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Tram to San Jacinto Palm Springs

Tram to San Jacinto Palm SpringsTake the Tram to San Jacinto Palm Springs. Palm Springs is in a valley surrounded by mountains over 10,000 feet high.  The views from the valley are spectacular. There is something really great about walking in your shorts in 85 degree weather while looking at the snow on the mountains.  The view from the top of one of these mountains is equally spectacular. Although the pictures are really great , they just do not capture the grandeur of the mountains and the valley below. If your planning to head up the tram for some hiking or just to see the views, take a lunch with you, lots of water and hiking clothes.

Tram to San Jacinto Palm Springs

Visitors can take the tram into the San Jacinto mountains up to 8500 feet and hike on any of the 54 miles of hiking trails. Tram to San Jacinto Palm SpringsWhile going up the tram, the views of the valley, the side of the mountain and even the construction of the towers supporting the tram are amazing. This tour up the mountains is one of the must see things to do while in Palm Springs.

If you are a hiker, there are over 54 miles of trails to hike on in the mountains. We suggest that you always tell someone where you plan to go. Take a lunch and always take lots of water as well with you just in case you get delayed or lost on the trail. Taking extra clothes with you as well is also a good idea. It is usually about 20 degrees cooler on the mountain and can go down to freezing temperatures at night.


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