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Palm Springs Vacations

Palm Springs VacationsPalm Springs is a great place to spend your vacation. If you are one of those people who love to golf, go biking, hiking, or just enjoy the hot weather and many great restaurants, Palm Springs can be the best place to spend your vacation. Every year thousands of people make the trek from the Northern US and Canada for theirĀ Palm Springs Vacations and keep warm in Palm Springs.

The there are over 115 golf courses to take advantage of, many are private clubs but at the same time there are many public clubs that are looked after and In great condition.

Palm Springs Vacations – Hiking

If you’re a hiking enthusiast, there are hundreds of trails in the desert as well as up in the mountains. The area can be looked at as a hikers paradise. Consider the tram and go up to the mountains at 8000 feet elevation. There are over 54 miles of hiking trails to try out.

Also in the desert, near mountains, in fact within walking distance of many homes in Palm Springs there are great trails. Regardless of which areas you go hiking, always tell someone where you’re going. Tell them when you will be back, and take lots of water with you. Many people need to be rescued every year because of dehydration in the hot sun.

There are more and more biking trails also in the Palm Springs area in the Coachella Valley. One always needs to be careful about drivers on the road and minding traffic regulations. But you can find many biking trails along golf courses and along the washers. Even just exploring some of the many beautiful living areas in the Palm Springs Valley is great.

For more things to do in the Palm Springs area, click here.

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