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Palm Springs Tram

Palm Springs TramThe Palm Springs Tram takes you from 2100 feet in elevation to 8500 feet in elevation and the temperature drops 20 degrees in temperature. This is really a fantastic excursion that can be taken in a day. It is within 20 minutes of downtown Palm Springs, California. The trip up is spectacular as is the area at the top of the mountain itself. There are over 85miles of hiking trails for people to enjoy. Many people living in the desert will purchase season tickets. They go up the Palm Springs Trams several times a week. It is a great way to escape the heat. Also experience nature in a totally different environment and eco system.

Palm Springs TramDuring the summer time, the temperatures in Palm Springs can be as hot as 120 F degrees during the day. It will barely cool down into the low 90’s at night. Many people will escape into the mountains to cool off. The Palm Springs Tram up the mountain is a perfect way to get away from the heat of the summer time. We have included a few pictures of this tram that takes you from the desert floor into the mountains. There are five towers that support the cables that carry the tram up and down the mountain. There are actually two cars that act as counterweights to each other.

Palm Springs Tram – Maintenance

Helicopters would land on top of the towers to take maintenance people to the towers. These are small platforms that sit on top of the towers surrounded by mountains that would be very difficult to traverse on foot. The tram rotates as it climbs the mountain so that every person gets a 360 degree view of the mountains and the valley below. This picture shows part of this view and although they say a picture is worth a thousand words, they really do not do justice to the beautiful scenery that is seen on the way up the mountain.

If you have an opportunity to visit Palm Springs, take a day and spend it up the mountain hiking among the tall fir trees. It is a day well spent. Check the weather before you go and dress appropriately to avoid any discomfort and also wear lots of sun screen.


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