across Lake Havasu to Lake Havasu camp were the Lake Havasu Resort and Casino is located  on the shores of the lake on the California side. The ferry ride included lunch for the price of a ticket, which was a good deal at the time, but we were running late and decided not take it. So this year we drove by car to this Lake Havasu  Resort and Casino which actually is a bit closer to Laughlin than Lake Havasu city.

Lake Havasu Resort and Casino – Winter Season

We arrived during the middle of March and this is obviously off season, since many homes and trailers are closed up tight. In fact it was almost like a ghost town. There were a few people in the casino and quite a few who came over from Lake Havasu city on the ferry which runs every hour ( I think).

This is a really small casino with maybe 200 machines, located right on the lake. You can sit at the bar, enjoy a drink, play the slots and look out on the lake to watch the boats etc. I imagine in the summer months that it is quite busy. They have the usual slot machines, just not very many of them.

The restaurant is basic and small with lots of windows looking out on the lake. We got a nice little table against the glass and enjoyed the view. We order fish and chips and also chicken tenders which came with french fries. They were ok, not very good for you, but they certainly satisfied our lunch time hunger. The service was fast and we were quite satisfied.

I would not go back to this location unless I was into boating. There is a nice little marina on the side and many homes obviously were storing boats for the summer season. The following video shows the casino as well as the marina.

Camp Havasu Marina

Feel free to leave comments, especially if you have been there in the summer time and would like to describe what there is to do in Lake Havasu area.


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Wynn Hotel – Buffet

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Wynn Hotel - BuffetWe recently went to the Wynn hotel’s buffet in Las Vegas. We had one of the best meals that I can recall from a buffet perspective.  The only other one that tops it is the Mirage hotel buffet from last year.

We were with a fiend of ours who just a few moments before had won $5280 on a nickel machine so they offered to pay for us and of course we accepted.  By the way that is over 100,000 nickels ! They paid her in $100 bills, but still that is a lot of money to carry around. Anyway I am digressing from the main topic of this post.

Wynn Hotel – Buffet – Pricey

The buffet during the week is #35 per person which initially we found to be a bit pricey. However when you consider the food available and the types of food, it is well worth the money. Try eating as much as can of lobster, crab legs as well as all of the other standard food they have available.

Roasts, turkey, pork chops, Mexican food, Sushi and on and on. You can always find something a little cheaper, but they will not include such a sumptuous set of choices.

Wynn Hotel Location

The buffet at the mirage is easy to find and there was no line up the day and time we went. It was a bit late for dining by North American standards, around 7:30pm.  We were given a nice table in a corner which was great for us since we had some privacy and we could talk about all of our friends winnings. She was really excited as I am sure most people would be.

Wine With Your Meal

All of the restaurants including the buffet at the Wyn hotel offer wine service. A word of caution is in order. If you think the price for the buffet is expensive. The price of wine is even more expensive, especially when you consider what you can pay at the local grocery store for a bottle of wine.

Now I know that you are not at a grocery store, the decor etc, however I found the prices for a bottle or regular California wine pretty expensive.

A neat little trick for those who are cost conscious. Playing the slots is to order a glass of wine from the cocktail waitresses, carry it in with you and enjoy your wine with your meal. Tipping a dollar for a glass of wine is much cheaper than paying $10 for a glass of wine!

Wynn Hotel – Tipping at Buffets

I am never really sure what to tip at a buffet. After all you are getting yur own food. Still a good waiter will make sure your table is cleared of used plates etc and they will bring you soft drinks and coffee if ordered quickly. Refills were no problem as well, so they should be tipped, it is just the amount that is in question.

If 15% is the norm for full service with average level of service by the staff, then 10% is probably reasonable in a buffet. If anyone knows or has an opinion on this please leave a comment. I see lots of people not leaving a tip at all at buffets which I think is not right. Also leaving 15 or 20% is way over the top as well.

Comments are appreciated, especially about tipping at buffets. Spam comments will be auto deleted.

For more posts about casinos and slot cards, click here.

