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Las Palmas spa restaurant overrated

Las Palmas spa restaurant We recently visited the Las Palmas Hotel and spa to go to one of the restaurants called the Palms Café for breakfast. The setting is gorgeous as shown in the picture that we’ve taken and included on this blog. The Las Palmas spa restaurant is very much over rated. We would not suggest that you spend your money at this particular restaurant. The service is not very good. It was if they did not want to serve us. We also found the cost of the items we were considering much more expensive than many other locations around the valley. This one is not for us even though the  scenery was great.

Las Palmas spa restaurant – Service

We found that the service was very slow and the prices were exorbitantly high for breakfast. As an example a small bagel with jam was nine dollars and a coffee was $2.25. We found this very high for the level of service and for the quantity and quality of the food. There were a couple of people eating there, but nothing fancy.

Granted that the setting was beautiful and you’re probably paying for that setting, but if you’re looking for a decent meal this is not a place to come. It really looked like this restaurant was something they provided because they felt they had to and it was not really aimed at making money. We would recommend that you not waste your money on this location! Anyone who spends their money at this location is looking for a really quick bite and not interested really in spending quality time or enjoying a quality meal. Swimmers at the pool might look to this restaurant for something quick to eat, a snack to satisfy their hunger until the next meal, but be prepared to pay a lot for little quantity..

There are many great places to go to have a meal other than the Las Palmas spa restaurant. There are so many choices that one wonders why you would ever consider going to this restaurant at all. The entire valley is filled with restaurants of all kinds. With so many to choose from, providing better settings and value for your money, this is one to avoid.

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