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Biking around Palm Springs

Biking around Palm SpringsThere are lots of really good areas to go biking in Palm Springs. There are well marked lanes on many streets as well as bike paths that go along neighborhoods, golf courses and parks. Every year cycling in Palm Springs improves as well. The city and other cities in the valley are adding more and more designated cycling lanes for riders.

Even with these lanes, riders must be careful. Not all car drivers respect these lanes and some are upset at these additional restrictions. Be careful when biking around Palm Springs and any other city in the valley. The law recently passed, requires drivers to give you at least 3 feet of clearance, but many do not.

White Water Wash

Biking around Palm SpringsThese pictures were taken from the Levy along the whitewater wash with the golf course in the wash. This particular course gets flooded every couple of years and needs repairs from time to time. Never the less what a great place to bike and enjoy the scenery. The mountains in the background provide a great backdrop to the golf course and of course cycling. Be careful passing under overpasses.

There is often lots of debris and sometimes vagrants are living under these overpasses. They seem harmless but then you never know when one of them might challenge you or ask for money.

Biking around Palm SpringsMake sure you have heavy duty tubes and tires, because there are lots of thorns on the roads and sidewalks to stick into your tires and flatten your tires. One year I had over 10 flats due to the thorns.  Heavy duty tubes as well as using green slime in your tubes will help to prevent a flat tire. The green slime will plug a hole and at least get you home.

Biking around Palm Springs is best done early in the morning to avoid the heat. It can get pretty warm at times during the day. Take lots of water with you as well to ensure that you do not be dehydrated. Many people will also bike for some distance and then take the bus home. Load the bike on the bike rack on the front of the bus and ride the bus for $1.00 or $0.50 if you are a senior.

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