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Wynn Casino & Hotel

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We recently stayed at the Wynn Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas and we are convinced that this hotel is by far above all of the other hotels on the strip and in Las Vegas. The atmosphere, the cleanliness, the decor, the ambiance and the richness of the designs and layout just surpass everything we have seen in Las Vegas. There are so many areas to review about the property, we will probably miss a few, so if we do leave a comment for our readers. The pictures tell the story and we have included a few to give everyone an idea of just how nice this property is.

Starting with the entrance from the strip, you encounter a mountain covered with Wynn Casinotrees and several waterfalls that cascade down the mountain into pools of water were you can throw coins as you make a wish for whatever you are dreaming about.

There are also restaurants that you access from inside the hotel and shopping areas that have patios looking out on to the mountain and the waterfalls. Who could imagine in the middle of the desert that you would be dining beside a mountain lake and waterfalls?

Shopping Center

Across the street is a modern looking shopping center with a master peace that dominates the skyline. This is a saucer that looks like a spaceship and can be seen from many block away. Obviously they built this attraction to attract people to the mall  and to match the stupendous designs of the hotels around it.  This picture shows the saucer as seen from in front of the Wynn Hotel.

On the four corners of the Las Vegas Strip and Mountain Spring Road you have the Fashion Show Mall, the Wynn Hotel and Casino. Also the Treasure Island Casino or TI as it is now called and the Palazzo Hotel and Casino which is part of the Venation Hotel and Casino. As you enter the Hotel, you actually are in an upscale shopping area. All of the stores that you would associate with movie stars and celebrities. Obviously they are way beyond our means. However it is always nice to window shop and look at the outrageous prices that some people will pay for things. For example , my wife saw a purse that she would love to have for $2500! Not in my lifetime!

The Rooms

We were given a standard room on the 23rd floor. The number of floors is around 60 so we were almost halfway. However the view was fantastic even from the 23 rd floor. We had a view of the strip and the western side of the valley and the mountains. Spectacular at night! A friend of ours was on the other side and looked out on to the championship golf course. Which is located immediately behind the hotel, the pools and the eastern mountains.

Our room had all of the state of the art electronics. A controller that at the press of a button allowed us to turn on and off any light, open and close the curtains. In addition to indicate that our room should not be disturbed when we retired for the night. There were also leather chairs and a leather couch. There was a desk to work at if you were so inclined.  Oh and there was a flat screen TV mounted on the wall. As well as a flat screen TV in the bathroom. Should have taken a picture, but I forgot. Next time !

The Wynn Casino

There is something about being in a really nice casino vs. one that is just average. Everything is sparkling, the employees all have neatly pressed uniforms and the cocktail waitresses are sexy and elegant. You really have to see this place to appreciate the difference.

It is bright and colorful with plants and flowers along one side of the casino. There is a bar to relax in while you take time away from your conference or the casino.

The drinks delivered by the cocktail waitresses are in actual wine glasses, along with mixed drinks. This is a classy place. We would recommend that anyone looking for an experience stay at the Wynn hotel any time.

Of course as with all of the hotels in Las Vegas, if they are busy the rates go up and if they are running a little slow the rates will come down or you may even be given a free room. Check often and if you are flexible in timing, you can always obtain a room at a reasonable rate.

Comments are welcome. Our readers will appreciate hearing about your experiences at the Wynn Hotel. For more info about casinos, click here.

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Mirage Hotel and Casino

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We stayed at the Mirage Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on the last two nights of Jan 2011. The Mirage used to be one of our favorite hotels to stay at, however unfortunately they have changed their decor and also their service.  This is still a very elegant hotel and glamorous, however, it just Mirage Hotel and Casinodoes not suit our taste. We stayed at the Mirage because they sent us two free nights, so naturally we were going to take advantage of this offer.

The decor over the past two years has been updated. The Casino is decorated in darker mahogany wood grain with a more contemporary feel to it and we feel it is really catering to the younger crowd who I guess are more willing to spend their money on meals and drinks at the bars.

