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Ruby’s Palm Springs

Ruby's Palm SpringsThis is the Archway that leads from the parking lot to Ruby’s restaurant on Palm Canyon Dr., Palm Springs. If you have not dined at Ruby’s for breakfast or any other meal your missing an excellent meal. You can sit outside and enjoy the fresh air as well.

They have a large outdoor patio with heaters during the times when it gets a bit cooler in Palm springs. You can also sit in side in what can be best called a 1950’s diner complete with a little train running around on tracks suspended from the ceiling. This is one of the best places to enjoy a meal, get great value for your money and do a little people watching at the same time.

They have two patios, one facing the street and the other facing the walkway / archway that we mentioned earlier. There is lots of opportunity to find sun or shade depending on what you are looking for.

Ruby’s Palm Springs

We make a habit of going to Ruby’s at least once or twice while we are staying in Palm Springs. You can also try the Falls Restaurant located just above┬áRuby’s Palm Springs on the second floor. It is another great spot for happy hour as well as fine dining.

Ruby’s offers a really large breakfast menu, the portions are large and sharable if you are so inclined. The coffee is bottomless and there are umbrellas if needed over almost all of the tables. A favorite time to eat at Ruby’s Palm Springs is on Thursday nights when the street fair is taking place.

You can sit outside, have your dinner and watch all of the people strolling past. After you are finished, many people will stroll the six or seven blocks along the street and take in the street fair which offers something for almost everyone.

There is lots of food stalls, vegetables and things like homemade jams and honey. Many different arts and crafts and lots of display for services offered by local business. The street fair runs every Thursday from 6 pm until approximately 9:30 pm all year round.

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