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Palm Springs Honeymoon

Palm Springs HoneymoonWhat an interesting idea? Spending your honeymoon in palm springs! Many of the movie stars as well as the average Joe will plan a Palm Springs Honeymoon in the Palm Springs area. For example Elvis and Priscilla even spent their honeymoon in Palm Springs enjoying the warm weather the beautiful sites and just hanging around a great place.

With most hotels and motels having pools to spend your day at, hundreds of restaurants to try out, tennis courts, golf courses, hiking and bicycling there is many things to do in Palm Springs on your honeymoon.

Palm Springs Honeymoon – Weather

Palm Springs receive approximately 350 days of sunshine every year. This makes this location a great place to spend time by the pool. There are over 115 golf courses to try out. Some are private, while many are public. They’re all really great places to try your hand at golf. There are public tennis courts as well as private tennis courts.

There are all kinds of restaurants in Palm Springs as well as the other deserts cities in the Coachella Valley. Everything from fast food all the way up to find dining, you can have your choice of special places to spend an evening or dinner with your new bride.

For those of you who are more active and would like to go bicycling, hiking, even horse riding along mountain trails there are over 200 miles of hiking trails as well as many bicycling trails along the valley.

This is a great place to spend your honeymoon as well as a vacation for you and the family.

For a lot more information about Palm Springs, click here.

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