The rooms are nice, very up to date and we also had a great view of the city and the mountains. Las Vegas is well over a million people now and at night from the 23rd floor of a casino, the lights seem to go on forever.

The Mirage Pool

They also have a pool that caters to those of you who like to go topless, which is also aimed at the younger crowd and all of the dirty old men willing to pay to get in.

We were also disappointed that the pool was closed for maintenance. “This is a news alert for anyone planning to go to Vegas and stay at the Mirage Casino and Hotel in Jan and Feb of 2011. The pool is closed for major maintenance.”

Internet Access

Speaking of email, one of the things that the MGM group has started in Vegas and Atlantic City is that they now charge $15 per night for access to the internet, newspaper, and the gym. There is no choice in this, even if you do not use these features. Apparently, Harrahs also does this as well. Most of us cannot exist without the internet these days, however, there are also so many free sites around that we do not need to pay for the service.

As of this writing, we do not think that Wynn is levying this daily charge.

Mirage Restaurants

We had lunch at the Carnegie Deli at the Mirage and what a meal. We ordered pastrami on rye bread and french fries. The sandwich was over 5 inches tall and the best pastrami we have had in a long time. The french fries came on their own plate and were the size of regular dinner plate. We had already decided to split the meal and it was a good thing that we did because there is no way one of us could have eaten this meal by ourselves.

Other customers were even taking pictures of the sandwiches because they are so big. We strongly recommend that you either split the order or ask for a take out if you cannot eat it all.

On our last night, we had dinner at Kokomos in the Mirage. The decor of this restaurant used to be in a tropical setting with bamboo all around and a waterfall. It has also been updated to be more contemporary, you still have the waterfall and one section is beside the tropical setting that still exists, although much reduced. We still enjoy it because the food here is always perfect!

This restaurant has been a favorite of ours for many years. Carol loves to get the Alaskan King Crab legs. These are really huge with lots of meat in the legs and done to perfection. Unfortunately, I guess it is hard to get them at this time of year. They were marked “MP” or market price.

When we inquired, the price quoted was $167, which was way more than we wanted to pay. Considering we had all-you-can-eat crab legs a few days before we decided to go for steak instead. It was also excellent. An 8 oz fillet looks more like a 10 or 12 oz steak and you can almost cut it with your fork! They are so tender!

More Information – Mirage Hotel and Casino

For more information about the Mirage Hotel and Casino, click here.

We visited the Wynn hotel and the Bellagio hotels which are our favorite hotels to stay at. Both are elegant, bright and have a style that seems to cater to our tastes. For example when you order a glass of wine while playing, it is delivered in a wine glass. In other hotels including the Mirage, your wine comes in a tumbler instead. I think you actually receive more wine in a tumbler, but who wants to drink wine out of a tumbler?

Also at the Bellagio, when you order champagne, it comes in a champagne glass!  Click here for more information about the Bellagio and click here for more information about the Wynn Casino.

Comments about your opinions about these hotels are welcome. Our readers will be interested in your opinions. Spam comments will be auto-deleted. For more posts about casinos and slot cards, click here.

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Aquarius Casino – Laughlin Nevada

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We spent 4 days at the Aquarius hotel on the Colorado river enjoying the scenery, the food and of course the casino. The deals here are great with both rooms and meals at prices that you really don’t see anywhere else. Of Aquarius Casino - Laughlin Nevadacourse if you combine a slot card with your stay everything is pretty much free except for your play at the slots which sometimes can be pretty lucrative.

We had crab legs, all you can eat, 4 glasses of wine, buffet, by windows, by the Colorado river, and coffee all for $.92 cents the other day!  All of our room charges and our rooms were free including the drinks while we were playing the slots. There is a new game or should I say an updated game from an old show, called the wheel of fortune, with a large screen that shows the spinning wheels for all players on one screen. It is fun to watch to see who is winning and how much. I tried it and won about $30, which is ok!

I have to mention this, because we just do not see these type of deals in Canada or in other parts of the US. Arizona is just across the river and there is also a one hour time difference when you cross the river as well.

