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Happy Hour – Palm Springs

Happy Hour Palm SpringsThis is a list of great places to eat in Palm Springs.  Most of these restaurants have happy hour Palm Springs deals. Try them and let us know! Many visitors to Palm Springs only go out for happy hour and avoid the more, expensive main courses. It is also a great way to try out a restaurant to find out what the food is like and also the service. If you enjoy the experience you can always go back for happy hour or for a main course. A great way to try out and then go back if you like it. All of these places are found by using Google with the name of the restaurant and the city indicated.

Happy Hour Palm Springs

– The Polish/Soda combo @ Costco. $1.49, 21 yrs & counting… In Rancho Mirage
– In town?? A slice @ Bill’s Pizza on La Plaza with a window shopping stroll to walk it off. In Palm Springs

– Happy Hour bar menu at LuLu on S. Palm Canyon In Palm Springs

– Happy hour at Matchbox is good too as is Geuseppe’s. Early Bird menus there. In Palm Springs

– And Grind Burger has a happy hour menu… real good. In Palm Springs

– Appetizer dinner on the patio during Happy Hour at Wang’s is cheap and good. In Palm Springs

– Ruben and Ozzy’s. Fish taco, shrimp taco, and Pacifico beer, $11. In Palm Springs

– We like the cafe at the Camelot and Rick’s Grill for okay and inexpensive dinner . Just looking for a change tonight.

– Rick’s Desert Grill or don’t laugh, either the Fish & Chips or Cobb Salad at Billy Reeds. And my new fave is the sole at Twin Palms. (All in Palm Springs)

– NEW FORTUNE is good Chinese in Cathedral City across from Trader Joe’s and below Elevations.

More Great Restaurants

– Soup and half a sandwich at Manhattan In The Desert. And if you’re like me you have leftover meat to make another sandwich later. (They’ll even give you the extra bread if you ask nice.) In Palm Springs

– John’s Diner… SO GOOD and SO GUILTY!!! In Palm Springs

– Guacamoles on Sunrise at Ramon. In Palm Springs

– Also Villa Bakery….atmosphere way lacking but good authentic food and bakery goods. In Palm Springs.

– Actually Native Foods and Palm Greens Cafe are reasonable too. In Palm Springs

– Happy Hour at THE FALLS & CASA de FRIDA! In Palm Springs

– Lulu, and Mario’s. In Palm Springs

– Jiao, or El Mirasol In Palm Springs

– The new Greek place in LaPlaza ! (Greek Islands Cafe) In Palm Springs

– Natures health food store makes great meals all for under 10.00. In Palm Springs

– Chipolte….healthy,filling, 2 can eat for 17.00 In Palm Springs

– I really liked Jiao, but don’t know that I’d qualify it as “cheap eats”. Looking forward to their Sunday dim sum menu soon.

– Been curious about Ruben & Ozzy’s too. (Right now if I’m in the mood for something on the’s Zin or Shanghai Red’s.) In Palm Springs

– Fish taco plate at Fisherman’s Market too. Lunch $8. In Palm Springs

– I keep forgetting Ruben and Ozzy’s. Maybe tomorrow night, giving up on the hour and a half wait Birba.

– Love, love, love RUBEN & OZZY’S…everything is delicious & reasonably priced + happy hour menu after 8:00pm:-) They’re open for lunch, too!

Inexpensive Eateries

– My favorite inexpensive eateries – John’s for American food, El Taco Asado for Mexican, China King for Chinese. Plus all kinds of great happy hours downtown and uptown! (I don’t drink very often as my husband said it is not appropriate for me to dance on tables anymore…) In Palm Springs

– I always forget about El Taco Asado. I understand they are owned by the same folks who own Talaquepaque? Do you know if they do dinner too? I only think of them at lunch time. In Palm Springs

– The Taco shop on Sunny Dunes corner of Palo Fiero. I think it’s called Talaquepaque. In Palm Springs

– Oh yes dinner too. I only eat meat occasionally but try the carnitas nachos. I want to live in a big plate of those!

– Also Dehli Palace has a great buffet and under 10.00 during the week and I think 12.95 on the weekends. In Palm Springs

– Don and Sweet Sue on Ramon in Cathedral City along with Michael’s Cafe on Date Palm at Gerald Ford

– Cafe Italia (N Palm Canyon at Racquet Club) is a good bargain too.

For more information about Palm Springs Restaurants and also happy hour in Palm Springs, click here.


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