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Luxury Hotels Palm Springs

Luxury Hotels Palm SpringsThere are all kinds of hotels in Palm Springs.  Most people are just happy to find a nice hotel in Palm Springs. Where they can spend some time at the pool, relax in the sun. Also go out for a great meal at one of the local restaurants.

There are luxury hotels in Palm Springs  that take you to another level. Enjoy the spa, play golf , get a massage, room service, relax by the pool in seclusion without noisy kids and teenagers. There are large  hotel chains like the Westin. Which provide all of the above services and you have to put up with many people around the pool etc. This may be fine for some people and the price is ok as well particularly if you negotiate a package deal.

Luxury Hotels Palm Springs

There are luxury hotels and motels that are much smaller. They offer intimacy, protection from nosy people and a place where you can relax, enjoy a good book. You can spend some quality time with your significant other. They offer concierge services, hotel transfer to and from the airport and they just about any other service that you will need. These luxury hotels and motels are literally within walking distance of the downtown area of Palm Springs as well. One such location is Melvins in Palm Springs.

They have a secluded compound, blocks from downtown Palm Springs, with a five star restaurant and small intimate bungalows for the ultimate privacy. They also have a piano bar which has an impromptu afternoon where local entertainers will come in and sign along or play along at the bar’s piano.  We have spent several Sunday afternoons at this location and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

While some people may not prefer this type of luxury, going for the big chain hotels instead, we would suggest that anyone on  vacation in Palm Springs should at least check out one of these style of luxury hotels in Palm Springs.


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