Gas on the Arizona side is at least 10 cents per gallon less on Arizona side, and 20 cents less with a car wash. They  scrub the car first to get all of the bugs off the bumper, the windshield etc and give you a drying cloth and freshener for your car. What a great deal.

Aquarius Casino – Laughlin Nevada

There is a sidewalk on the Nevada side that runs along the river past all of the casinos. On Saturday on the boardwalk there are bands playing country music. People are dancing in the sun shine, there are barbecues ,Mexican food and also beer, wine and mixed drinks. The people here come from every walk of life and every age group. Some should not be walking. They are so old or so weak. Some appear to be straight out of the mountains! This is a laid back kind of place were people really are relaxed and enjoy themselves!

Vegas is all glamor and glitz, with lots of shiny marble and lights. Laughlin is more low key and in the a style that Vegas used to be back in the late 70’s. They have all of the current slot machines and even some of the older ones. But prices and service are much better. I guess Vegas has to pay for the billion dollar casinos that have been built and so they charge a great deal for just about everything. For example we wanted to stay at the WYNN hotel in Las Vegas on the weekend and we were quoted $269 for one night , while in Laughlin, we stayed for free.

Things to do in Laughlin

There are lots to see in the Laughlin area and when we come back in March we will do a lot more site seeing, including going to Oatmen, which is an old mining town were the wild donkeys still roam the streets. click here to read all about Oatmen.

If you would like more information about the Aquarius Hotel, click here.

We are also taking advantage of a free rooms offer from the hotel while we stay here. This is because of the slot card that we use. My wife and I have had breakfast paid for by comps which was actually a brunch. We had one of the best omelets we have had on our trip.  For more information about slot cards and why you should always carry and use them when you are playing the slots at any of the hotels, click here.

Comments about the Aquarius are welcome , anything that will assist our readers in their travel plans. Spam comments will be auto deleted. For more information casinos in the area and across the US, click here.

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Slot Cards at Harrah’s

January 21st, 2011 ernie Posted in Casinos 2 Comments »

Slot Cards at HarrahsAll casinos have slot cards or loyalty cards as some would call them. Slot Cards at Harrahs work the same way as at other casinos and we want to cover why you need to have one. This is a great way to reduce your travel costs and receive great service as well. Of course you must have your gambling under control, however if you play the slots this can be a great way to enjoy free rooms, free drinks and meals and much more.

We have repeated a portion of an article on one of our other web sites to show traveler’s how they can save some money while traveling.

Slot Cards at Harrahs

In case you have not used a slot card or do not know much about them, we cannot emphasize enough why you should always have a card when you are playing the slots. Some of the features of slot cards include:

  • Free meals
  • Free play
  • Point play
  • Meal and merchandise discounts
  • Free rooms
  • Complimentary airport pickup ( High Rollers)
  • Free airline fees ( High Rollers )
  • Free gifts
  • Invitations to slot tournaments or table games tournaments
  • Free tax report( more on this later)

Frequent players can expect more while less frequent , or low denomination players will take longer to build up their comp’s. With all of these features everyone should have a slot card. More information can be found by, clicking here.

New Features Being Added

Recently the casinos have been updating their systems to bring even more features to their customers through the slot card. Here are two examples.

Slot players, you will love the Horseshoe casino in Tunica! You can now order your drinks at the slot machine by touch screen! All you do is activate the little screen on the slot machine that normally shows your points to show the drink menu and then order the drink you want. The casino waitress shows up five minutes later with your drink! Slot Cards at Harrahs are getting better.

The RoadHouse Casino is also part of the Harrahs chain and they have implemented the same feature. We were in this casino early in the morning and there was really no one there except us and the employees and a few people playing at the tables. There is usually only one waitress at this time of day serving drinks. You can wait a long time for a coffee or something stronger at this time of day. We used the new screens to order our drinks and she was there with our drinks in less than 5 minutes. This is a great service.

We cannot wait to go to some of the other Harrahs casinos to see if they have implemented this feature to other locations as well.

