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Tram Palm Springs

Tram Palm SpringsThe tram in Palm Springs takes you up to 8500 feet elevation into the San Jacinto mountains. This is rugged mountainous territory. Palm Springs is at an elevation of 485 feet. While the Salton Sea to the south about 30 miles is actually at sea level. Driving from Palm Springs to the Tram Station at the bottom of the mountain takes you up to 2000 feet above sea level. Then the tram itself takes you up another 6500 feet. It is apparently the 2nd steepest tram in the world.

Tram Palm Springs

Tram Palm SpringsThere are five towers like the one shown in the picture and each one has a helicopter landing pad at the top of it. This pad was used during construction and is now used when they need to get someone up to the tower to complete maintenance activities on the towers. I think it would be pretty scary having to land on that tower and then disembark to get off the helicopter and climb down onto the tower to do whatever maintenance is required. Quite and exciting job I would say.

There is often high winds which interfere with the operation of the tram. There are a few days every year where they must stop operations because the wind is just too strong.

The scenery is absolutely beautiful as you head up the mountain and are quite close to the rock faces. There are landing pads at various points on the mountain as well. We are not sure what they are for. The tram operates year round except in windy conditions. It is not safe to be on the tram due to the high winds.

There are several restaurants to enjoy at the top and the scenery is truly fantastic. There are actually over 85 miles of hiking trails. Also people enjoy the high elevation and the crystal clear skies on most days.


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