Order Your Drinks

It is really great in the mornings when there are not many waitresses on the casino floor. Just order , the bar makes the drink, and the waitress picks it up for delivery! No more waiting to flag a waitress or playing at a machine just to be near the bar to get a drink! Order whatever you want – water, coffee, beer, wine, mixed drinks, and special drinks such as Irish coffee’s and liquors.

Needless to say we used this new service at the Horseshoe and also at the Road House Casino.

Call Slot Attendants

If you are having trouble with your slot machine you can call a slot service attendant the same way. They usually arrive within five minutes. Harrahs casino resorts is really leading the casino competition with this new service.

Express Comp’s

The Slot Cards at Harrahs has had this feature for some time, and MGM Grand hotels has just introduced this feature on their new MLife cards. Basically you build up comp credit on your card as you are playing slots. These comps can be used to purchase meals in any of the restaurants associated with the hotel your card is associated with.

All you need to do is present your card to the cashier at the restaurant you are dining in and they will deduct the amount of the bill from your comp’s. You do not need to see your slot host and you do not need to line up either. This convenience is another reason why slot cards are a must have.

We appreciate comments that will help our readers. Feel free to leave yours, however spam comments will be deleted and linking comments will be deleted unless you also link to our web site and make a contributing comment to this blog.

For more information casinos in the area and across the US, click here.

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Casino Slot Cards

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Casino Slot CardsWe decided to add this post on our website because we are so excited to learn that not only are we getting two rooms free at the Gold Strike in Tunica, we also received two free buffets and $40 free play. There is more as well and so we have re-posted this article on this blog so our readers would not miss it. You can click on links below if you want to find out more about casinos, the Gold Strike or casino slot cards. We have written various posts about using slot cards and why it is important to always have a slot card and to use it while gambling.

Receiving free nights and free buffets is the same as winning a small jackpot.  Even better you cannot put it back into the machine, so this is really a true win! You get to sleep and eat and then play in the casino.

MLife Casino Slot Cards

MGM Grand has changed their slot card from MGM Mirage to “MLife” over the past few months and updated features as well. We assembled some of the new features as described to us by a slot host at the Gold Strike in Tunica, MS.

This is the new slot card from the MGM Grand group, renamed and now called MLife. It still has all of the casinos that are part of the group listed on the back of the slot card. Several new casinos have been added and at least one removed. Treasure Island was sold and is now called TI. It is no longer part of the MGM grand group.

There are so many properties and each of them have their own 1-800 number so they all have to be listed individually. Makes it tough to read for some of us who need better glasses. There are a total of 12 properties now listed on the slot card and your new MLife slot card can be used at each one of them!

Express Comps

They have added “Express Comps” to the screen readout. These Comps can be used at the restaurants to pay for your meals. MLife Comps cannot be used for merchandise. You can use these express comp’s at any of the MGM properties all over the US. Also at one property in Canada. A great convenience which their competitors have had for some time. Watch our next post for an article about a competitors improvements to their casino slot cards. To find out more about slot cards in general, click here.

This saves a lot of time. Before you had to go and talk to the slot host to see if they would comp you for a meal . Now you go straight to the cashier at the restaurant. Hand them your slot card. Then they will deduct your meal from the express comp’s balance on your account.

Talk to Your Host

Slot patrons should still talk to their host before checking out to see what room and additional meal Comps they might have coming to them. It never hurts to ask. We have had several nights and meals written off amounting to several hundred dollars. So it can be well worth it. It is the same as winning a small jackpot!

A lot of people either are uncomfortable about doing this or cannot be bothered. One couple we know do not even bother to get a slot card. As a result they pay top dollar for their rooms and all of their meals. They never get comp’d for anything. They are forgoing thousands of dollars sometimes in lost comp’ds.

Comments are welcome. Anything that our readers will find enjoyable about traveling. Spam will be deleted.  Links are good as well, just link to our website and leave a helpful comment for our readers and once we confirm we will reciprocate.

For more posts about casinos and slot cards, click here.

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